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Any Party collecting water quality-related data in California can submit data to CEDEN by following the six steps outlined below:

  1. Review the Guidance
    Each template for submitting data to CEDEN is accompanied by a guidance document. These are important to read at the beginning of preparing data for CEDEN submission so you know what fields CEDEN collects.

  2. Register Project
    Submit a CEDEN Vocabulary Request Template for your new Project and ParentProject (if applicable) to ceden@waterboards.ca.gov or contact a Regional Data Center (RDC) to register your project.

  3. Populate Templates
    Use CEDEN controlled vocabulary and your data to complete the templates.

  4. Use Template Checker
    The Template Checker confirms that CEDEN controlled vocabulary is used and that the data follow certain business rules.

  5. Resolve Errors and Check Warnings
    The Template Checker returns errors, which must be fixed, and warnings, which should be confirmed. Consult the CEDEN Help Desk or your RDC with results with which you are having trouble.

  6. Confirm Data is Ready to Submit to CEDEN
    Once the errors have been resolved and the warnings checked, click the "Submit Data To CEDEN" button. This will send the data to the RDC. Staff from the RDC will load the data into the RDC database, which is then copied to CEDEN. Normal processing time for data to appear through the CEDEN query tool is up to two weeks.


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