CEDEN Data Checker


Welcome to the CEDEN Data Checker. The Checker validates a number of business rules, such as if the "PrepPreservationName" is "None" then the "PrepPreservationDate" is "01/Jan/1950 00:00" and ensures that where required, only approved controlled vocabulary values are used.

In order to have your file checked, you must provide your name, email address, and file to be checked. The Checker will process your file and return a summary of results (a table of errors and a table of warnings with a count of each error or warning type). You can then click "View Results" to see the Excel row number and value that is causing each error/warning instance. You will also receive an email with an Excel file attached that contains a list of errors and warnings.

Address the errors and warnings that are appropriate to address by making changes to your original Excel file. Often, errors are caused by unapproved vocabulary being used. See the Standard Names and Codes page to check for existing values or to request new values be added to CEDEN.

You may check your file as many times as you would like. Once all of the errors have been resolved, you will have the option of submitting your data so that it can be added to CEDEN.

Once submitted, most data will be available the the query tool the following Sunday. If new vocabulary was requested in preparation of submitting your data, it will likely be available through the query tool a week later (i.e. the second Sunday after requesting your data be loaded into CEDEN).