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California Regional Data Centers

Establishing vocabulary, using the template checker, and submitting data can be done through ceden@waterboards.ca.gov and this website without fees. However, additional CEDEN support can be obtained from a Regional Data Center (RDC). RDCs are the Water Boards' partners in furthering the goals of CEDEN. Although their assistance costs money, they can provide a variety of data preparation and management services. They can load data into their local databases, which then transfers to CEDEN on a weekly basis. Keep reading for more information, including contact information, on each RDC.

MPSL-MLML Data Center - The Moss Landing Regional Data Center is housed at the Marine Pollution Studies Laboratory at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MPSL-MLML). MPSL-MLML provides scientific expertise and support services for environmental research and monitoring in marine, estuarine, and freshwater habitats with an emphasis in bioassessment data throughout the state of California.

San Francisco Bay Area Regional Data Center - The San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI) administers the San Francisco Bay-Delta Regional Data Center. SFEI provides scientific support and tools for decision-making and communication through collaborative efforts. As a non-profit and joint-powers authority, they uphold the highest principles to promote the public trust in the integrity of the best-available science. To that end, SFEI has served clients since 1992 to process and harmonize data used in the course of decision-making. SFEI leverages the latest innovations in data management to ensure efficient and effective data processing. Clients rely on SFEI for its strong quality control and peerless datasets, known for their use by a broad range of stakeholders. With public agencies and NGOs -- regulators and the regulated community alike -- on its Board of Directors, the organization is designed to foster mutual trust for the science and data it stewards.

Californians depend on SFEI to process data bound for CEDEN due to both its long track record of excellence and its balanced background in technology and interdisciplinary science. Learn more about how to submit data to CEDEN with the assistance of the SFEI Data Center

Central Valley Regional Data Center – The Central Valley Regional Data Center (CV RDC) works with various entities to ensure that water quality monitoring data (including bioassessment and sediment) meet CEDEN business rules and are available through CEDEN in timely manner. The CV RDC is managed through MLJ Environmental and offers services including development of proper QA/QC procedures, CEDEN template formatting, setting up projects within CEDEN, adaptive data management systems, and development of end user tools including data visualizations. MLJ Environmental is dedicated to building partnerships among various stakeholders with the goal of developing innovative solutions for improving environmental quality utilizing innovative research, robust monitoring designs and effective data management. MLJ Environmental staff have been working with CEDEN comparable data sets since 2004 and have worked with various agencies across California to ensure public access to high quality monitoring data.

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Program Manager: Jarma Bennett (916) 341-5532

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