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The California Environmental Data Exchange Network (CEDEN)
is a central location to find and share information about California’s water bodies, including streams, lakes, rivers, and the coastal ocean. Many groups in California monitor water quality, aquatic habitat, and wildlife health to ensure good stewardship of our ecological resources. CEDEN aggregates this data and makes it accessible to environmental managers and the public.

*Submitting data for the Integrated Report? Please refer to instructions for Submitting Data and Information suitable for Integrated Report assessment under "Data Solicitation".

For more information, a one page CEDEN Fact Sheet is available for download.


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New! Every two years, an integrated report cycle begins with a public notice of data solicitation ("notice") distributed by the State Water Resources Control Board for three “on-cycle” Regional Water Quality Control Boards. The notice identifies the upcoming cycle, lists the “on-cycle” regions, and establishes a cut-off date for submitting data and information. Please refer to the Surface Water Quality Assessment Program webpage for the latest cycles in progress and updates on data solicitation. Data and information may still be submitted to CEDEN at any time.

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