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There are several pathways to access CEDEN data, as described below.

NEW - CEDEN Query Tool – This is a new version of the CEDEN query tool has been used for many years by data consumers to access CEDEN data. It allows users to select the data category and filter on a variety of fields. The dynamic filters mean that selections alter the options of subsequent fields. For example, if a user selects a specific Program, the analytes listed in the analyte filter will only be those that have associated results as part of that program. By default, only results with replicate and lab replicate of 1, results not flagged with a reject code, and results associated with stations with coordinate number of 1 are available through this query tool.

The State’s Open Data Portal

Visualization – This dashboard provides users with filtering ability by Program, Parent Project, and by Project. It also has date sliders so users can target any time period within the last five years. It provides result counts for each analyte, by data type (Analysis Type on the dashboard).

Summary of the full data can be exported from the dashboard by clicking on a data element (either a dot within the map or a cell within the table), waiting for a menu to pop up and then clicking on the icon that looks like two columns of content. This will bring up a pop-up window that will allow the user to download the summary or the full data.

The source of these data is the CEDEN Augmentation Data, which, as described above, are data that have been submitted to CEDEN but have not yet been loaded to the database so are not available through the CEDEN Query Tool.

Questions or comments regarding these tools can be directed to ceden@waterboards.ca.gov.