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CEDEN Data Entry Template Changes - 2016

The Water Board solicited requests for changes to the CEDEN Data Entry Templates and input on those requested changes which was consistent with the change process.

The Excel file below contains the changes that were proposed during the 2016 update process, the comments on those proposals and the dispositions of those changes. Implementation (changes to documentation, templates, checkers, and databases) is anticipated to be around the first of the year, unless otherwise specified.

These changes were implemented on Friday, January 13, 2017. The items that will most likely result in data checker errors and the necessary changes are listed below.

Data Category Error Needed Modification
Tissue Checker doesn’t complete process and displays “Could not ascertain the template format being used. Please select one from the list below.” Copy data into updated template available on the website or update column AK heading on FishComposite and BivalveComposite to be “PartsPrepPreservationName” instead of “PrepPreservationName.”
Tissue Error CEDEN_T_10 > Missing OrganismID, a required field. Complete the OrganismID field, column Q on the FishComposite and BivalveComposite tabs
Tissue Error CEDEN_T_61 > Missing TotalLength, a required field. Complete the “TotalLength” field, column X on the FishComposite tab
Tissue Error CEDEN_T_62 > Missing UnitLengthFish, a required field. Complete the “UnitLength” field, column Y on the FishComposite tab

Also note that the Station tab has been removed from all of the templates. The checker will ignore the tab and any data on it if the previous template format is used.
Stations are established through the New Controlled Vocabulary Request process. Datum is now required when requesting stations.


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