CEDEN Data Checker

CEDEN LookUp List: TissueLookUp

BFTHbody featherNeed SFEI to look at2007-09-01
BLDbloodNeed SFEI to look at2007-09-01
BLKSMblankserumblood serum blank2009-01-08
BRSTbreast tissuemuscle tissue collected from the breast plate2010-06-17
CLWclawclaw tissue only2007-09-01
FATadipose (fat tissue)Need SFEI to look at2007-09-01
FFTHflight featherNeed SFEI to look at2007-09-01
FILfilletfillet tissue only2007-09-01
FTHfeathersNeed SFEI to look at2007-09-01
FURfurNeed SFEI to look at2007-09-01
GUTgutsgut tissue only2007-09-01
HPThepatopancreas tissuehepatopancreas tissue only2007-09-01
LIVliverliver tissue only2007-09-01
MUSCMusclemuscle plug 2015-06-24
NANot ApplicableNot Applicable, use for QA samples2008-03-03
NADSgonadgonadal tissue only2007-09-01
NRnot recordednot recorded2008-11-03
OTOotolithtissue type is otoliths; generally used for age analysis not chemical2007-09-01
OVAovaNeed SFEI to look at2007-09-01
SCLscalestissue type is scales from fish; generally used for age analysis not chemical2007-09-01
SFTNGsoft tissue without gonadsgenerally used for bivalves not fish2007-09-01
SFTUNsoft tissuenot known if with or without gonads2008-11-03
SFTWGsoft tissue (e.g. clams) with gonads intactgenerally used for bivalves not fish2007-09-01
SMserumblood serum2009-01-08
TAILtail (tail of crustacean)tail tissue only2007-09-01
WGwingwing tissue only2010-03-03
WHLwhole organismwhole organism including organs or skeleton if crustacean2007-09-01
WHLNSwhole organism no shellwhole organism including organs no shell if crustacean2015-03-23
WNGwhole without gutwhole body after removal of guts2008-04-16
WNHwhole without headwhole without head2013-08-12
WNHNTwhole without head and without tailwhole body after removal of head and tail2016-08-11
WNHTGwhole without Head, Tail and Gutswhole body after removal of head, tail and guts2007-09-01
WNTwhole without tailwhole body minus the tail2008-09-18
ZOOPLANKzooplanktoncomposite of zooplankton analyzed as tissue2020-11-10