CEDEN Data Checker

CEDEN LookUp List: ResQualLookUp

/oCCw/oC - Confluent Growth without ColiformsCw/oC - Confluent Growth without Coliforms2012-03-19
<Less ThanLess Than2010-02-17
<=Less than or equal toLess than or equal to2010-02-17
=Equal ToEqual To2010-02-17
>Greater ThanGreater Than2010-02-17
>=Greater than or equal toGreater than or equal to2010-02-17
CGConfluent GrowthConfluent Growth2012-03-19
COLColonialPresent but cannot be counted2010-08-18
DNQDetected Not QuantifiableDetected Not Quantifiable2007-09-01
JFField EstimatedField value is estimated, when direct measurements can not be performed2010-02-17
NANot AnalyzedNot Analyzed2007-09-01
NDNot DetectedNot Detected2007-09-01
NRNot RecordedNot Recorded2007-09-01
NRSNo Reportable SumNo reportable sum since compounds generally comprising a significant portion of the sum are not quantifiable; therefore, the sum is not calculated.2008-11-06
NRTNo Reportable TotalNo reportable total since either the dissolved or particulate fraction is not available; therefore a total value cannot be calculated.2008-11-06
NSINo Surviving IndividualsNo Survival of related endpoint2013-07-09
w/CCw/C - Confluent Growth with ColiformsCw/C - Confluent Growth with Coliforms2012-03-19