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2004_11_Acterra2004_11_Acterra2004-2011 ActerraActerra2004-2011 Acterra2015-10-05
205J_AET205J_AET_DiscoveryBayAET Discovery Bay Cyanobacteria ManagementAETAquatic EcoTechnologies Assessment of nutrients and potential for cyanobacteria management in Discovery Bay2021-11-17
319hOFPA_319Oso Flaco Planning and Assessment 319 grantCSLRCDOso Flaco Planning and Assessment 319 grant2019-04-19
319hRCDMC_319hRCD Monterey County, 319h GrantRCDMC2023-02-13
319hSGWNSan Gabriel Watershed NurseriesCWHSan Gabriel Watershed Nurseries2015-07-08
319hUTMM_319Upper Truckee Marsh 319 MonitoringCTC319h grant monitoring for the Upper Truckee River and Marsh Restoration Project2017-06-23
319hVta_Algae_TMDLVentura River Watershed Algae TMDLVCEHD2018-08-06
401 CertAdobeSprings_MRPAdobe Springs Monitoring and Reporting ProgramICF-San DiegoAdobe Springs Monitoring and Reporting Program2019-06-10
401 CertRWQCB9San Diego Region Water Quality Control BoardRWQCB9Monitoring required be a 401 water quality certification issued by RWQCB92015-11-02
401 CertTCSRTrabuco Creek Stream Rehabilitation ProjectDUDEK_EncinitasTrabuco Creek Restoration 401 WQ Certification Monitoring2021-01-14
AdvSci_MP02232014_Sunset_ADSCISunset Cliffs Beach AD_SCI2017-05-01
AdvSci_MP03172014_SDR_ADSCISan Diego RiverAD_SCI2017-05-01
AdvSci_MP03282015_SCruz_ADSCISanta Cruz IslandAD_SCI2017-05-01
AdvSci_MP03302015_SClemente_ADSCISan Clemente IslandAD_SCI2017-05-01
AdvSci_MP06292015_SFBay2_ADSCISan Francisco Bay_2AD_SCI2017-05-01
AdvSci_MP06292015_SFBay3_ADSCISan Francisco Bay_3AD_SCI2017-05-01
AdvSci_MP07142015_SFBay1_ADSCISan Francisco Bay_1AD_SCI2017-05-01
ALBACWC_ALBA_CarnerosElkhorn_Carneros Creek ProjectCWCElkhorn/Carneros Creek Project (CWC ALBA)2015-09-04
Alvarado_Creek_RestorationAlvarado_Creek_BioassessmentAlvarado Creek Bioassessment Monitoring ProgramICF-Sacramento2020-07-10
Alvarado_Source_InvestigationAlvarado_Source_InvestigationAlvarado Creek Human Source InvestigationWoodGroup2022-01-07
AMRIVMARSHMarsh Creek WatershedAR2018-11-05
APMPAPMPAquatic Pesticide Monitoring ProgramSFEIThe purpose of the APMP is to provide information on the effects of chemical and non-chemical aquatic pest control methods. The purpose of the APMP is to provide information on the effects of chemical and non-chemical aquatic pest control methods.2010-07-21
ASBSACPWA_LIDDP_TCACPWA Low Impact Dev Demonstration Turner CourtADHACPWA Low Impact Dev Demonstration Project, Turner Court Parking Lots2014-08-04
ASBSASBS-BMP_2013ASBS Regional BMP MonitoringSCCWRPASBS Regional BMP Monitoring and Assessment2014-04-17
ASBSASBS-DIS_2013ASBS Regional Discharge MonitoringSCCWRPASBS Regional Discharge Monitoring and Assessment2014-04-17
ASBSASBS-REF_2013ASBS Regional Reference Site MonitoringSCCWRPASBS Regional Reference Site Monitoring Assessing Natural Water Quality in Northern California2013-06-20
AWGAWGAlpine Watershed Group Monitoring ProgramAWGAlpine Watershed Group Monitoring Program2017-03-30
AWGAWG_CEC_PPCPAlpine Watershed Group CEC PPCPAWGAlpine Watershed Group Contaminants of Emerging Concern including Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products2021-05-24
Bad SuisunBad SuisunBad SuisunUCSC-IMSTesting inhibition of phytoplankton growth in Suisun Bay and Sacramento2013-10-28
BASMAA_CW4CBBASMAA_CW4CBBASMAA Clean Watersheds for a Clean BayAMS-CAImplementing the San Francisco Bay PCBs and Mercury TMDLs with a Focus on Urban Runoff2012-11-28
BASMAA_RMCBASMAA_HistoricHistoric (pre 2012) BASMAA monitoringBASMAA_RMCHistoric (pre 2012) BASMAA monitoring2017-12-08
BASMAA_RMCBASMAA_RMCBASMAA Regional Monitoring CoalitionSCVURPPPBASMAA Regional Monitoring Coalition2012-09-04
BASMAA_RMCBASMAA_RMC_WY2012BASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY2012BASMAA_RMCBASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY20122016-07-05
BASMAA_RMCBASMAA_RMC_WY2013BASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY2013BASMAA_RMCBASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY20132016-07-05
BASMAA_RMCBASMAA_RMC_WY2014BASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY2014BASMAA_RMCBASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY20142016-07-05
BASMAA_RMCBASMAA_RMC_WY2015BASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY2015BASMAA_RMCBASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY20152016-03-03
BASMAA_RMCBASMAA_RMC_WY2016BASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY2016BASMAA_RMCBASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY20162017-02-28
BASMAA_RMCBASMAA_RMC_WY2017BASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY2017BASMAA_RMCBASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY20172018-06-26
BASMAA_RMCBASMAA_RMC_WY2018BASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY2018BASMAA_RMCBASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY20182019-03-19
BASMAA_RMCBASMAA_RMC_WY2019BASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY2019BASMAA_RMCBASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY20192020-01-03
BASMAA_RMCBASMAA_RMC_WY2020BASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY2020BASMAA_RMCBASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY20202020-02-25
BASMAA_RMCBASMAA_RMC_WY2021BASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY2021BASMAA_RMCBASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY20212021-11-16
BASMAA_RMCBASMAA_RMC_WY2022BASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY2022BASMAA_RMCBASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY20222022-10-19
BASMAA_RMCBASMAA_RMC_WY2023BASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY2023BASMAA_RMCBASMAA RMC Monitoring in WY20232024-03-12
BCABCABCA Citizen's Water Monitoring ProjectBCA2019-01-08
BCHPBCHP_FERC_Project619Bucks Creek Hydroelectric Project FERC Project 619SWSBucks Creek Hydroelectric Project FERC Project 6192016-02-01
BeachWatchBeachWatch_EBBeachWatch- East Bay Parks District CountySCCWRPBeachWatch- East Bay Parks District County2012-04-25
BeachWatchBeachWatch_HTBeachWatch-Humboldt CountySCCWRPBeachWatch-Humboldt County2012-04-25
BeachWatchBeachWatch_LABeachWatch_Los Angeles CountySCCWRPBeachWatch_Los Angeles County2012-04-25
BeachWatchBeachWatch_LBBeachWatch_Long Beach City CountySCCWRPBeachWatch_Long Beach City County2012-04-25
BeachWatchBeachWatch_MNBeachWatch_Marin CountySCCWRPBeachWatch_Marin County2012-04-25
BeachWatchBeachWatch_MOBeachWatch_Mendocino CountySCCWRPBeachWatch_Mendocino County2012-04-25
BeachWatchBeachWatch_MYBeachWatch_Monterey CountySCCWRPBeachWatch_Monterey County2012-04-25
BeachWatchBeachWatch_OCBeachWatch_Orange CountySCCWRPBeachWatch_Orange County2012-04-25
BeachWatchBeachWatch_SABeachWatch_Sonoma CountySCCWRPBeachWatch_Sonoma County2012-04-25
BeachWatchBeachWatch_SBBeachWatch_Santa Barbara CountySCCWRPBeachWatch_Santa Barbara County2012-04-25
BeachWatchBeachWatch_SCBeachWatch_Santa Cruz CountySCCWRPBeachWatch_Santa Cruz County2012-04-25
BeachWatchBeachWatch_SDBeachWatch_San Diego CountySCCWRPBeachWatch_San Diego County2012-04-25
BeachWatchBeachWatch_SFBeachWatch_San Francisco CountySCCWRPBeachWatch_San Francisco County2012-04-25
BeachWatchBeachWatch_SLOBeachWatch_San Luis Obispo CountySCCWRPBeachWatch_San Luis Obispo County2012-04-25
BeachWatchBeachWatch_SMBeachWatch_San Mateo CountySCCWRPBeachWatch_San Mateo County2012-04-25
BeachWatchBeachWatch_VCBeachWatch_Ventura CountySCCWRPBeachWatch_Ventura County2012-04-25
BVR_FISHBVR_Clear_Lake_FishClear Lake Fish Cyanotoxin StudyBVB_PomoBVR study of cyanotoxins in Clear Lake fish and shellfish2018-02-21
BWGW_MPBWGW_MPMonitoring Plan For Broadway Neighboorhood StormWLABOSWPDMonitoring Plan For Broadway Neighborhood Stormwater Greenway Project2017-03-24
CABY_IRWMP_Prop84Project_5_WC_R_SSC_FM_PCWolf Creek Watershed: Restoration: Peabody CreekARProject 5 in CABY IRWMP; Wolf Creek Watershed: Restoration, Stormwater Source Control and Flood Management: Peabody Creek2017-04-25
CABY_IRWMP_Prop84Project_6_CABY_SAMCABY Watershed: Sediment and Mercury AbatementTSFIntegrated approach to the cleanup of the legacy of abondoned mines in the CABY region with point source remediation activities and information collection to inform regional planning2018-11-27
Cal_OceanCatalina_Island_Cal_OceanCatalina Island Industrial Stormwater ProgramAMECCatalina Island Industrial Stormwater Program2016-06-07
CAPCAP_SMCRCDSMCRCD Cooperative Agreement ProgramSMCRCD2021-12-02
Cap_FFCWC_Capitola_FFCity of Capitola First Flush ProgramCWCCity of Capitola First Flush Program2015-06-26
Cap_UWCWC_Capitola_UWCity of Capitola Urban Watch ProgramCWCCity of Capitola Urban Watch Program2015-06-26
CBHP16_CB_BMICB Aqua Macroinvert Mon Plan FERC Proj 2155_2016SMUDCB Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Monitoring Plan FERC Project 2155 (2016)2020-05-06
CBIGPCBI Monitoring ProgramClean Beaches Initiative Monitoring ProgramCSM2019-05-17
CBIGPCBIGP_LA_MSTLoma Alta Creek Microbial Source Tracking StudyOC2017-12-22
CBIGPCBIGP_SB_MSTClean Beaches Initiative Santa Barbara MSTUCSB-HOLDENClean Beaches Initiative Santa Barbara MST2019-10-23
CCC_Day10_CB_CCC2010 Clam Beach County Park Annual Beach Clean UpCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day10_GB_CCC2010 Glass Beach Annual Beach Clean UpCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day10_MacK_CCC2010 MacKerricher State Park Annual Beach Clean UpCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day10_Njetty_CCC2010 North Jetty/Samoa Dunes Recreation Area AnnuaCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day10_Nsalmon_CCC2010 North Salmon Creek Beach Annual Beach Clean UCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day10_Sjetty_CCC2010 South Jetty/South Spit Annual Beach Clean UpCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day10_Ssalmon_CCC2010 South Salmon Creek Beach Annual Beach Clean UCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day10_TenM_CCC2010 Ten Mile Beach Annual Beach Clean UpCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day11_CB_CCC2011 Clam Beach County Park Annual Beach Clean UpCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day11_GB_CCC2011 Glass Beach Annual Beach Clean UpCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day11_Njetty_CCC2011 North Jetty/Samoa Dunes Recreation Area AnnuaCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day11_Sjetty_CCC2011 South Jetty/South Spit Annual Beach Clean UpCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day11_Ssalmon_CCC2011 South Salmon Creek Beach Annual Beach Clean UCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day12_CB_CCC2012 Clam Beach County Park Annual Beach Clean UpCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day12_MacK_CCC2012 MacKerricher State Park Annual Beach Clean UpCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day12_Sjetty_CCC2012 South Jetty/South Spit Annual Beach Clean UpCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day12_Ssalmon_CCC2012 South Salmon Creek Beach Annual Beach Clean UCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day13_MacK_CCC2013 MacKerricher State Park Annual Beach Clean UpCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day13_Njetty_CCC2013 North Jetty/Samoa Dunes Recreation Area AnnuCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day13_Nsalmon_CCC2013 North Salmon Creek Beach Annual Beach Clean UCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day13_Sjetty_CCC2013 South Jetty/South Spit Annual Beach Clean UpCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day13_Ssalmon_CCC2013 South Salmon Creek Beach Annual Beach Clean UCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day13_TenM_CCC2013 Ten Mile Beach Annual Beach Clean UpCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day14_CB_CCC2014 Clam Beach County Park Annual Beach Clean UpCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day14_GB_CCC2014 Glass Beach Annual Beach Clean UpCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day14_MacK_CCC2014 MacKerricher State Park Annual Beach Clean UpCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day14_Njetty_CCC2014 North Jetty/Samoa Dunes Recreation Area AnnuaCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day14_Nsalmon_CCC2014 North Salmon Creek Beach Annual Beach Clean UCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day14_Sjetty_CCC2014 South Jetty/South Spit Annual Beach Clean UpCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day14_Ssalmon_CCC2014 South Salmon Creek Beach Annual Beach Clean UCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day14_TB_CCC2014 Trinidad State Beach Annual Beach Clean UpCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day14_TenM_CCC2014 Ten Mile Beach Annual Beach Clean UpCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day15_MacK_CCC2015 MacKerricher State Park Annual Beach Clean UpCCC2017-05-01
CCC_Day15_TenM_CCC2015 Ten Mile Beach Annual Beach Clean UpCCC2017-05-01
CCC_DayHumboldt_Coast_PlasticsHumboldt Coastal Waterway Plastic ImpairmentNEC2022-11-02
CCCSCCCSCalleguas Creek Characterization StudyLWAA study to better characterize the Callegas Creek Watershed2012-06-06
CCLEANRWB3_CCLEANRWB3 CCLEANAMS-CARWB3 Central Coast Long term Environmental Assessment Network2012-09-27
CCMPCCMPCamille Creek Monitoring PlanCDSH-NapaFormerly the Implementation, Monitoring, and Adaptive Management Plan2022-09-09
CCOSPCCOSP_ACalabazas Creek OSP AssessmentSCAPOSDCalabazas Creek OSP Assessment2016-11-16
CCRSCCRS-2007Central Coast Restoration Success 2007 GrantCCWG-MLMLMonitoring of restoraiton projects in the Central Coast 2007 Grant2014-06-11
CCSF-SWOOCCSF-SWOOCCSF-SWOO Regional Monitoring ProgramCCSF-OBLThe City and County of San Francisco - Oceanside Biology Lab collected and analyzed samples from an outfall and a reference site.2012-11-18
CCV_SSCCV_SSCity of Chula Vista Selenium StudyCCVSurface Water Monitoring for Total Selenium in the City of Chula Vista on an as-needed basis2013-12-05
CCWC_FLOWCCWC_FLOWCentral Coast Water Conservancy Flow MonitoringCCWCInstantaneous discharge measurements collected throughout the central coast under the banner of the Central Coast Water Conservancy (CCWC). See website for details.2018-05-10
CCWQP_CMPRWB3_CMPRWB3 Cooperative Monitoring ProgramCCWQPRegional Water Board 3 Cooperative Monitoring Program2013-01-02
CCWTWPCCWTWPCalleguas Creek TMDL Work Plan MonitoringLWAA study of Calleguas Creek to gain additional data to support a stakeholder lead TMDL process2012-06-06
CDFW_CannabisCDFW_Cannabis_CEMAFCDFW Cannabis CA Env Mon & Assessment FrameworkDFWCDFW Cannabis CA Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Framework to support SB 94 and the overarching mission of the CDFW, this monitoring will assess the direct and indirect effects of land uses on terrestrial and aquatic species and their habitats2021-06-24
CDFW_FISHERIESCDFW_Fisheries_PWCCDFW Fisheries Paired Watershed ComparisonDFWResponsible for determining impacts associated with cannabis cultivation on anadromous and aquatic resources2018-05-24
CDFW_FISHERIESCDFW_PineCrCDFW Pine Creek Susan RiverDFW-WPCLCDFW Pine Creek Susan River2017-11-06
CDFW_FISHERIESCDFWFRG_SRASmith River Alliance, CDFW Fisheries Restoration GSRA2022-11-04
CFCPCFCPCoastal Fish Contamination ProgramNot RecordedThis program is designed to investigate the safety for human consumption of California?s fish and shellfish.2013-01-29
CI_HarborCIH_Nutrient_StudyChannel Island Harbor Nutrient StudyCOXLSP2020-09-23
CL_TMDLCL_TMDLColorado Lagoon TMDL Compliance MonitoringLBCPW2018-06-14
ClearLakeLAMPClearLakeLAMP_LCWRDClear Lake Limnological Ambient MP - LCWRD SampledLCWRD1900-01-01
ClearLakeLAMPClearLakeSedimentNutrientClear Lake Sediment Nutrient MonitoringLCWRD1900-01-01
COLB_WMPCOLB_IMPCity of LB Integrated Monitoring for MS4 PermitLBCSMDCity of Long Beach Integrated Monitoring for MS4 Permit2017-03-13
CoSD Non-Res Septic StudyCoSD Non-Res Septic StudyCoSD Non-Residential Septic StudyWoodGroupWet Weather Runoff Study from Non-Residential Parcels with Septic Systems2022-08-29
CoSD SDR-098B 22-23CoSD SDR-098B 22-23CoSD 22-23 SDR-098B WW InvestigationWSP_SD_SkyPkwyCounty of San Diego SDR-098B Wet Weather MST Investigation 22-232024-01-25
CS3C SDMPCS3C SDMPClean Streams in S. SoCo Pathogen Source DetectionSCPRMD2017-02-06
CSD_Purewater_NorthCityCSD_Purewater_NorthCityCity of San Diego Purewater Project North CityCSD2023-02-27
CSD_Regional_OMCSD_Regional_OMSan Diego Regional Ocean MonitoringCSD2022-01-10
CSD_SSTMDL_SSTMDL Special StudyAMECTotal Maximum Daily Load Special Study2016-12-09
CSERC_SNFCSERC_SNF_BAC_LSStanislaus Forest:Bacteria Contamination,LivestockCSERCBacteria Contamination of Surface Waters due to Livestock Grazing in the Stanislaus National Forest2017-02-28
CSERC_SNLECSERC_SNLoElevCSERC Sierra Nevada Low Elevation WQMCSERC2019-02-08
CSRCSCSRCS_AdditionalStudyCity of Santee Rivers and Creeks Additional StudyCSCity of Santee Rivers and Creeks Additional Study2019-06-07
CSUS_184campus_lidInstall & Eval of low-impact BMP Stormwater treatmCSUSInstallation and evaluation of low-impact BMP stormwater treatment devices on the CSUS Campus2017-01-09
CSWCSWGreen Infill for Clean StormwaterSFEIGreen Infill for Clean Stormwater2013-05-22
CT_MLRBCC_ICFP_2023-26Big Chico Creek, Iron Canyon Fish Passage 2023-26CalTroutMonitoring biological changes attributable to the restoration of fish passage in the Iron Canyon of Big Chico Crk, with temperature and connectivity monitoring, BMI and eDNA sampling, spawning habitat suitability surveys, stranding potential surveys, etc.2024-02-15
CT_NCRCI_RestorationCannibal Island RestorationCalTroutRestore the 950-acre tidal marsh estuary surrounding Cannibal Island, adjacent to the mouth of the Eel River2024-02-05
CT_NCRSF_EEL_WC ProgramSouth Fork Eel River Water Conservation ProgramCalTroutSouth Fork Eel River Water Conservation Program2018-02-12
CT_SD_FSI_StudyCT_SD_FSI_StudyCounty of San Diego Flow Source InvestigationWoodGroupCounty of San Diego Flow Source Investigation Study2020-01-15
CT_UORWQPCT_UORWQPCalTrout_Upper Owens River Water Quality ProgramCalTroutCalifornia's Nonpont Source Pollution Control Program2013-10-24
CulverCity_PWCBRURSPCulver_Blvd_Realign_Urban_Runoff_Stormwater_ProjCulverCityThe Urban Runoff and Stormwater?Project?was added into the Culver Boulevard Realignment to incorporate structural stormwater best management practices that retain and reuse captured urban run-off2024-05-03
CVPIAAFRPAnadromous Fish Restoration ProgramDFW-WPCLDOI tasked to implememnt a program to double natural production of anadromous fish in Central Valley rivers and streams2016-12-15
CVPIACDFW_Car_FireCDFW led Car Fire Assessment 2018DFW2018-11-20
CVSALTSCVSALTS_MUN_EAWBCV-SALTS MUN Evaluation in Ag Water BodiesRWQCB5SCV-SALTS MUN Evaluation in Agriculture Water Bodies1900-01-01
CWPLCWPL_MonitoringCity of Watsonville Pinto Lake MonitoringWCCity of Watsonville Pinto Lake Monitoring2016-06-29
CWSCCWSC_ARC_CRWQMPARC Cosumnes River WQ Monitoring ProgramARCARC Cosumnes River Water Quality Monitoring Program2018-01-20
CWSCCWSC_EDTU_CRWQMPEDTU Cosumnes River WQ Monitoring ProgramEDTUEl Dorado Trout Unlimited Cosumnes River Water Quality Monitoring Program2016-02-03
DEDUCECCPCWPCache Creek and Putah Creek Watersheds ProjectSSJDC2016-08-18
DEDUCEPODPelagic Organism Decline StudySFEIIEP study to evaluate the cause of pelagic organism decline.2015-08-25
DEDUCESRCSD_CMPSRCSD's Coordinated Monitoring ProgramSRCSDSacramento Regional County Sanitation District?s Coordinated Monitoring Program2017-02-28
DeltaDIM_RB5Delta Island Monitoring Project RWQCB5Not Recorded1900-01-01
DeltaNCBED_RB5Nutrient-Biological Effects in Sac-SJ Delta 2010RWQCB5SNutrient Concentrations and Biological Effects in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta July 20101900-01-01
Delta RMPDRMP_CECDelta RMP - Constituents of Emerging ConcernSFEIDRMP's Constituents of Emerging Concern component collects water, sediment and tissue (fish and clam) samples for chemical analysis.1900-01-01
Delta RMPDRMP_CUPDelta RMP - Current Use PesticidesSFEIDRMP's Current Use Pesticide component collects monthly water samples for chemical analysis and toxicity testing2015-05-18
Delta RMPDRMP_HgDelta RMP - MercurySFEIDRMP's Mercury component consists of annual sport fish sampling at six sites and quarterly water sampling at 5 of these sites.2016-09-27
Delta RMPDRMP_NutrientsDelta RMP - NutrientsSRCSDDRMP's Nutrient component consists of biogeochemical modeling and how nutrient loading changes over time2023-12-15
Delta RMPDRMP_PATDelta RMP - PathogensSFEIDRMP's pathogen component collects monthly water samples for analysis of LT2 pathogens (Cryptosporidium and Giardia)2015-05-18
DFW_ABLMCNRACalifornia Natural Resources Agency MonitoringDFW-WPCLCalifornia Natural Resources Agency Augmentation of the PSA Program Targeting Private Timber Land2016-05-18
DFW_ABLMHelix_EnvironmentalHelix EnvironmentalNot RecordedHelix Environmental2016-07-11
DFW_ABLMNPS_MEDNNPS Mediterranean Coasts NetworkDFW-WPCLNPS Mediterranean Coasts Network2018-05-15
DFW_ABLMPostFire_LittleCreekPost-fire examination of Little Creek WatershedDFW-ABL2021-07-27
DOT_NPDESDOT_NPDES_MONCA Dept of Transit NPDES MonitoringCaltransCompliance with SWRCB Order No. 2012-0011-DWQ, California Department of Transportation Statewide NPDES Permit2024-03-01
DPRDPR_PGCDPR Pleasant Grove CreekDPRCalifornia Department of Pesticide Regulation Pleasant Grove Creek2017-05-19
DPR_SWRCBDPR_SWSDPR Surface Water StudyDPR2016-01-07
DPR_SWS_290_ProgramDPR_SWS_290_ParentDPR Surface Water Study 290 NameDPR2015-07-30
DPR-SURFSURFSurface Water Monitoring ProjectDPR2017-06-15
DWR_EABDWR_WRDept Water Resources Watershed RestorationDWR-NDA multi-year study to monitor watershed restoration projects2020-04-14
EPA_EMAPEPA_EMAP_2000EPA EMAP - 2000DFW-WPCLEPA's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program conducted in the year 20002012-09-21
EPA_EMAPEPA_EMAP_2001EPA EMAP - 2001DFW-WPCLEPA's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program conducted in the year 20012012-09-21
EPA_EMAPEPA_EMAP_2002EPA EMAP - 2002DFW-WPCLEPA's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program conducted in the year 20022012-09-21
EPA_EMAPEPA_EMAP_2003EPA EMAP - 2003DFW-WPCLEPA's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program conducted in the year 20032012-09-21
EPA_EMAPEPA_EMAP_2004EPA EMAP - 2004DFW-WPCLEPA's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program conducted in the year 20042012-09-21
EPA_EMAPWEMAP1999W. Environmental Monitoring & Assessment Prgm 1999SCCWRPA multi-year effort lead by EPA's Office of Research and Development to advance the science of ecosystem health monitoring and to demonstrate th application of EMAP monitoring and assessment tools.2012-04-06
EPA_EMAPWEMAP2000W. Environmental Monitoring & Assessment Pgrm 2000SCCWRPA multi-year effort lead by EPA's Office of Research and Development to advance the science of ecosystem health monitoring and to demonstrate th application of EMAP monitoring and assessment tools.2012-04-06
EPA_EMAPWEMAP2001W. Environmental Monitoring & Assessment Pgrm 2001SCCWRPA multi-year effort lead by EPA's Office of Research and Development to advance the science of ecosystem health monitoring and to demonstrate th application of EMAP monitoring and assessment tools.2012-04-06
EPA_EMAPWEMAP2002W. Environmental Monitoring & Assessment Pgrm 2002SCCWRPA multi-year effort lead by EPA's Office of Research and Development to advance the science of ecosystem health monitoring and to demonstrate th application of EMAP monitoring and assessment tools.2012-04-06
EPA_EMAPWEMAP2003W. Environmental Monitoring & Assessment Pgrm 2003SCCWRPA multi-year effort lead by EPA's Office of Research and Development to advance the science of ecosystem health monitoring and to demonstrate th application of EMAP monitoring and assessment tools.2012-04-06
EPA_EMAPWEMAP2004W. Environmental Monitoring & Assessment Pgrm 2004SCCWRPA multi-year effort lead by EPA's Office of Research and Development to advance the science of ecosystem health monitoring and to demonstrate th application of EMAP monitoring and assessment tools.2012-04-06
EPA_EMAPWEMAP2005W. Environmental Monitoring & Assessment Pgrm 2005SCCWRPA multi-year effort lead by EPA's Office of Research and Development to advance the science of ecosystem health monitoring and to demonstrate th application of EMAP monitoring and assessment tools.2012-04-06
EPA_NLAEPA_NLA_2012EPA National Lakes Assessment 2012Not recordedEPA National Lakes Assessment 20122012-09-21
EPA_NRSAEPA_NRSAEPA National Rivers and Streams AssessmentDFW-WPCLEPA National Rivers and Streams Assessment2014-12-19
ESNERR_VolESNERR_WQESNERR Water Quality MonitoringESNERRESNERR Water Quality Monitoring2019-05-29
Eucalyptus_Hills_MST_StudyEucalyptus_Hills_MST_StudyEucalyptus Hills Septic Contribution StudyWoodGroupEucalyptus Hills Septic Contribution Study2019-09-26
Famosa_Slough_Eutrophication_Monitoring_Alt_TMDLFamosa_Slough_Eutrophication_MonitoringFamosa Slough Eutrophication Monitoring Alt TMDLCSDFamosa Slough Eutrophication Monitoring Alternative TMDL2020-01-14
FCASFCASForester Creek Additional SamplingSCCWRPForester Creek Additional Sampling2013-12-18
FDSFDSFecal Degradation StudySCCWRPFecal Degradation Study2016-06-17
FERC_ComplianceMonitoringEID_Project184El Dorado Irrigation District Project 184EIDEl Dorado Irrigation District Project 184 macroinvertebrate monitoring2016-11-23
FERC_ComplianceMonitoringPGE_Project137PGE Mokelumne River Project 137PGE-San RamonPGE Mokelumne River Project 137 macroinvertebrate monitoring2020-12-10
FERC_ComplianceMonitoringPGE_Project1962PGE Rock Creek-Cresta Project 1962PGE-San RamonPGE Rock Creek-Cresta Project 1962 macroinvertebrate monitoring2017-12-01
FERC_ComplianceMonitoringPGE_ProjectPoe2107PGE Feather River- Project Poe 2107PGE-San RamonPGE Feather River Project Poe 2107 macroinvertebrate monitoring2021-11-03
FISHBIOFISHBIO_PGE_MonitoringFISHBIO PGE monitoring on Butte CreekFISHBIOFISHBIO PGE monitoring on Butte Creek2024-01-19
FMLCWRD_PostFireLake County Post Fire MonitoringLCWRDPost-fire water quality monitoring by Lake County Water Resources Department2022-05-25
FMLECFMCity of Lake Elsinore Fire MonitoringLEC2019-08-14
FMRWB5_FireRWB5 Post Fire MonitoringRWQCB52022-01-10
FMPFMPFish Mercury ProjectSFEIFish Mercury Project2011-10-19
FOSC-WQMFOSCWQMFriends of Sausal Creek Water Quality MonitoringFOSC1900-01-01
FRWMFRWM_LCCFRWM Last Chance Creek Prop 50 GrantFRCRMFeather River Watershed Monitoring Program Last Chance Creek Proposition 50 Grant1900-01-01
FRWMFRWM_RCCFRWM Red Clover Confluence Prop 13 and 50 GrantFRCRMFeather River Watershed Monitoring Program Red Clover Confluence Proposition 13 and 50 Grant1900-01-01
GBPGBPGrasslands Bypass ProjectUSBR-SCCAOThe Project prevents discharge of subsurface agricultural drainage water into wildlife refuges and wetlands in central California.2013-01-29
GrE_WQMGRE_AC_WQMAdobe Creek Water Quality MonitoringGrassrootsEcology2018-07-02
GrE_WQMGRE_BC_WQMBarron Creek Water Quality MonitoringGrassrootsEcology2018-07-02
GrE_WQMGRE_MC_WQMMatadero Creek Water Quality MonitoringGrassrootsEcology2018-07-02
GrE_WQMGRE_SC_WQMStevens Creek Water Quality MonitoringGrassrootsEcology2018-07-02
GrE_WQMGRE_SFC_WQMSan Francisquito Creek Water Quality MonitoringGrassrootsEcology2018-07-02
HASTERHASTERHaster Retarding Basin and Pump Station ProjectOCPWHaster Retarding Basin and Pump Station Project2016-06-10
HCP Compliance MonitoringHCP_BMI_MonitoringHabitat Conservation Plan_BMI_MonitoringSEWDHabitat Conservation Plan_Benthic Macroinvertebrate_Monitoring2022-12-19
HF183_Outfall_Screening_SDG_LPHF183_Outfall_Screening_SDG_LPHF183 Outfall Screening in SDG and LP WMAs (DW)SDC2019-12-20
Hodges_Source_InvestigationHodges_Source_InvestigationLake Hodges Source InvestigationWoodGroup2021-01-28
HPUL_WQHPUL_WQHabematolel Pomo of Upper Lake WQ MonitoringHPULHabematolel Pomo of Upper Lake Water Quality Monitoring1900-01-01
HStGrnStHStGrnStH Street Green Street Improvements ProjectUnionCityGreen infrastructure project along 10 blocks of residential neighborhood in Union City, CA2016-09-22
ICARE_MonitoringICARE_BMI_SurveysICARE BMI SurveysICAREInstitute for Conservation, Advocacy, Research, and Education (ICARE) Benthic Macroinvertebrate (BMI) surveys2017-05-17
IEPRegion5_CacheSloughRegion 5 Cache SloughRWQCB5S2018-03-05
ILRPILRP5_AgWaiverAg Waiver RWQCB5Not Recorded1900-01-01
ILRPILRP5_BVCBuena Vista CoalitionBVC1900-01-01
ILRPILRP5_CRCCalifornia Rice CommissionNot Recorded1900-01-01
ILRPILRP5_CWDCawelo Water DistrictCWDCawelo Water District2014-07-31
ILRPILRP5_ESJWQCEast San Joaquin Water Quality CoalitionNot Recorded1900-01-01
ILRPILRP5_GLCGoose Lake CoalitionGLC1900-01-01
ILRPILRP5_KBWQAKaweah Basin Water Quality AssociationKBWQAKaweah Basin Water Quality Association2014-07-31
ILRPILRP5_KERNRWQAKern River Watershed Coalition AuthorityKERNRWCAKern River Watershed Coalition Authority2014-07-31
ILRPILRP5_KINGSRWCAKings River Watershed Coalition AuthorityKINGSRWCAKings River Watershed Coalition Authority2014-07-31
ILRPILRP5_MERIDMerced Irrigation DistrictNot Recorded1900-01-01
ILRPILRP5_MODIDModesto Irrigation DistrictMODID1900-01-01
ILRPILRP5_OIDOakdale Irrigation DistrictOID1900-01-01
ILRPILRP5_RPPRice Pesticide ProgramNot RecordedRice Pesticide Program2014-11-20
ILRPILRP5_SJCDWQCSan Joaquin County Delta Water Quality CoalitionNot RecordedSan Joaquin County and Delta Water Quality Coalition1900-01-01
ILRPILRP5_SLWDSan Luis Water DistrictSLWD2018-05-03
ILRPILRP5_SPCVRWQCB Special ProjectsRWQCB5S2014-12-11
ILRPILRP5_SSJIDSouth San Joaquin Irrigation DistrictNot Recorded1900-01-01
ILRPILRP5_SSJWQCSouthern San Joaquin Water Quality CoalitionSSJWQC1900-01-01
ILRPILRP5_SVWQCSacramento Valley Water Quality CoalitionSVWQC1900-01-01
ILRPILRP5_TBWQCTule Basin Water Quality CoalitionTBWQCTule Basin Water Quality Coalition2014-07-31
ILRPILRP5_TIDTurlock Irrigation DistrictTID1900-01-01
ILRPILRP5_WSCWestlands Stormwater CoalitionNot Recorded1900-01-01
ILRPILRP5_WSJRWCWestside San Joaquin River Watershed CoalitionNot Recorded1900-01-01
ILRPILRP5_WWQCWestside Water Quality Coalition WWQCWestside Water Quality Coalition 2014-07-31
ILRPILRP7_CVILCCoachella Valley Irrigated Lands CoalitionCVILCILRP Region 7 Coachella Valley Irrigated Lands Coalition2021-08-03
ILRPILRP7_IVILCImperial Valley Irrigated Lands CoalitionIVILCILRP Region 7 Imperial Valley Irrigated Lands Coalition2022-12-08
ILRPILRP9_FrogR9 Irrigated Lands Reg. Prgm., Frog EnvironmentalFrog2020-05-20
ILRPILRP9_USMILGUpper Santa Margarita Irrigated Lands GroupUSMILG_TPG2020-05-22
ILRPIRLP9_SDRILGSan Diego Region Irrigated Lands GroupPACRL2021-06-25
IMPRSWMPLake Tahoe Regional Stormwater Monitoring ProgramTahoeRCDCollaboration between California and Nevada jurisdictions in Lake Tahoe Basin to fulfill regulatory monitoring requirements.2015-09-09
IRWMPMRT_WQ_Malibu Creek WatershedWater Quality Monitoring in the Malibu Creek WaterMRT2018-09-22
KBMPAFWO_WQAFWO Water Quality Monitoring ProgramUSFWS-ArcataArcata Fish Wildlife Office Water Quality Monitoring Program2016-12-07
KBMPKHSAKlamath Hydroelectric Settlement MonitoringPacifiCorpKlamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement Monitoring2016-10-20
KBMPKHSA_2009Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Monitoring 2009PacifiCorpKlamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement Monitoring 20092016-10-12
KBMPKHSA_2010Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Monitoring 2010PacifiCorpKlamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement Monitoring 20102016-10-12
KBMPKHSA_2011Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Monitoring 2011PacifiCorpKlamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement Monitoring 20112016-10-12
KBMPKHSA_2012Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Monitoring 2012PacifiCorpKlamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement Monitoring 20122016-10-12
KBMPKHSA_2013Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Monitoring 2013PacifiCorpKlamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement Monitoring 20132016-10-12
KBMPKHSA_2014Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Monitoring 2014PacifiCorpKlamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement Monitoring 20142016-10-12
KBMPKHSA_2015Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Monitoring 2015PacifiCorpKlamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement Monitoring 20152016-10-12
KBMPKHSA_2016Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Monitoring 2016PacifiCorpKlamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement Monitoring 20162016-10-12
KBMPKTBMKaruk Tribe Bacteria MonitoringKaruk-Tribe2017-03-29
KBMPKTMPKlamath Tribes Monitoring ProgramKlamath-TribesKlamath Tribes Monitoring Program2014-09-04
KBMPQVIR_WQMPQVIR Water Quality Monitoring ProgramQVIRQuartz Valley Indian Reservation Water Quality Monitoring Program2012-12-12
KBMPQVIR-WQQuartz Valley Indian Reservation WQ MonitoringQVIRQuartz Valley Indian Reservation Water Quality Monitoring2017-03-29
KBMPSRRC_TMPSalmon River Temperature Monitoring ProgramSRRCSalmon River Temperature Monitoring Program2012-12-12
KBMPSVRCDShasta Tailwater ReductionSVRCDShasta Tailwater Reduction2015-01-07
KBMPTNC_WRDTNC_Williamson River Delta MonitoringTNC-KFALLSThe Nature Conservancy Williamson River Delta Monitoring2012-12-12
KBMPTWQCKlamath River Tribal WQ Consortium MonitoringKaruk-TribeKlamath River Tribal Water Quality Consortium Monitoring2017-03-29
L&L ASBSCWC_L&L ASBSLivestock & Land ASBS Carmel River MonitoringCWCLivestock & Land ASBS Carmel River Monitoring2012-11-28
LALB_TMDL_CompAQLALB_TMDL_SedimentHarbor Toxics TMDL Compliance Sediment SamplingAnchorQEAHarbor Toxics TMDL Compliance Sediment Sampling2015-11-16
LALB_TMDL_CompAQLALB_TMDL_TissueHarbor Toxics TMDL Compliance Tissue SamplingAnchorQEAHarbor Toxics TMDL Compliance Tissue Sampling2015-11-16
LALB_TMDL_CompAQLALB_TMDL_WQHarbor Toxics TMDL Compliance Water QualityAnchorQEAHarbor Toxics TMDL Compliance Water Quality2015-11-16
LASAN_Water_Protection_ProgramWPP_GI_GSGCWPP, GI, Green Streets and Green CorridorsLASANWatershed Protection, Green Infrastructure, Green Streets and Green Corridors2024-03-05
LBE_IMPLBE_IMPLong Beach Estuary IMPLongBeachCityCity of Long Beach Integrated Monitoring Program, Lower Long Beach Estuaries and Coastal San Pedro Bay Beaches2016-02-23
LBSMPLBSMPLong Beach Stormwater Monitoring ProgramKinneticLong Beach Stormwater Monitoring Program2014-05-01
LCC_CIMPLCC_CIMPLos Cerritos Channel CIMPKinneticLos Cerritos Channel Coordinated Integrated Monitoring Program2016-02-23
LDSRLDSRLaguna de Santa Rosa ProgramLDSRFThis program collects water quality data from the Laguna de Santa Rosa's wildlife areas.2012-04-23
LeoCarilloNSELeoCarilloNSELeo Carillo QMRA Efficacy StudySCCWRPStudy to determine appropriate study design for assessing QMRA efficacy2015-08-27
LHILehigh_RSWLehigh Receiving Water MonitoringRBI2018-11-26
LHWELHWELHWE Sediment RemediationGCLaurel-Hawthorn western embayment sediment remediation2016-11-29
LLAR-CIMPLLAR_WQMLower Los Angeles River Water Quality MonitoringKinneticLower Los Angeles River Water Quality Monitoring2016-02-26
LLAR-CIMPLLAR-CIMPLower Los Angeles River CIMPNot RecordedLower Los Angeles River CIMP2019-03-26
LLMSMCRCD_LLMSMCRCD Livestock and Land MonitoringSMCRCDSMCRCD Livestock and Land Monitoring1900-01-01
Los_Coches_MST_StudyLos_Coches_MST_Studyos Coches Sources of Human Fecal ContaminationWoodGroupLos Coches Wet Weather Sources of Human Fecal Contamination2019-09-26
LPCCCLPCCC_PC_SLRPPleasants Creek Sediment Load Reduction ProjectSolano CWALower Putah Creek Coordinating Committee: Pleasants Creek Sediment Load Reduction Project2017-02-24
LSGR_CIMPLSGR-WQMLower San Gabriel River Water Quality MonitoringKinneticLower San Gabriel River Water Quality Monitoring2016-02-26
LTBABMLTBABMLake Tahoe Basin Ambient Bioassessment MonitoringTRPAThe goal of this monitoring and evaluation plan is to provide stream monitoring program implementation guidance in an effort to determine the status and trends of Tahoe Basin streams by measuring their biological condition.2013-02-20
LTNSHHLTNSHHLake Tahoe Nearshore Human HealthTRPA2018-12-03
MBARI_AutoMBARI_Auto_PPMBARI Automation ProjectMBARIMonterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute's Autonymous Sampling Project2017-09-15
MBC_FIB_BCandRVMBC_Eastern_Sierra_FIBEastern Sierra Fecal Indicator Bacteria StudyMBCEastern Sierra Fecal Indicator Bacteria Study2019-04-02
MBC_Haiwee_monitoring MBC_Haiwee_Delisting Haiwee Reservoirs Delisting Monitoring Events MBC2020-09-30
MBNMS_Prop84MBNMS_Prop84MBNMS_Proposition84_ProjectsMBNMSIrrigation and Nutrient Management projects in the Lower Salinas Watershed funded by Prop 842017-01-31
MBNMS_WQPPMBNMS_LP_CBIMBNMS Lovers PointMBNMSMonterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Lovers Point2018-06-05
MBNMS_WQPPMBNMS_SRCMSanta Rita Creek MonitoringMBNMSMonitoring is to determine if restoration and on-farm practices are improving water qualityt in Santa Rita Creek2016-08-02
ML_Nutrients_TMDLML_Nutrients_TMDLMachado Lake Nutrients TMDL Compliance MonitoringNGEMMachado Lake Nutrients TMDL Compliance Monitoring2016-06-03
ML_OCPs_PCBs_TMDLML_Pesticides PCBs_TMDLMachado Lake Pesticides and PCBs TMDL MonitoringCTDPW2018-04-19
MOD_SWMOD_SWModesto Stormwater ProgramMODCSP2024-02-16
Morro_Bay_NEPMBNEP_MonitoringMorro Bay NEP Monitoring ProgramMBNEPMorro Bay National Estuary Program's Monitoring Program2014-09-02
MSAR_TMDL_MPMSAR_TMDL_MPMiddle Santa Ana River TMDL Monitoring ProjectSAWPAA multi-year effort funded by Prop 40 grant funds the first year of monitoring (FY 2007 -08) , other years (2008-current) are funded by stakeholders of the MSAR TMDL Task Force.2012-12-18
MSVSCW-MPProp84_California Watershed EngineeringProp84_CWECWEProp 84 Agreement 12-413-5542018-07-02
Murphy_Source_InvestigationMurphy_Source_InvestigationMurphy Canyon Human Source InvestigationWoodGroup2022-01-07
Murray_Source_InvestigationMurray_Source_InvestigationMurray Canyon Human Source InvestigationWoodGroup2022-01-07
NBBMNBBMNorth Bay Biosentinels Mercury Monitoring ProgramSFEINorth Bay Biosentinels Mercury Monitoring2012-06-04
NBBMNBBM_2009-20102009-2010 North Bay Biosentinel Mercury MonitoringSFEINorth Bay Biosentinels Mercury Monitoring 2009-20101900-01-01
NBWBTMPNBWBTMPNewport Bay Watershed Bio Trend Monitoring PrgmSCCWRPA multi-year study of tissue monitoring for the San Diego Creek/Newport Bay watershed that can be used for TMDL development, implementation, trend analysis, listing/delisting, and beneficial use assessment2012-11-29
NBWBTMPRWB8_NBWBTMPNewport Bay Watershed Bio Trend Monitor Prgm RWB8RWQCB8A multi-year study of tissue monitoring for the San Diego Creek/Newport Bay watershed that can be used for TMDL development, implementation, trend analysis, listing/delisting, and beneficial use assessment2014-04-08
NOAA_NSTNOAA_MWPNOAA - Mussel Watch ProgramNOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Mussel Watch Program2013-01-29
NPDESCity of Sutter CreekCity of Sutter CreekPER2021-04-30
NPDESMS4_Gen_PermitNPDES Phase II Small MS 4 General PermitMontereyCounty2018-05-16
NPDESNPDES_CabrilloCabrillo Power I LLC NPDES MonitoringCabrillo2021-03-03
NPDESNPDES_LACSDLA County Sanitation Districts NPDES MonitoringLACSD2020-12-11
NPDESNPDES_MS4Municipal Stormwater Monitoring ProgramsBART2019-01-07
NPDESNPDES_MS4_PhaseIINPDES Municipal Stormwater PhaseII PermitABCL2017-10-31
NPDESNPDES_WWNPDES Wastewater MonitoringWoodGroup2019-07-26
NPDESOxMtn_NPDESOx Mountain NPDES MonitoringAMS-CACompliance with monitoring requirements of NPDES CA 00299472023-08-03
NPDESR9-2019-0166Compliance Monitoring for R9-2019-0166OS2021-03-09
NPDESSDR-NPDESSan Diego Region NPDESABCLNational Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Permit for the Discharge of Lanthanum-Modified Clay to Surface Waters of the United States in the San Diego Region2013-05-03
NPDESSOCWA_NPDES_Aliso Creek Ocean OutfallSOCWA NPDES Aliso Creek Ocean OutfallSOCWASouth Orange County Wastewater Authority (SOCWA) Ocean Monitoring Program, National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), Aliso Creek Ocean Outfall2023-02-17
NPDESSOCWA_NPDES_San Juan Creek Ocean OutfallSOCWA NPDES San Juan Creek Ocean OutfallSOCWASouth Orange County Wastewater Authority (SOCWA) Ocean Monitoring Program, National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), San Juan Creek Ocean Outfall2023-02-17
NPDESSonomaCounty_SMCSonoma County Stormwater Monitoring CoalitionPERSonoma County Stormwater Monitoring Coalition Phase I MS4 permit2018-06-05
NPDES_MS4CC MS4City of Chico Municipal Stormwater MonitoringCIWQS 84512018-03-12
NPDES_MS4COMPTON_NPDESCity of Compton NPDES ProgramNV5_Long Beach2021-04-21
NPDES_MS4LC_MS4Lake County MS4 MonitoringLCWRDLake County Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Program (MS4) Monitoring for Lake County, City of Lakeport and City of Clearlake1900-01-01
NPDES_MS4LC_MS4_PyrethroidLake County MS4 Baseline Pyrethroid MonitoringLCWRDLake County Municipal Storm Sewer Program (MS4) Baseline Pyrethroid Monitoring for Lake County, City of Lakeport and City of Clearlake1900-01-01
NPDES_MS4POS_MS4Port of Stockton Receiving Water MonitoringRBI2017-11-18
NR_WQMPNR_WQMPNewhall Ranch Water Quality Monitoring ProgramGCNewhall Ranch Water Quality Monitoring Program2016-12-23
NSDCWMPNSDCWMPNorth San Diego County Watershed Monitoring ProgNSDCWMPNorth San Diego County Watershed Monitoring Program2019-10-23
OC_INTERNAL_MPSOUTH_OC_INTERNAL_MPSouth Orange County Internal Project MonitoringOCPWSouth Orange County Internal Project Monitoring2017-06-20
OC_NPDES_MS4_MPOC_NPDES_MS4_MP_SARSanta Ana Region MonitoringOCPWOCPW Monitoring for Region 82017-04-14
OC_NPDES_MS4_MPOC_NPDES_MS4_MP_SDRSan Diego Region MonitoringOCPWOCPW Monitoring for Region 92017-04-14
OC_S_MPOC_HPWQC_SDRSan Diego Region HPWQCOCPW2019-11-04
OC_TMDLOC_SAR_TMDLOCPW Santa Ana Region TMDL ProgramsOCPWOCPW Santa Ana Region TMDL Programs2020-10-06
OC_TMDLOC_SDR_TMDLOCPW San Diego Region TMDL ProgramsOCPWOCPW San Diego Region TMDL Programs2019-02-25
OCSD_COMPOCSD_COMPOCSD Core Ocean Monitoring ProgramOCSDCore Ocean Monitoring Program for Orange County Sanitation District2013-12-03
OCWD_SARMONOCWD_SARMONOCWD Santa Ana River MonitoringOCWDML2020-10-08
Otay_River_RestorationOtay_River_BioassessmentOtay River Bioassessment Monitoring ProgramICF-Sacramento2020-06-23
OWTSPOLICY_SWMHUMDEHSWMHumboldt County Env. Health Surface Water MonitoriHCDEH2019-07-15
OXN_PW_SDOXN_CIH_WQ_MPOxnardCty_Channel Islands Harbor WQ Monitoring PgmOXN_PWChannel Islands Harbor Water Quality Program for the City of Oxnard, Department of Public Works2023-10-30
PBC3ASBS13PBC3ASBSPebble Beach Company ASBS Monitoring 2013BalancePebble Beach Company 2013 Areas of Special Biological Significance Discharges Study2013-10-11
PLOOPLOOPoint Loma Ocean Outfall MonitoringCSDPoint Loma Ocean Outfall Monitoring2021-12-17
PRISMPRISM_SV_BMPPRISM - SacValleyPestBMPImplementationProgramNot RecordedSacramento Valley Pesticide Best Management Practice Implementation Program1900-01-01
PRISMPRISMEpiToxSources And Effects of Pyrethroid PesticidesSFEISources And Effects of Pyrethroid Pesticides (2004-2005) funded by State Water Resources Control Board (Prop 13 PRISM)2011-08-18
Prop 1ColdwaterColdwater CanyonRCRCD2019-06-13
Prop 1KWRFPKnightsen Wetland Restor & Flood ProtectECCCHC2019-09-27
Prop 1LFS_ICFLongfin Smelt Study - ICFICF-Sacramento2020-09-01
Prop 1Prop 1_BFRPBobcat Flat Restoration Project, Proposition 1Kleinfelder2023-10-18
Prop 1Prop 1_CSCity of Santee, Proposition 1CS2020-09-09
Prop 1Prop 1_CVCity of Vista, Proposition 1VistaCity2021-05-14
Prop 1Prop 1_DWRDepartment of Water Resources, Proposition 1DWR2023-03-10
Prop 1Prop 1_LACityDWPLA City Dept of Water & Power Env. Lab, Prop. 1LACityDWPLos Angeles City Dept of Water and Power Environmental Lab, Proposition 12023-02-24
Prop 1Prop 1_SACSanta Ana City, Proposition 1SAC2022-07-29
Prop 1Prop 1_Sanct_ForestSanctuary Forest, Proposition 1SFI2021-11-12
Prop 1Prop 1_SBFCASutter Butte Flood Control Agency, Proposition 1SBFCA2023-03-15
Prop 1Prop 1_SBPRPSouth Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project, Prop 1CA_SCC2023-12-28
Prop 1Prop 1_SIStaten Island, Proposition 1CFR2021-07-02
Prop 1Prop 1_SRASmith River Alliance, Proposition 1SRA2022-03-04
Prop 1Prop 1_SRFSalmonid Restoration Federation, Proposition 1SRF2022-02-04
Prop 1Prop1_GRRCDProposition 1 Grant for Gold Ridge RCDGRRCD2020-08-26
Prop 1Prop1_P1796002_UCD-SVMUCD School of Veterinary Medicine, Prop 1 GrantUCD-SVMUniversity California at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Proposition 1 Grant2021-11-01
Prop 1Prop1_RWQCB5SDeltaCyanotoxinsRegion 5S Delta CyanotoxinsRWQCB5SProp 1 funded cyanotoxin study in the Delta2021-10-14
Prop 1Stanislaus_SWRPStanislaus Storm Water Resources Plan MonitoringStanislausCounty2019-05-03
Prop 1WC_SWM_R_PCRestoration: Wolf Creek Watershed: Peabody CreekARStorm Water Management and Restoration in the Wolf Creek Watershed: Peabody Creek2019-05-08
Prop13Prop13Stormwater Monitoring and Urban BMP EvaluationSFEIRegional Stormwater Monitoring and Urban BMP Evaluation2011-12-06
PROP50Prop50_CSP-AngelesProposition 50 Grant for California State Parks AnCSP-Angeles2017-12-22
PROP50Prop50_LACDPW-WMDProp 50 Grant for LA County, Watershed Mangmnt DivLACDPW-WMD2020-07-07
PROP50Prop50_SDC_IRWMSan Diego County Inegrated Regional water ManagemeSDC2020-04-24
PROP50Prop50_SJCDWQCProposition 50 Grant for SJCDWQCNot Recorded1900-01-01
PROP50Prop50_UCDProposition 50 Grant for Sutter CountyNot Recorded1900-01-01
Prop68Prop68_MKGSAProp68_Mid-Kaweah GSA ProjectsMKGSAProp68 funded Mid-Kaweah Groundwater Sustainability Agency Projects2022-11-11
Prop84AvalonGAAvalon Green Alleys StudyCWHAvalon Green Alleys Study2016-08-05
Prop84BrAvGrnStBrighton Avenue Pilot Green Street ProjectAlbanyGreen infrastructure project in front of main entrance to Albany Middle School in residential neighborhood in Albany, CA2016-06-15
Prop84CC LIDCity of Chico LID ProjectCIWQS 84512018-03-12
Prop84FBGAPFort Bragg Green Alleys ProjectFBC2016-06-06
Prop84GSP2MGGAGreen Street Pilot - Martha Gardens Green AlleysCSJ-ESD-WSP-SMGreen Street Pilot Project - Martha Gardens Green Alleys2016-07-28
Prop84GSPPAGreen Street Pilot - Park AveCSJ-ESD-WSP-SMGreen Street Pilot - Park Ave2018-07-05
Prop84KingsBeachLower Chipmunk and Outfall WQ Improvement ProjectCIWQS 181411Prop84-Lower Chipmunk and Outfall Water Quality Improvement Project2016-11-16
Prop84LABWASLos Angeles Basin Water Augmentation StudyCWHLos Angeles Basin Water Augmentation Study2016-06-30
Prop84LB_LFDMCity of Long Beach VSS BMPs and Low Flow DiversionKinnetic2020-09-09
Prop84LCGSLaurel Canyon Green StreetLABOSWPD2017-07-26
Prop84Prop 84 12th and Green StreetProp 84 12th and Green StreetPRCProposition 84 Grant for the City of Paso Robles 12th Street and Green Street2017-05-08
Prop84Prop84_ASBS_MonitoringProp 84 ASBS - MonitoringADHProp 84 ASBS - Monitoring2015-08-17
Prop84Prop84_CAProp 84-City of AnaheimAMECProp 84-City of Anaheim2016-04-18
Prop84Prop84_CSProp 84- City of SanteeCSProposition 84 Grant- City of Santee2013-05-03
Prop84Prop84_CSDProp84-City of San DiegoCSDProposition 84 Grant- City of San Diego2021-06-04
Prop84Prop84_CSMProp 84- City of Santa MonicaCSMProp 84- City of Santa Monica2014-06-17
Prop84Prop84_CURES_FieldStudyProp 84 Grant for CURES - Field Level StudiesMLJ-LLCProposition 84 Grant for the Coalition for Urban/Rural Environmental Stewardship evaluating water quality improvements in the Central Valley by modelling field runoff before and after improvements.2013-04-29
Prop84Prop84_CVProp 84-City of VistaLWAProposition 84 Grant- City of Vista2015-01-26
Prop84Prop84_CVCProp 84-Crescenta Valley CountyAMECProp 84-Crescenta Valley County2016-05-27
Prop84Prop84_CWEProp 84- California Watershed EngineeringCWEProposition 84 Grant- California Watershed Engineering2014-04-01
Prop84PROP84_GLASSELL_LIDProp 84 Glassell Campus LID Retrofit ProjectOCPW2016-08-29
Prop84Prop84_LABOSWPDProp 84-CityofLA_Bureau of Sanit_Wtrshd ProtectionLABOSWPDProp 84-City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Sanitation, Watershed Protection Division2023-06-23
Prop84Prop84_LACDPW-WMDProp 84 Grant for LA CountyLACDPW-WMD2024-03-05
Prop84Prop84_LCC_LIDProp 84-Los Cerrritos Channel Low Impact Dev.Not RecordedLos Cerritos Channel Watershed Segmentation and Low Impact Development Planning Project2015-12-18
Prop84Prop84_LNProp 84- Laguna NiguelCLNProposition 84 Grant- Laguna Niguel2013-06-03
Prop84Prop84_Modesto_SSRPModesto-SW to SS Cross Connection Removal ProjectMCUProposition 84 Grant for the Modesto Area 2 Stormwater to Sanitary Sewer Cross Connection Removal Project2016-03-30
Prop84Prop84_ORBMBEPOxfordRetentionBasinMultibenefitEnhancementProjectLACDPW-WMDOxford Retention Basin Multibenefit Enhancement Project2016-07-28
Prop84Prop84_UniversityAve_LaMesaProp84_UniversityAve_LaMesaLMCityProp 84 University Avenue Median Water Quality Improvement Project BMP Effectiveness Monitoring2018-05-01
Prop84Prop84_Visalia_GDVPPProp84 Greening Downtown Visalia Public ParkingVCEProposition 84 Grant for Greening Downtown Visalia Public Parking2017-08-17
Prop84Prop84LID_Transport_CorridorProp84 LID for Transportation CorridorGWMAProject to Incorporate LID BMPs Into Major Transportation Corridors2017-07-13
Prop84SDRPF _P84_BCSDRFP Prop 84 Boulder CreekSDRPFFunded through a Prop 84 state grant this project seeks to provide terrestrial and aquatic monitoring and assessment data for Boulder Cedar and Conejos creeks in the headwaters of the San Diego River Watershed2017-07-26
Prop84SW_BMPStormwater Best Management Practice EffectivenessEGCDPW2017-03-31
Prop84UPRGUniversity Park Rain GardenLABOSWPD2018-07-13
PVP-CIMPPVPWMG_OF_MS4PVPWMG Outfall Monitoring for MS4 PermitPVPWMGPVPWMG Outfall Monitoring for MS4 Permit2017-02-17
PVP-CIMPPVPWMG_RW_MS4PVPWMG Receiving Water Monitoring - MS4 PermitPVPWMGPVPWMG Receiving Water Monitoring for MS4 Permit2017-02-17
PVPWMG_RW_MS4PVPWMG_RWDry_MS4PVPWMG Receiving Water Monitoring for MS4 PermitPVPWMGPVPWMG Receiving Water Monitoring for MS4 Permit, Dry Weather2016-08-19
PWTRPPWTRP_2019Pajaro Watershed Toxicity Reduction ProjectUCD-GCPajaro Watershed Toxicity Reduction Project2020-01-30
QANot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot RecordedNot Applicable2011-09-30
QAOARPPPOcean Acidification Research Program Pilot ProjectNot Recorded1900-01-01
QAReceiving Water MonitoringReceiving Water MonitoringNot Recorded1900-01-01
QMRA_TecoloteCreekQMRA_TecoloteCreekQMRA Tecolote Creek StudyCSDQMRA Tecolote Creek Study2020-02-20
R9-2011-0022SeaWorld_FireworksSeaWorld Fireworks MonitoringSeaWorldSeaWorld Fireworks Monitoring2019-12-18
R9-2017-0083R9-2017-0083Area of Investigation Under IO Number R9-2017-0083IntegralArea of Investigation Under IO Number R9-2017-00832019-05-02
Rapid_MicrobialRapid_MicrobialRapid Microbial StudySCCWRPSingle Study during the summer of 2009 to demonstrate the QPCR method to participating labs and monitor beaches2011-10-19
RB8BACT801 SAD GB BACTSanta Ana-Delhi Greenville Banning REC 2RWQCB8Santa Ana-Delhi Greenville Banning REC 22016-01-19
RC_NPDES_MS4_MPRC_NPDES_MS4_MP_SARSanta Ana RegionRCFCSanta Ana Region2013-10-15
RC_NPDES_MS4_MPRC_NPDES_MS4_MP_SDRSan Diego RegionRCFCSan Diego Region2013-10-15
RC_NPDES_MS4_MPRC_NPDES_MS4_MP_WRWWhitewater River WatershedRCFCWhitewater River Watershed2013-10-15
RC_NPDES_SSPSAR_SPSAR Special ProjectsRCFC2021-02-12
RC_NPDES_SSPSMR_SPSMR Special ProjectsRCFC2021-02-12
RCDMC_SR_IPCPRCDMC_SR_IPCPRCDMC Salinas River Invasive Plant Control ProgramRCDMCRCDMC Salinas River Invasive Plant Control Program2020-03-18
REG8BACTSAR RMPSanta Ana River Regional Monitoring ProgramSAWPA2018-06-20
RR_MS409P_RR_MS4 Program2009 5 year Permit for Russian River MS4 ProgramSCWAMonitoring requirements conducted by Co-Permittees as part of the 2009 Phase I MS4 Permit.2016-10-18
RR_MS415P_RR_MS4 Program2015 5 year Permit for Russian River MS4 ProgramSCWA2016-10-18
RRCSSMPSSCRRStudies to Support Coho in Russian RiverCASG-RRSSMP2019-11-26
RV-SCISYRCL-RMPSYRCL River Monitoring ProgramSYRCL2018-12-18
RWB2_Zone7_SMMPRWB2_Zone7_BARWB2 Zone 7 Bioassessment MonitoringZone7RWB2 Zone 7 Bioassessment Monitoring2017-03-09
RWB6_USFSRWB6_USFSU.S. Forest Service Study-RWB6RWQCB6The USFS Inyo Nat'l Forest collected samples for bacteria in 2011 under an order from the Lahontan Water Board2012-04-06
RWQCB1_TMDLCPTMDLCoastal Pathogen TMDLRWQCB12018-01-12
RWQCB6V_Enforcement_ComplaintRWQCB6V_Enforcement_ComplaintRWQCB6V Enforcement and Complaint InvestigationsRWQCB6South Lahontan RWQCB Enforcement and Complaint Investigations2016-12-21
RWQCB7_SSRWB7_SaltonSeaRWB7 Salton Sea MonitoringRWQCB7RWB7 Ambient Monitoring Efforts at the Salton Sea2024-03-21
RWQCB9AHL_BacteriaAgua Hedionda Lagoon Bacteria Special StudyWestonSolu2023-02-01
RWQCB9R9_InvestigativeOrdersR9 Investigative OrdersWoodGroup2020-01-31
RWQCB9R9_NS_LosPenBacFY1819RWQCB9 Bacterial Source TrackingRWQCB9Bacterial source tracking in Los Penasquitos watershed2019-11-19
RWQCB9RWB9_SurfaceWaterRWQCB9 Surface Water MonitoringRWQCB9Surface/receiving water monitoring for RWQCB9 programs2019-07-02
RWQCB9San Diego River BacteriaBacterial Source Tracking in San Diego RiverCSUSD-WIRL_SWL2020-10-29
RWQCPRWQCPRiverside Water Quality Control Plant MonitoringRWQCPRiverside Water Quality Control Plant Monitoring Program2017-04-21
Salinas_StormRWB3_Salinas_StormRWB3 Salinas Stormwater ProjectPERRegional Water Board 3 Salinas Stormwater Project2013-03-29
SanMarcos_Special_StudySanMarcos_Special_StudyCity of San Marcos Special StudySanMarcosCityCity of San Marcos Special Study2019-01-15
SARDASARDA_AnnualSanta Ana River Dischargers AssociationGEI2019-04-09
SBCK_STSBCK_STSanta Barbara Channelkeeper Stream TeamSBCK2016-12-15
SBCO_MS4Permit_MonitoringSBCO_MS4Permit_303d_MonitoringSanta Barbara County MS4 Permit 303d monitoringSBCPCW2018-11-15
SBMPSuisunBayMonitoring _BACWASuisunBayMonitoring _BACWANot Recorded1900-01-01
SBMPSuisunBayMonitoring _RWB2Suisun Bay Monitoring Project RWB2RWQCB2Suisun Bay Monitoring Project conducted by RWB22013-06-08
SBMPSuisunBayMonitoring _SFCWA_USGSSuisunBayMonitoring _SFCWA_USGSUSGS-CAWSC2018-03-05
SBOOSBOOSouth Bay Ocean Outfall MonitoringCSDSouth Bay Ocean Outfall Monitoring2021-12-17
SC FFCWC_SC FFCity of Santa Cruz First Flush ProgramCWCCity of Santa Cruz First Flush Program2012-11-28
SC StreamflowSC StreamflowSonoma Creek Streamflow StewardshipSEC2017-07-24
SCBPSCB1998Southern California Bight Project 1998SCCWRPUsing monitoring methods, gather and provide synoptic information about the ecological condition of reference areas and wastewater and stormwater discharge areas on the mainland shelf of bight.2012-04-05
SCBPSCB2003Southern California Bight Project 2003SCCWRPUsing monitoring methods, gather and provide synoptic information about the ecological condition of reference areas and wastewater and stormwater discharge areas on the mainland shelf of bight.2012-04-05
SCBPSCB2008Southern California Bight Project 2008SCCWRPUsing monitoring methods, gather and provide synoptic information about the ecological condition of reference areas and wastewater and stormwater discharge areas on the mainland shelf of bight.2012-04-05
SCBPSCB2013Southern California Bight Project 2013SCCWRPUsing monitoring methods, gather and provide synoptic information about the ecological condition of reference areas and wastewater and stormwater discharge areas on the mainland shelf of bight.2013-08-16
SCBPSCB2018Southern California Bight Project 2018SCCWRPUsing monitoring methods, gather and provide synoptic information about the ecological condition of reference areas and wastewater and stormwater discharge areas on the mainland shelf of bight.2020-01-22
SCBPSCBPP1994Southern California Bight Pilot Project 1994SCCWRPUsing monitoring methods, gather and provide synoptic information about the ecological condition of reference areas and wastewater and stormwater discharge areas on the mainland shelf of bight.2012-04-26
SCC_MPSCCPW_MPCamino Del Rio Project MonitoringSCCPW2018-06-29
SCCEPSCCBMSanta Cruz City Beach MonitoringCIWQS 399582017-03-29
SCCMSCCMPSouthern California Citizen Monitoring ProjectSCCWRPCommunity volunteeers collect water quality data, evaluate fish habitat, count birds, and make visual observations of stream health in the interest of watershed protection.2012-04-26
SCCWRPEPI_StudyEpidemiology StudySCCWRPSingle Study during the summern from 2007-20092012-04-12
SCCWRPSCCWRP_DEPWET_PilotSCCWRP Depressional Wetlands Pilot StudySCCWRPSCCWRP Depressional Wetlands Pilot Study2012-05-16
SCCWRPSCCWRP_ICQMRAInner Cabrillo Quantitative Microbial Risk AssessmSCCWRP2018-08-30
SCCWRPSCCWRP_MonitoringSCCWRP MonitoringSCCWRPSCCWRP Monitoring2017-03-20
SCCWRPSCCWRP_NPSSSCCWRP NonPerennial Stream StudySCCWRPSCCWRP NonPerennial Stream Study2012-04-26
SCCWRPSD Bay Water Column PCBSan Diego Bay Water Column Organochorine StudySCCWRPDetermination of the influence of dissolved organochlorines on bioaccumulation in San Diego Bay2020-03-13
SCCWRPSDCounty_RefSan Diego County Reference StudySCCWRPSan Diego County Reference Study2013-05-01
SCCWRPSDRSSSan Diego Reference Stream StudySCCWRPSan Diego Reference Stream Study2014-11-13
SCSMCRWB4_SMCRWB4 So. CA Stormwater Monitoring CoalitionSCCWRPRWB4 So. CA Stormwater Monitoring Coalition Project2012-05-16
SCSMCRWB8_SMCRWB8 So. CA Stormwater Monitoring CoalitionSCCWRPRWB8 So. CA Stormwater Monitoring Coalition Project2012-05-16
SCSMCRWB9_SMCRWB9 So. CA Stormwater Monitoring CoalitionSCCWRPRWB9 So. CA Stormwater Monitoring Coalition Project2012-05-16
SCSMCSCSMCPSo. Ca. Stormwater Monitoring Coalition ProjectSCCWRPContinuous effort to develop the technical information necessary to better understand stormwater mechanisms and impacts, and then develop the tools that will improve stormwater decision-making.2012-04-26
SCSMCSMC_SoCalSo. CA Stormwater Monitoring CoalitionNot RecordedSo. CA Stormwater Monitoring Coalition2017-03-30
SCVWD_MercuryTMDLSCVWD_HgSCVWD Mercury Program MonitoringSCVWDSCVWD regularly collects water and tissue samples under the SCVWD Impaired Waterbodies Improvement: Mercury Studies Program2019-02-04
SCWQPSCWQP_AlderHgCharacterizationSCWQP Alder Creek Mercury CharacterizationMEIMercury-related monitoring in Alder Creek for the Glenborough & Easton Project in Sacramento County2017-09-15
SD_Bay_Watershed_MonitoringSan_Diego_Bay_MonitoringSan Diego Bay MonitoringAMECSan Diego Bay Monitoring2016-06-20
SDCitySDCity_StormwaterSan Diego City, Stormwater Dept.SDCity2023-12-08
SDCK_MonitoringSDCK_AMBSan Diego Coastkeeper Ambient Monitoring ProgranSDCK2016-08-08
SDCK_MonitoringSDCK_YWQMSD Coastkeeper Youth Water Quality MonitoringSDCK2023-10-24
SDCWPPPalomar_Airport_BMPPalomar Airport BMP EffectivenessWestonSoluPalomar Airport BMP Effectiveness2020-01-10
SDCWPPSD_MSTSan Diego Region Microbial Source TrackingSDCSan Diego Region Microbial Source Tracking2019-12-16
SDCWPPTIJUANA_RIVER_NUTR_LOADUpper Tijuana River Nutrient LoadKinnetic2021-05-10
SDRPF_MPSDRPF_MP_BASan Diego River Park Foundation Monitoring Prgm BASDRPFBioassessment analyses performed by San Diego River Park Foundation staff and volunteers in the San Diego River Watershed2019-09-25
SDRPF_RWSDRPF_RW_WQ_PPRiverWatch Water Quality Monitoring Parent ProjectSDRPFSDRPF RiverWatch Water Quality Monitoring Parent Project2016-03-18
SEA_Plastics03_Catalina_SEASanta Catalina Island SEA2017-05-01
SELHMSELHMSan Elijo Lagoon Hydrologic MonitoringSELCSan Elijo Lagoon Hydrologic Monitoring2014-03-14
SF Bay RMPRLRegional Monitoring Program - River Loading - RichSFEI2011-05-09
SF Bay RMPRMP_ECRegional Monitoring Program-Emerging ContaminantsSFEISan Francisco Bay Regional Monitoring Program - Emerging Contaminants2016-10-25
SF Bay RMPRMP_EEPSRegional Monitoring Program - EEPSSFEI2010-07-21
SF Bay RMPRMP_FISHRegional Monitoring Program - FISHSFEI2010-07-21
SF Bay RMPRMP_MCRegional Monitoring Program - MarginsSFEISan Francisco Bay RMP Margins Study2015-10-05
SF Bay RMPRMP_MPRegional Monitoring Program-MicroplasticsSFEIRegional Monitoring Program-Microplastics2017-01-17
SF Bay RMPRMP_NB_SERegional Monitoring Program - North Bay SeleniumSFEIRegional Monitoring Program - North Bay Selenium2019-08-13
SF Bay RMPRMP_RLRegional Monitoring Program - River LoadingSFEI2010-07-21
SF Bay RMPRMP_STRegional Monitoring Program - Status and TrendsSFEIRMP's Status and Trends component regularly collects sediment, water, and tissue (bivalve, fish, bird) samples.2010-05-07
SFB_STLSSFB-STLS-TrendsSan Francisco Bay STLS Trends MonitoringSFEI2017-02-22
SFB_STLSSTLS-WY2002STLS Monitoring WY2002SFEISmall Tributaries Loading Strategy Monitoring WY20022015-07-15
SFB_STLSSTLS-WY2003STLS Monitoring WY2003SFEISmall Tributaries Loading Strategy Monitoring WY20032015-07-15
SFB_STLSSTLS-WY2004STLS Monitoring WY2004SFEISmall Tributaries Loading Strategy Monitoring WY20042015-07-15
SFB_STLSSTLS-WY2005STLS Monitoring WY2005SFEISmall Tributaries Loading Strategy Monitoring WY20052015-07-15
SFB_STLSSTLS-WY2006STLS Monitoring WY2006SFEISmall Tributaries Loading Strategy Monitoring WY20062015-07-15
SFB_STLSSTLS-WY2007STLS Monitoring WY2007SFEISmall Tributaries Loading Strategy Monitoring WY20072015-07-15
SFB_STLSSTLS-WY2008STLS Monitoring WY2008SFEISmall Tributaries Loading Strategy Monitoring WY20082015-07-15
SFB_STLSSTLS-WY2009STLS Monitoring WY2009SFEISmall Tributaries Loading Strategy Monitoring WY20092015-07-15
SFB_STLSSTLS-WY2010STLS Monitoring WY2010SFEISmall Tributaries Loading Strategy Monitoring WY20102015-07-15
SFB_STLSSTLS-WY2011STLS Monitoring WY2011SFEISmall Tributaries Loading Strategy Monitoring WY20112015-07-15
SFB_STLSSTLS-WY2012STLS Monitoring WY2012SFEISmall Tributaries Loading Strategy Monitoring WY20122015-07-15
SFB_STLSSTLS-WY2013STLS Monitoring WY2013SFEISmall Tributaries Loading Strategy Monitoring WY20132015-07-15
SFB_STLSSTLS-WY2014STLS Monitoring WY2014SFEISmall Tributaries Loading Strategy Monitoring WY20142015-07-15
SFB_STLSSTLS-WY2015STLS Monitoring WY2015SFEISmall Tributaries Loading Strategy Monitoring WY20152015-08-26
SFB_STLSSTLS-WY2016STLS Monitoring WY2016SFEISmall Tributaries Loading Strategy Monitoring WY20162016-02-29
SFB_STLSSTLS-WY2017STLS Monitoring WY2017SFEISmall Tributaries Loading Strategy Monitoring WY20172017-01-30
SFB_STLSSTLS-WY2018STLS Monitoring WY2018SFEISmall Tributaries Loading Strategy Monitoring WY20182019-05-28
SFB_STLSSTLS-WY2019STLS Monitoring WY2019SFEISmall Tributaries Loading Strategy Monitoring WY20192020-04-15
SFCWASFCWA_CacheSloughSFCWA Cache SloughSFCWA2018-03-05
SFCWASFCWA_FreeportVernalisSFCWA FreeportVernalisSFCWA2018-03-05
SFCWASFCWA_YoloBypassFoodWebSFCWA YoloBypassFoodWebSFCWA2018-03-05
SFEI_GISFEI_GI_DCSFEI GI Monitoring in Daly City, CASFEISFEI Green Infrastructure Monitoring in Daly City, CA2015-07-30
SFEI_GISFEI_GI_ELCSFEI GI Monitoring in El Cerrito, CASFEISFEI Green Infrastructure Monitoring in El Cerrito, CA2015-07-30
SFEI_GISFEI_GI_FGSFEI Green Infrastructure - Fitzgerald Marine ResSFEISFEI Green Infrastructure Monitoring at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve2015-07-08
SFEI_GISFEI_GI_FMSFEI Green Infrastructure Monitoring in Fremont CASFEISFEI Green Infrastructure Monitoring in Fremont CA2015-06-08
SFEI_RLSFEI_FGFitzgerald Marine ReserveSFEIFitzgerald Marine Reserve Stormwater Monitoring2014-03-18
SFEI_RLSFEI_RL01SFEI River Loading Study 2001SFEISFEI River Loading Study 20012012-06-18
SFEI_RLSFEI_RL02SFEI River Loading Study 2002SFEISFEI River Loading Study 20022012-06-18
SFEI_RLSFEI_RL03SFEI River Loading Study 2003SFEISFEI River Loading Study 20032012-06-18
SFEI_RLSFEI_RL04SFEI River Loading Study 2004SFEISFEI River Loading Study 20042012-06-18
SFEI_RLSFEI_RL05SFEI River Loading Study 2005SFEISFEI River Loading Study 20052012-06-18
SFEI_RLSFEI_RL06SFEI River Loading Study 2006SFEISFEI River Loading Study 20062012-06-18
SFEI_RLSFEI_RL07SFEI River Loading Study 2007SFEISFEI River Loading Study 20072012-06-18
SFEI_RLSFEI_RL08SFEI River Loading Study 2008SFEISFEI River Loading Study 20082012-06-18
SFEI_RLSFEI_RL09SFEI River Loading Study 2009SFEISFEI River Loading Study 20092012-06-18
SFEI_RLSFEI_RL10SFEI River Loading Study 2010SFEISFEI River Loading Study 20102012-06-18
SFEI_RLSFEI_RL11SFEI River Loading Study 2011SFEISFEI River Loading Study 20112012-06-18
SFEI_RLSFEI_RL12SFEI River Loading Study 2012SFEISFEI River Loading Study 20122012-12-05
SFEI_RLSFEI_RL13SFEI River Loading Study 2013SFEISFEI River Loading Study 20132012-12-05
SFEI_RLSFEI_RL14SFEI River Loading Study 2014SFEISFEI River Loading Study 20142013-12-17
SFEI_RLSFEI_RL15SFEI River Loading Study 2015SFEISFEI River Loading Study 20152015-02-03
SFPUC-WDDNR_MonitoringACARMAlameda Creek Aquatic Resource MonitoringSFPUC-WDDNR2016-04-13
SFPUC-WDDNR_MonitoringSMCARMSan Mateo Creek Aquatic Resource MonitoringSFPUC-WDDNR2016-02-04
SGRRMPSGRRMPSan Gabriel River Regional Monitoring ProgramABCLCore and regional monitoirng in the San Gabriel River Watershed.2017-11-03
SIPPSIPPSource Identification Pilot ProjectSCCWRPSingle study for source identification processes2014-07-02
SISP_TMDLSISP_TMDLShelter Island Shoreline Park TMDLPOSDShelter Island Shoreline Park TMDL2014-02-13
Sites_Reservoir_Aquatic_Study_PlanSites_Reservoir_BioassessmentSites Reservoir Bioassessment Monitoring ProgramICF-Sacramento2023-06-04
SJCRK_PilotRWB4_USJCUpper San Jose Creek Pilot StudyRWQCB4A multi- year study of the Water Quality of the Upper San Jose Creek, after focused enforcement of the Industrial General Permit for Stormwater Discharge.2018-11-06
SJRRPSJRRPSan Joaquin River Restoration ProgramUSBR-SCCAOThis program is a long-term effort to restore flows to the San Joaquin River and restore a self-sustaining Chinook salmon fishery in the river while reducing or avoiding adverse water supply impacts from restoration flows2013-03-06
SJWMPLE-CL_Nutrient_TMDLLake Elsinore & Canyon Lake Nutrient TMDL MPSAWPALake Elsinore and Canyon Lake Nutrient TMDL: San Jacinto Watershed-wide Monitoring Program2012-12-18
SJWMPLF_FTSLake Elsinore Tissue DDT & PCBLESJWA2020-05-01
SLMWQSLMWQMStudent Lake Merritt Water Quality MonitoringLMIWater quality monitoring by students in Oakland High School's Environmental Science Academy 1997-20172019-06-11
SLRMBPCBSLRMBPost-Construction BMP San Luis Rey Mitigation BankWildlandsPost-Construction BMP San Luis Rey Mitigation Bank2017-03-16
SMBBB_ShorelineSMBBB_ShorelineSMBBB Coordinated Shoreline Monitoring ProgramGCSMBBB Coordinated Shoreline Monitoring Program2016-11-28
SMCRWMSMCRWMSMC Regional Watershed MonitoringSCCWRPStormwater Monitoring Coalition Regional Watershed Monitoring2012-10-19
SMR_StudySMR_StudySanta Margarita River StudySCCWRP2018-02-26
SMUD_UARP15_UARP_AlgaeAlgae Monitoring Plan (2015)SMUD2018-05-10
SMUD_UARP16_UARP_BMIUARP Aqua Macroinvert Mon Plan FERC Proj 2101_2016SMUDUARP Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Monitoring Plan FERC Project 2101 (2016)2020-05-06
SMUD_UARPUARP_FishWQ Monitoring Plan Section 5.6 (2015)SMUDUARP Metals Bioaccumulation in Fish2022-01-19
SMWQIPPSuisun Marsh Managed Wetlands BMP WQIPPSuisun Marsh Managed Wetlands BMP WQIPPBachand2020-03-30
SNARLESAMEastern Sierra Ambient MonitoringSNARLEastern Sierra Ambient Monitoring2014-02-13
SolanaBeach_Special_StudySolanaBeach_Special_StudyCity of Solana Beach Special StudySolanaBeachCityCity of Solana Beach Special Study2019-01-14
SoSCCo_Pajaro_TMDLSoSCCo_Pajaro_Bacteria_TMDLBacteria TMDL Monitoring Pajaro Riv Watershed SSCCSoSCCo_RegPartnersBacteria TMDL Monitoring in the Pajaro River Watershed in South Santa Clara County2021-11-03
SPCWQ09-15SPCWQ2009-2015 San Pablo Creek Water Quality studySPAWNERS2016-11-15
SPI_ResearchSPI_ResearchSierra Pacific Industries ResearchDFW-WPCLSierra Pacific Industries Research2016-01-20
SportfishSQOSportfishSQOSportfish Sediment Quality ObjectivesSCCWRPSportfish Sediment Quality Objectives2015-12-23
SRA_RestorationSRPHR_SRASmith River Plain Habitat Restoration_SRASRASmith River Alliance, Smith River Plain Habitat Restoration2024-05-20
SRCCHProp84Prop40_MonitoringSR_CityHallCity Hall Plaza Garden and LID Retrofit ProjectCSR2018-10-29
SRCD-PRHabitatPRHMPetersen Ranch Habitat MonitoringSolano RCDPetersen Ranch monitoring of vegetation and water quality at habitat improvement site2018-10-04
SRS_BA_BCSRS_BA_BCStarr Ranch Bioassessment of Bell CreekSRSStarr Ranch Sanctuary Bioassessment of Bell Creek2013-09-24
SRWPSRWPSacramento River Watershed ProgramSFEISacramento River Watershed Program2016-03-31
SSQPSSQPSacramento Stormwater Quality PartnershipLWAStormwater monitoring2017-05-03
Stk_SjCo_RecStk_SjCo_RecCity of Stockton & San Joaquin Co. Rec Water Mont.CondorCity of Stockton & San Joaquin Co. Rec Water Monitoring2019-12-19
SW_OPC118P_SW_OPC1Tolowa Dee-ni Nation Stormwater Project 2018TDN2018-05-22
SWAMP03SWSHBIOSWAMP Historic Bioaccumulation DataSFEIThe project reviewed bioaccumulation monitoring data generated under three historic State Board programs: Toxic Substances Monitoring Program, State Mussel Watch Program, and Coastal Fish Contamination Program, and other major studies from 1970-2005.2011-05-03
SWAMPCal_Fire_SF_Caspar_CrCal. Fire SF Caspar CrNot RecordedCal. Fire SF Caspar Creek2016-11-29
SWAMPRWB1_IRLandsSWAMP RWB1 Irrigated Lands MonitoringRWQCB1SWAMP RWB1 Irrigated Lands Monitoring2015-04-10
SWAMPRWB1_MonitoringSWAMP RWB1 MonitoringRWQCB1SWAMP RWB1 Monitoring2011-10-19
SWAMPRWB2_DEPWETRWB2 Depressional Wetlands StudyRWQCB2RWB2 Depressional Wetlands Study2014-02-21
SWAMPRWB2_MonitoringSWAMP RWB2 MonitoringRWQCB2SWAMP RWB2 Monitoring2011-10-19
SWAMPRWB3_CCAMPCentral Coast Ambient Monitoring ProgramRWQCB3Central Coast Ambient Monitoring Program2011-10-19
SWAMPRWB3_CCAMP_CCSWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Coastal ConfluencesRWQCB3SWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Coastal Confluences2013-11-06
SWAMPRWB3_CCAMP_CstLgnSWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Coastal LagoonsRWQCB3SWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Coastal Lagoons2013-11-06
SWAMPRWB3_CCAMP_DOSWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Dissolved Oxygen StudyRWQCB3SWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Dissolved Oxygen Study2016-06-21
SWAMPRWB3_CCAMP_PajSWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Pajaro and Santa Cruz AreaRWQCB3SWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Pajaro and Santa Cruz Area2013-11-06
SWAMPRWB3_CCAMP_SalSWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Salinas RotationRWQCB3SWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Salinas Rotation2013-11-06
SWAMPRWB3_CCAMP_StBarbSWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Santa Barbara RotationRWQCB3SWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Santa Barbara Rotation2013-11-06
SWAMPRWB3_CCAMP_StLuciSWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Santa Lucia RotationRWQCB3SWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Santa Barbara Rotation2013-11-06
SWAMPRWB3_CCAMP_StMariSWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Santa Maria RotationRWQCB3SWAMP RWB3 CCAMP Santa Maria Rotation2013-11-06
SWAMPRWB3_HABsRWB3 Water Board Harmful Algal Bloom MonitoringRWQCB3Central Coast Water Board Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring_ongoing monitoring2019-01-31
SWAMPRWB3_MonitoringSWAMP RWB3 MonitoringRWQCB3SWAMP RWB3 Monitoring2011-10-25
SWAMPRWB4_DEPWETRWB4 Depressional Wetlands StudySCCWRPRWB4 Depressional Wetlands Study2012-05-16
SWAMPRWB4_MonitoringSWAMP RWB4 MonitoringRWQCB4SWAMP RWB4 Monitoring2011-10-19
SWAMPRWB5_MonitoringSWAMP RWB5 MonitoringRWQCB5SSWAMP RWB5 Monitoring2011-10-19
SWAMPRWB6_MonitoringSWAMP RWB6 MonitoringRWQCB6SWAMP RWB6 Monitoring2011-10-19
SWAMPRWB6_Monitoring_FHABFHAB Mitigation Measure Effectiveness MonitoringRWQCB6A study to evaluate the effectiveness of mitigation technology to manage harmful algal blooms.2018-12-04
SWAMPRWB7_MonitoringSWAMP RWB7 MonitoringRWQCB7SWAMP RWB7 Monitoring2011-10-19
SWAMPRWB8_DEPWETRWB8 Depressional Wetlands StudySCCWRPRWB8 Depressional Wetlands Study2012-05-16
SWAMPRWB8_MonitoringSWAMP RWB8 MonitoringRWQCB8SWAMP RWB8 Monitoring2011-10-19
SWAMPRWB9_DEPWETRWB9 Depressional Wetlands StudySCCWRPRWB9 Depressional Wetlands Study2012-05-16
SWAMPRWB9_MonitoringSWAMP RWB9 MonitoringRWQCB9SWAMP RWB9 Monitoring2011-10-19
SWAMPSeMMAPSWAMP eDNA Metabarcoding Mon. & Analysis ProjectSWRCBSWAMP eDNA Metabarcoding Monitoring and Analysis Project: Statewide Community Science MetabarcodingEnvironmental DNA Project2023-06-16
SWAMPSWAMP_BioaccumulationSWAMP Bioaccumulation Monitoring ProgramSWRCBSWAMP Bioaccumulation Monitoring Program2022-04-07
SWAMPSWAMP_CHABSWAMP CyanoHAB Emergency MonitoringSWRCBEmergency monitoring for CyanoHAB response2015-11-09
SWAMPSWAMP_CMAPSWAMP California Monitoring and Assessment ProgramDFW-WPCLSWAMP California Monitoring and Assessment Program2012-02-21
SWAMPSWAMP_DryStreamSWAMP Dry StreamCSUMB-WEESamples collected to evaluate biological indicators to assess the condition of dry, intermittent and ephemeral streams2019-04-30
SWAMPSWAMP_FHABSWAMP Freshwater Harmful Algal Blooms(HAB) ProgramSWRCBSWAMP Freshwater Harmful Algal Blooms(HAB) Program2016-09-07
SWAMPSWAMP_FieldRepeatSWAMP Repeat Sampling Field Methods ComparisonDFW-WPCLSWAMP Repeat Sampling Field Methods Comparison2012-03-07
SWAMPSWAMP_LowGradSWAMP Low Gradient Methods ComparisonDFW-WPCLSWAMP Low Gradient Methods Comparison2012-02-21
SWAMPSWAMP_MonitoringSWAMP MonitoringSWRCBSWAMP Monitoring2011-10-19
SWAMPSWAMP_Monitoring_PassiveSamplerSWAMP Passive SamplerUCD-AHPLWQ Monitoring at a Delta Integrator Site by deploying ChemCatcher passive sampler using C18 and HLB disks.2019-07-01
SWAMPSWAMP_NPSASWAMP Non-Perennial Stream SurveysDFW-ABLSWAMP Non-Perennial Stream Surveys2024-03-22
SWAMPSWAMP_OceanAcidSWAMP Ocean Acidification StudySWRCBSWAMP Ocean Acidification Pilot Study 20122012-06-26
SWAMPSWAMP_PSASWAMP Perennial Stream SurveysDFW-WPCLSWAMP Perennial Stream Surveys2011-10-19
SWAMPSWAMP_RCMPSWAMP Reference Condition Management PlanDFW-WPCLSWAMP Reference Condition Management Plan2011-10-19
SWAMPSWAMP_Sportfish_CoastalSWAMP Sportfish Coastal ZonesSFEISWAMP Sportfish Coastal Zones2011-02-28
SWAMPSWAMP_Sportfish_LakesSWAMP Sportfish Contamination in Lakes and ResrvSFEISWAMP Sportfish Contamination in Lakes and Reservoirs2010-05-05
SWAMPSWAMP_Sportfish_RiversSWAMP Sportfish Rivers and StreamsSFEISWAMP Sportfish Rivers and Streams2012-03-06
SWAMPSWAMP_SPoTSWAMP Stream Pollution TrendsUCD-GCSWAMP Stream Pollution Trends2011-10-19
SWAMPSWAMP_Wildlife_LakesSWAMP Wildlife Contamination in Lakes and ResrvSFEISWAMP Wildlife Contamination in Lakes and Reservoirs2012-04-23
SWCSPSWCSP_Hood_ExsituSWCSP Hood Exsitu TestingUCD-AHPLEx-situ testing at Sacramento River at Hood2020-03-24
SWGPSWGP-SDGSSouth Decoto Green StreetCATL2017-02-22
SWHBSWHBShallow water habitatSCCWRPShallow water habitat2015-12-23
TecoloteCreek_Source_InvestigationTecoloteCreek_Source_InvestigationTecolote Creek Source Investigation StudyCSDTecolote Creek Source Investigation Study2020-02-20
TERC-LTMLTERC-LTMC-RWQCBLake Tahoe Monitoring - LahontonUCD-TERCTERC-TLML monitoring includes: periphyton (attached algae); phytoplankton species; algal growth potential tests2016-10-13
TMDLChollas_Metals_TMDLChollas Creek Diazinon and Dissolved Metals TMDLCSDChollas Creek Diazinon and Dissolved Metals TMDL2017-01-25
TMDLDM_TMDLCity of Del Mar TMDL Compliance MonitoringDelMarCityCity of Del Mar TMDL Compliance Monitoring2022-01-26
TMDLEscondido_Special_StudyCity of Escondido Dry Weather Special StudyCESCity of Escondido Dry Weather Special Study2018-03-09
TMDLHeavenlyValley_TMDLHeavenlyValley_TMDLNot RecordedHeavenlyValley_TMDL1900-01-01
TMDLLTMLASLong-Term WQ Monitoring at Loma Alta SloughOSLong-Term Water Quality Monitoring at Loma Alta Slough2018-02-27
TMDLMCSTOPPP_COP_Pest_MonitoringTMDL pest mon in East Marin and Petaluma RiverMCSTOPPP2016-08-18
TMDLNutrient_TMDL_SMGNutrient TMDL for Santa Margarita WatershedWestonSoluNutrient TMDL for Santa Margarita Watershed2016-04-29
TMDLPintoLake_TMDLPintoLake_TMDLCSUMBPinto Lake Total Maximum Daily Load Planning and Assessment2013-01-02
TMDLProj1_BactTMDL_SDRevised TMDL for Indicator Bacteria, Project 1WestonSoluRevised TMDL for Indicator Bacteria, Project 1 ? Twenty Beaches and Creeks in the San Diego Region (Including Tecolote Creek)2016-11-16
TMDLProj2_BactTMDL_SDBacteria TMDL 20 Beaches and CreeksAMECBacteria TMDL 20 Beaches and Creeks2016-12-09
TMDLPTMRPilot Tests of Mercury in ReservoirsRWQCB52019-05-10
TMDLRWB2_Hg_Pilot_TestsRWB2 Pilot Tests of Mercury in ReservoirsRWQCB2Regional Water Board 2 Pilot Tests of Mercury in Reservoirs2019-06-03
TMDLRWB2_RefSystems_BactiRWB2 Reference Systems Bacteria TMDL MonitoringRWQCB2RWB2 Reference Systems Bacteria TMDL Monitoring2015-10-26
TMDLRWB2_RiBay_BactiRWB2 Richardson Bay Bacteria TMDL MonitoringRWQCB2RWB2 Richardson Bay Bacteria TMDL Monitoring2017-05-09
TMDLRWB2_ToBay_BactiRWB2 Tomales Bay Bacteria TMDL MonitoringRWQCB2Tomales Bay Fecal Coliform TMDL Monitoring2014-02-20
TMDLRWB3_TMDLRWB3 TMDLRWQCB3Regional Water Board 3 Total Maximum Daily Load2013-10-22
TMDLRWB5_TMDLRWB5 TMDLRWQCB5SRWB5 Total Maximum Daily Load2011-10-18
TMDLRWB6 TMDLRWB6 Total Maximum Daily LoadIERSRWB6 Total Maximum Daily Load2012-03-30
TMDLRWB6_TMDLRWB6 TMDLRWQCB6RWB6 Total Maximum Daily Load2013-05-21
TMDLRWB7_TMDLRWB7 TMDLRWQCB7RWB7 Total Maximum Daily Load2011-10-19
TMDLRWB8_TMDLRWB8 TMDLRWQCB8RWB8 Total Maximum Daily Load2012-11-16
TMDLRWQCB1_TMDLRWQCB1 Russian River TMDLRWQCB1RWQCB1 Russian River TMDL Studies2014-02-19
TMDLSIYB_Copper_TMDLShelter Island Copper TMDLCSDShelter Island Copper TMDL2017-01-25
TMDLSMRSTMDLSanta Maria River Salt TMDLRWQCB32018-01-12
TMDLTMDL_CV_PESTTotal Maximum Daily Load Central Valley PesticidesNot Recorded1900-01-01
TMDLTMDL_IRTMDL Intergrated Report Special StudyRWQCB6Monitoring 303(d) listed waterbodies to verify appropriateness of SSOs for constits like TDS, TSS, and nutrients. Monthly sampling of 303(d) listed WBs to determine if existing SSOs, should be revised to reflect seasonal variability of pollutant levels.2016-07-01
TMDLTMDL_SJR_OPTMDL San Joaquin River OrganophosphatesNot RecordedTotal Maximum Daily Load San Joaquin River Organophosphates1900-01-01
TMDLTMDL_SusanRiver_ToxTotal Maximum Daily Load Susan River ToxicityRWQCB6Total Maximum Daily Load Susan River Toxicity1900-01-01
Tourmaline_Source_InvestigationTourmaline_Source_InvestigationTourmaline Source Investigation StudyCSDTourmaline Source Investigation Study2020-02-20
TRBSISTRBSISTijuana River Bacteria Source Identification StudyWestonSoluTijuana River Bacteria Source Identification Study2013-01-16
TRPATRPA_TahoeAmbientTRPA Tahoe Ambient MonitoringTRPATahoe Regional Planning Authority (TRPA) Tahoe Ambient Monitoring2015-02-16
TRWCTRWCTruckee River Watershed CouncilTRWCTruckee River Watershed Council1900-01-01
TRWQMPTRWQMPTruckee River Water Quality Monitoring PlanCDMSTruckee River Water Quality Monitoring Plan2014-04-10
TSMPRWB6_TSMPRWB6 Toxic Substance Monitoring ProgramSWRCBRWB6 Toxic Substance Monitoring Program2012-06-18
TSTBCC_CMPBig Chico Creek Citizen Monitoring ProgramCUBA_TST2018-03-12
TT-SSDLTSLT_TT_SSDLeague to Save Lake Tahoe Truckee Tahoe Snapshot DLTSLTLeague to Save Lake Tahoe Snapshot Day2020-11-16
TTWTTWTest the Water Monitoring ProgramSFEIThis program coordinates the collection of field monitoring data, including citizen monitoring groups.2013-09-18
TUTRPTrout Unlimited Truckee River ProjectTrout Unlimited Truckee River ProjectTU2021-01-14
TWP-WQMTWPWQThe Watershed Project Water Quality MonitoringTWPWater quality monitoring in Contra Costa County2017-09-12
UCRangelandsUCRangelandsWQUC Rangelands Water Quality MonitoringUCD-TATE2017-04-26
UORWQPUORWQPUpper Owens River Water Quality ProjectCalTroutUpper Owens River Water Quality Project2014-01-13
USDOI_KDRSWAMP_USFWS_KlamathResSWAMP USFWS Klamath Reservoir StudyNot RecordedSWAMP U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Klamath Reservoir Study2012-06-08
USFS_MISUSFS_MIS_LakesUSFS Management Indicator Species - LakesUSFS-VALLEJOUS Forest Service Management Indicator Species (MIS) - Lakes2013-03-19
USFS_MISUSFS_MIS_StreamsUSFS Management Indicator Species - StreamsUSFS-VALLEJOUS Forest Service Management Indicator Species (MIS) - Streams2013-03-19
USFS-WQMPWQMPWater Quality Monitoring ProgramUSFS-San BernardinoForest-wide water quality monitoring program2017-04-07
USGR_CIMPUSGR_CIMPUpper San Gabriel River Coordinated Integrated MonUSGR EWMP GroupUpper San Gabriel River Coordinated Integrated Monitoring Program2016-03-10
UTRBCUTRBCPUpper Truckee River and Blackwood Creek ProjectCTCGrant from the Bureau of Reclamation through the Tahoe Wetlands Grant2013-06-17
VCAILGVCAILGVentura County Agriculture Irrigated Lands GroupLWAVentura County Agriculture Irrigated Lands Group2020-09-29
VCPWAVCPWAVCPWA-County Stormwater ProgramVCPWAVCPWA-County Stormwater Program2019-01-17
VCSQMPVCSQMPVentura Countywide Stormwater Quality Mgmt ProgramVCSQMPVentura Countywide Stormwater Quality Mgmt Program2012-04-06
VCWPDProp50_VCWPDProposition 50 Grant for VCWPDVCWPDProposition 50 Grant - Ventura County Watershed Protection District2012-07-23
VCWPDVCWPDVentura County Watershed Protection DistrictVCWPDVentura County Watershed Protection District2019-01-17
Willits_BypassWillits_MRPWillits Bypass Monitoring and Reporting ProgramAECOMCompliance monitoring and reporting for the Willits Bypass Project2014-09-04
WQRT_InvestigationsWQRT_InvestigationsWater Quality Response Team Source InvestigationsWoodGroupWater Quality Response Team Source Investigations2022-05-20
WRA_MonitoringOKMUCPPOak Knoll Mixed Use Community Plan ProjectWRAThe Oak Knoll Mixed Use Community Plan Project is a proposal to create a mixed use development on approximately 188 acres largely comprised of a former decommissioned Naval Medical Center Oakland property at Oak Knoll2018-01-10
YWMPBRCMPBear River Citizen Monitoring ProgramSSI_FDCBear River Citizen Monitoring Program2017-03-06
YWMPDCCMPDeer Creek Citizen Monitoring ProgramSSI_FDCDeer Creek Citizen Monitoring Program2017-03-06