CEDEN Data Checker

CEDEN LookUp List: CollectionDeviceLookUp

03C0216 AAYSI 2016-05-20
107 Temperature ProbeTemperature Probe 2016-05-20
1-GallonGlassSampleBottle1-Gallon Glass Sample Bottle Water Sampler2013-06-28
2-bottle sampler weighted with a 15-lb. brass fishSpecially designed 2-bottle sampler weighted with a 15-lb. brass fish 2017-08-07
3 Wheel Boom Truck with DH-95 lowered by winch3 Wheel Boom Truck with DH-95 lowered by winch Water Sampler2012-10-31
4 Wheel Boom Truck with D-95 lowered by winch4 Wheel Boom Truck with D-95 lowered by winch Water Sampler2012-09-25
5Gyres Manta TrawlManta Trawl for particles >355 microns 2018-04-26
5Gyres Metal bucket, 45-um sieveMetal bucket, 45-micron sieve Water Sampler2018-06-18
5Gyres Metal bucket, 45-um sieve, peristaltic pumpMetal bucket, 45-micron sieve, peristaltic pump Water Sampler2018-06-18
5Gyres metal bucket, peristaltic pumpBattery operated pump, peristaltic tubing, filters 5 mm to 20 micron, metal bucket 2018-04-26
ABC Labs SEABIRD CTD 25SEABIRD CTD 25 Field Probe2016-05-20
ABCL Alkalinity TitrationABCL Alkalinity Titration 2017-10-30
ABCL OTT MF proOTT MF Pro Flow Meter336641 2018-04-06
ABCL YSI 4Y YSI Professional PlusYSI Professional Plus 2017-10-30
ABCL YSI 5Y YSI Professional PlusYSI Professional Plus 2022-03-25
ABCL YSI 6Y YSI Professional PlusYSI Professional Plus 2022-03-25
ACCWP Marsh-McBirney Flo-MateMarsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 200075020 2016-05-20
ACCWP Marsh-McBirney Flo-MateMarsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 200075020 2018-06-26
ADH ISCO Auto SamplerISCO Auto Sampler Water Sampler2013-11-11
ADH YSI 556 MPS #1YSI 556 MPS10A100425 Field Probe2016-05-20
AET_YSI_ODO200YSI EcoSense ODO200 dissolved oxygen meter Field Probe2021-11-17
AFRP_DensiometerAFRP Densiometer NR2017-01-30
AFRP_GlobalWaterMeterAFRP Global Water Meter FP101 Field Probe2016-12-15
AFRP_LaMotte_KitAFRP LaMotte total alkalinity kit Field Probe2017-01-30
AFRP_Mercury_ThermometerAFRP Mercury Thermometer Field Probe2017-01-30
AFRP_Oakton_T100AFRP Oakton T-100 handheld turbidity meter Field Probe2017-01-30
AFRP_OnsetLoggerAFRP Onset Data logger for dissolved oxygen U26-001 Field Probe2016-12-15
AFRP_Sontek_FlowtrackerSontek Flowtracker Field Equipment2018-02-27
AFRP_Swoffer MeterAFRP Swoffer Meter Field Probe2017-07-25
AFRP_Swoffer_3000Swoffer Model 3000 Field Equipment2018-02-27
AFRP_YSI_Pro2030AFRP YSI Pro2030 Field Probe2017-01-30
ALK-ENVST-01Alkalinity Test Kit 2014-07-16
ALK-TST-01HACH Alkalinity Test Kit 2018-04-27
ALK-TST-02HACH Alkalinity Test Kit 2018-04-27
ALK-TST-03HACH Alkalinity Test Kit 2018-04-27
ALK-TST-04HACH Alkalinity Test Kit 2018-04-27
ALK-TST-05HACH Alkalinity Test Kit 2018-04-27
ALK-TST-06HACH Alkalinity Test Kit 2018-04-27
ALK-TST-07HACH Alkalinity Test Kit 2018-04-27
ALK-TST-08HACH Alkalinity Test Kit 2018-04-27
ALK-TST-09HACH Alkalinity Test Kit 2018-04-27
ALK-TST-10HACH Alkalinity Test Kit 2018-04-27
AMS-CA Cole Parmer pH meter Model 20Cole Parmer pH meter Model 20 Field Prob2016-05-20
AMS-CA DredgeDredge Sediment Sampler2019-10-21
AMS-CA Eureka Manta Plus 35 #1Eureka Manta Plus 35 sondeMT05193740 2020-02-27
AMS-CA ExStik IIExStik II Field Probe2020-05-06
AMS-CA HOBO U24 logger #1HOBO U24 logger10904768 2017-02-27
AMS-CA HOBO U24 logger #2HOBO U24 logger10904769 2017-02-27
AMS-CA HOBO U24 logger #3HOBO U24 logger10904770 2017-02-27
AMS-CA HOBO U24 logger #4HOBO U24 logger10904771 2017-02-27
AMS-CA HOBO U24 logger #5HOBO U24 logger10904772 2017-02-27
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #1HOBO V2 logger10094791 2016-05-20
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #10HOBO V2 logger10094799 2016-05-20
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #11HOBO V2 logger10094800 2016-05-20
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #12HOBO V2 logger10094803 2016-05-20
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #13HOBO V2 logger10094797 2016-05-20
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #14HOBO V2 logger10306862 2016-05-20
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #15HOBO V2 logger10352985 2016-05-20
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #16HOBO V2 logger10306864 2016-05-20
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #17HOBO V2 logger10352986 2016-05-20
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #18HOBO V2 logger10306863 2016-05-20
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #19HOBO V2 logger10366732 2016-05-20
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #2HOBO V2 logger10094793 2016-05-20
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #20HOBO V2 logger10272879 2017-02-27
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #28HOBO V2 logger20571408 2020-02-27
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #29HOBO V2 logger20571409 2020-02-27
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #3HOBO V2 logger10094802 2016-05-20
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #30HOBO V2 logger20571410 2020-02-27
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #4HOBO V2 logger10094792 2016-05-20
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #5HOBO V2 logger10094796 2016-05-20
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #6HOBO V2 logger10094795 2016-05-20
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #7HOBO V2 logger10094798 2016-05-20
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #8HOBO V2 logger10094801 2016-05-20
AMS-CA HOBO V2 logger #9HOBO V2 logger10094794 2016-05-20
AMS-CA YSI 6600 #1YSI 660002E0874 2016-05-20
AMS-CA YSI 6600 #2YSI 660012E101041 2016-05-20
AMS-CA YSI DSS Pro #1YSI DSS Pro16H100531 2020-02-27
AMS-CA YSI Pro PlusYSI Pro Plus Field Prob2016-08-29
AMS-CA YSI Professional Plus #1YSI Professional Plus #1 2020-03-04
Apera Instruments PH50 pH TesterpH Tester Field Probe2023-12-22
AR Hach 2100Hach 2100 Field Probe2019-01-21
AR YSI 556 MPSYSI 556 MPS Field Probe2019-01-21
ARC_Hanna HI 98304Hanna Pocket Conductivity Tester 2019-01-15
ARC_Hanna pH MeterHanna Model HI98107 Waterproof Pocket pH Tester 2018-01-20
ARC_LaMotte Alcohol Filled ThermometerLaMotte Alcohol Filled Thermometer 2018-01-20
ARC_LaMotte DO Titration KitLaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Titration Kit 2018-01-20
ATA-CWC-01Thermometer 2016-05-20
ATA-CWC1Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
ATL Bilge PumpBilge Pump Field Probe2011-02-04
AutoLevelAuto Level Field Probe2011-01-20
Automatic pumpAutomatic pump 2017-08-07
AutosamplerAutosampler 2017-08-07
AWG_Hanna 98127 #1Hanna 98127 pH meter 2020-01-03
AWG_Hanna 98127 #2Hanna 98127 pH meter 2020-01-03
AWG_Hanna 98127 #3Hanna 98127 pH meter 2020-01-03
AWG_Hanna 98127 #4Hanna 98127 pH meter 2020-01-03
AWG_Hanna 98127 #5Hanna 98127 pH meter 2020-01-03
AWG_Hanna 98127 #6Hanna 98127 pH meter 2020-01-03
AWG_Hanna 98127 #8Hanna 98127 pH meter 2020-01-03
AWG_Hanna 98127 #9Hanna 98127 pH meter 2020-01-03
AWG_Hanna HI 98128Hanna HI 98128 pH meter Field Probe2021-08-06
AWG_LaMotte2020tLaMotte Portable Turbidity Meter 2020-01-03
AWG_YSI Pro 2030YSI Pro 2030 Field Probe2021-08-06
AWG_YSI Pro 2030 Hanna 98127YSI Professional 2030 Hanna Field Probe2019-08-06
AWG_YSIPro2030 #1YSIPro2030 2020-01-03
AWG_YSIPro2030 #2YSIPro2030 2020-01-03
AWG_YSIPro2030 #3YSIPro2030 2020-01-03
AXYS Infiltrex (Pump only)Infiltrex (Pump only) Water Sampler2012-02-22
AXYS Infiltrex SamplerInfiltrex 300 Water Sampler2012-08-14
BailerStainless steel bailer Water Sampler2016-05-20
BAS Hanna model 991300ph, temperature, and specific conductance meter Field Probe 2020-05-08
BAS YSI model 58YSI DO meter Field Probe 2020-05-08
BASGlobal Flow Probe model FP111Water Velocity Field Probe 2020-05-08
BCWC Field DeviceField collection device Field Probe2014-08-10
Bear River at Pleasant Grove Rd CDWR GageBear River at Pleasant Grove Rd CDWR Gage (BPG) Field Prob2016-05-20
Beating BagBeating Bag BioassessmentCollection2019-04-30
BrushBrush BioassessmentCollection2011-03-16
Bulb ThermometerBulb Thermometer 2018-12-18
BVWSD-FieldProbeFieldProbe Field Prob2008-01-01
CADFW Orestimba Crk near Crows LandingCADFW Orestimba Crk near Crows Landing Gage (OCL) Field Prob2008-01-01
CADFW Stanislaus River at Ripon GageCADFW Stanislaus River at Ripon Gage (RIP) Field Prob2008-01-01
CADT Extech EC510 ExStik IIExtech EC Probe Field Probe2016-05-20
CADT Extech EC510 ExStik II (EC)Extech EC Probe 2016-05-20
CADT Hach 2100PHach 2100P Field Turbidimeter Field Probe2016-05-20
CADT Infrared Type K ThermometerInfrared Thermometer Field Probe2016-05-20
CalTrout_BackPackShockerBackpack Shocker TissueCollection2017-07-13
CARDNO Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000 2021-07-06
CATE_Team1CATE_Team1 2017-04-18
CATE_Team2CATE_Team2 2017-04-18
CATE_TurbidityCATE_Turbidity 2017-04-18
CAWCB Level TROLL 500 Data Logger at 206CALB100In-Situ (continuous) Level TROLL 500 Data Logger at 206CALB100494914 2017-08-24
CAWCB Level TROLL 500 Data Logger at 206CALB150In-Situ (continuous) Level TROLL 500 Data Logger at 206CALB150494911 2017-08-24
CAWCB Level TROLL 500 Data Logger at 206SON100In-Situ (continuous) Level TROLL 500 Data Logger at 206SON100493687 2017-08-24
CAWCB Level TROLL 500 Data Logger at 206SON185In-Situ (continuous) Level TROLL 500 Data Logger at 206SON185493693 2017-08-24
CAWCB Level TROLL 500 Data Logger at 206SON200In-Situ (continuous) Level TROLL 500 Data Logger at 206SON200492928 2017-08-24
CCCWP Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000 Field Prob2016-05-20
CCRCD YSI 556 #1YSI 556 #1 2018-10-03
CCSF Ponar (0.05m2)Ponar Grab (0.05m2) Sediment Sampler2016-05-20
CCSF YSI Quatro #1YSI Quatro #1 2018-06-12
CCSF YSI Quatro #2YSI Quatro #2 2018-09-24
CCSF YSI Quatro #3YSI Quatro #3 2018-06-12
CCSF YSI Quatro #4YSI Quatro #415H100215 2018-06-12
CCWC_HACH FH950 Portable Velocity SystemHACH FH950 Portable Velocity System 2018-05-10
CCWC_Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000 2018-05-10
CCWC_SonTek FlowTrackerSonTek FlowTracker 2018-05-10
CCWG Hach 2100PHach 2100P46500-00 Field Probe2016-05-20
CCWG-MLML Hach 2100P TurbidimeterHach 2100P Turbidimeter46500-00 Field Probe2016-05-20
CCWG-MLML Hach AlkalinityHach Alkalinity Test Kit Field Probe2014-12-08
CCWG-MLML YSI 556 MPSYSI 556 MPS Field Probe2016-05-20
CCWQP Hydrolab DS4a1Hydrolab DS4a1 Field Probe2016-08-04
CDEC Merced River at Cressy (CRS)CDEC Merced River at Cressy Gage (CRS) Field Prob2008-01-01
CDEC Mud Slough NR Gustine (MSG)CDEC Mud Slough NR Gustine (MSG) Field Probe2019-07-25
CDEC Old River at Clifton Court Intake?(ORI)CDEC Old River at Clifton Court Intake?(ORI) Field Prob2013-05-31
CDEC Rough and Ready Island?(RRI)CDEC Rough and Ready Island?(RRI) Field Prob2013-05-31
CDEC Sacramento River at Rio Vista Bridge (RVB)CDEC Sacramento River at Rio Vista Bridge (RVB) Field Prob2012-04-19
CDEC Salt Slough at Hwy 165 NR Stevinson (SSH)CDEC Salt Slough at Hwy 165 NR Stevinson (SSH) Field Probe2019-07-25
CDEC San Joaquin R at Prisoners Pt Nr Termino(PRI)CDEC San Joaquin River at Prisoners Pt near Termino?(PRI) Field Prob2013-05-31
CDEC San Joaquin R Mccune Station Nr Vernalis(SJR)CDEC San Joaquin R Mccune Station Nr Vernalis Gage (SJR) Field Prob2011-02-23
CDEC San Joaquin R NR Dos Palos (SDP)CDEC San Joaquin R NR Dos Palos (SDP) Field Probe2019-07-25
CDEC San Joaquin River at Antioch (ANH)CDEC San Joaquin River at Antioch (ANH) Field Prob2012-04-19
CDEC San Joaquin River at Maze Rd Bridge (MRB)CDEC San Joaquin River at Maze Rd Bridge Gage (MRB) Field Prob2010-03-30
CDEC San Joaquin River Near Buckley Cove (SJC)CDEC San Joaquin River Near Buckley Cove (SJC) 2018-12-04
CDEC San Joaquin River near Newman (NEW)CDEC San Joaquin River near Newman Gage (NEW) Field Prob2010-03-30
CDEC San Joaquin River Near Patterson (SJP)CDEC San Joaquin River Near Patterson (SJP) Field Probe2021-02-12
CDEC San Joaquin River Near Stevinson (SJS)CDEC San Joaquin River Near Stevinson (SJS) Field Probe2019-07-25
CDEC San Joaquin River near Vernalis (VNS)CDEC San Joaquin River near Vernalis Gage (VNS) Field Prob2011-05-12
CDFW Hach Flow MeterHach Flow Meter Field Probe2019-06-10
CDFW Hanna pHep pH Meter #1Hanna pHep pH meter #1 Field Probe2019-06-10
CDFW LaMotte Alkalinity Test KitLaMotte Alkalinity Test Kit Field Probe2019-06-10
CDFW Oakton_pH_MeterOakton pH Meter Field Probe2021-05-28
CDFW_ThermometerPocket thermometer 2019-10-11
CDFW_YSI_Pro2030YSI Pro2030 2018-05-24
CDMS YSI 556 MPSYSI 556 MPS Field Probe2016-05-20
CDWR Butte Creek nr Durham GageCDWR Butte Creek nr Durham Gage (BCD) Field Prob2008-01-01
CDWR Merced River near Stevinson GageCDWR Merced River near Stevinson Gage (MST) Field Prob2008-01-01
CDWR San Joaquin River near Patterson GageCDWR San Joaquin River near Patterson Gage (SJP) Field Prob2008-01-01
CDWR San Joaquin River near Stevinson GageCDWR San Joaquin River near Stevinson Gage (SJS) Field Prob2008-01-01
CDWR Tuolumne River at Modesto GageCDWR Tuolumne River at Modesto Gage (MOD) Field Prob2008-01-01
Cell PhoneCell Phone Air2019-03-04
CHEMetrics K-1413CHEMetrics K-1413 2019-01-08
CHEMetrics K-1503CHEMetrics K-1503 2019-01-08
CHEMetrics K-2511ChemMetrics Chlorine Low Range Test Kit, K-2511 Field Kit2013-03-13
CHEMetrics K-2513CHEMetrics K-2513 2019-01-08
CHEMetrics K-6923CHEMetrics K-6923 2019-01-08
CHEMetrics K-7512CHEMetrics K-7512 (DO) 2019-08-27
Chemetrics K-7513Chemetrics K-7513 (DO) 2016-12-09
CHEMetrics K-8513CHEMetrics K-8513 2019-01-08
CHEMetrics R-9423CHEMetrics R-9423 2019-01-08
Churn SplitterChurn Sample Splitter WaterSampler2015-01-21
CLAEMD SBE 9/11Seabird 9/11 Field Probe2016-05-20
CLAM Water SamplerC.L.A.M. (continous low-level aquatic monitoring) water sampler 2017-08-07
CLAM-C18Sample is actively collected (water is actively pulled through media) by Continuous Low-Level Aquatic Monitoring (CLAM) sampler. Extraction sorbent includes-Solid Phase Extraction C18 (C18) disk. 2021-04-19
CLERC_YSI Pro PlusYSI Pro Plus 2022-06-15
ClinometerClinometer Field Probe2011-01-20
Coin envelopeCoin envelope, 2 x 3 paper envelope 2018-12-03
COL-CMA-01Colorimeter 2014-07-16
COL-SCMI-01Colorimeter 2014-07-16
COL-SCMI-09Colorimeter 2014-07-16
COL-SRLB-01Colorimeter 2014-07-16
COL-STB1LaMotte Colorimeter 2014-07-16
COP Orion 230A 02Orion 230A 02 Field Prob2017-01-05
COP YSI 550AYSI 550A Field Prob2017-01-05
core, polycarbonatecore, polycarbonate Sediment Sampler2007-09-01
Core_0.0017m2,Sv_1.0mmCore(0.0017m2), Sieve size(1.0mm)AreaSediment Sampler2007-10-29
Core_0.0071m2Core(0.0071m2)AreaSediment Sampler2009-09-30
COSC COND 1Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
COSC DO 1Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
COSC TURB 1Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
COSC-00-3Thermometer 2016-05-20
COSC-DO-03Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
COSC-DO-3Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
COSC-TURB-2Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
COSC-YSI-3YSI Multimeter Field Probe2016-05-20
CR1000-31133Data Logger31133 Field Probe2020-03-05
CR1000-43124Data Logger43124 Field Probe2020-03-05
CR1000X-2452Data Logger2452 Field Probe2020-03-05
CRC_YSI-SRYSI-SR 2014-12-08
Cressey Global Water FP101 Flow ProbeGlobal Water FP101 Flow Probe 2016-05-20
CS451 Transducer DepthTransducer Depth 2014-09-04
CSD SBE 9/11Seabird 9/11 Field Probe2016-05-20
CSD Seabird CTD 25Seabird CTD 25 2022-05-19
CSERC_YSI_EC300YSI EcoSense EC300 Conductivity Meter 2019-02-08
CSJ 650 MDS SN #10F100145650 MDS SN #10F10014510F100145 2016-05-20
CSJ YSI 600XLM-V2-SYSI 600XLM-V2-S09K 100640 2016-05-20
CSJ YSI 600XLM-V2-S #09H100222YSI 600XLM-V2-S #09H10022209H100222 2019-03-18
CSJ YSI 600XLM-V2-S #11E101712YSI 600XLM-V2-S #09H10022211E101712 2019-03-21
CSJ-ESD-WSP-SM PF25 Stainless Steel Wet/Dry VacuumPF25 Stainless Steel Wet/Dry Vacuum Sediment Sampler2016-07-11
CSULB-SEAL Global Flow Probe FP101Global Flow Probe Field Probe2016-05-20
CSULB-SEAL HORIBA Water Quality Checker U-10HORIBA Water Quality Checker U-10 Field Probe2016-05-20
CSULB-SEAL YSI 556MPSYSI 556 Multiprobe System07M100480 Field Probe2016-05-20
CSULB-SEAL YSI Professional PlusYSI Professional Plus Field Probe2016-05-20
CSUStan-CL LaMotte TC-3000eLaMotte TC-3000e Field Probe2011-07-21
CSUStan-CL LaMotte Tracer PockeTesterLaMotte Tracer PockeTester Field Probe2011-07-21
CSUStan-CL Oakton ECTestr LowOakton ECTestr Low Field Probe2016-05-20
CSUStan-CL Oakton pHTester 30Oakton pHTester 30 Field Probe2016-05-20
CSUStan-CL USGS Pygmy Meter Model 6205USGS Pygmy meter model 6205 Field Probe2016-05-20
Custom Vertical Tube Sampler 1mCustom vertical tube depth-integrated sampler (1 meter) Water Sampler2021-08-03
CVILC_Hach HQ40D MultimeterHach HQ40D Multimeter 2021-08-03
CWC-YSI-556-01YSI Multimeter Field Probe2016-05-20
CWH LaMotte Tracer PockeTester 1766-KIT-01LaMotte Tracer PockeTester 1766-KIT-01Lot 113314 2015-07-02
CWH LaMotte Turbidimeter 2200eLaMotte Turbidimeter 2200eME 12797Turbidity2016-05-20
CWH Milwaukee MW 600 Smart DO MeterMilwaukee MW 600 Smart DO MeterMK1A055DD 2016-05-20
CWH Sigma Sport Flow Probe Model FP101Sigma Sport Flow Probe Model FP10154368 2016-05-20
CWT-ODO200-001EcoSense ODO200 DO Meter #39714 Field Probe2019-01-24
CWT-PPM2T-001Hach Pocket Tester+ Multi 2 Tester #39690 Field Probe2019-01-24
CWT-PPM2T-002Hach Pocket Tester+ Multi 2 Tester #39691 Field Probe2019-05-09
D74 depth-integrating discharge-weighting samplerD74 depth-integrating discharge-weighting sampler 2017-06-27
D77 depth integrating samplerD77 depth integrating sampler 2017-06-27
DCC Hanna multimeterHanna Multimeter Field Probe2016-05-20
DensiometerDensiometer Field Prob2016-05-20
Densiometer (Convex)Densiometer (Convex) Field Probe2011-01-20
Depth Integrated Sampler and Churn SplitterDepth Integrated Sampler and Churn Splitter Water Sampler2015-03-05
Dermal biopsy punch (8 mm)8 mm dermal biopsy punch TissueCollection2014-10-30
D-Frame Kick NetD-Frame Kick Net BioassessmentCollection2011-01-20
DFW-ABL EC-CWC-25Oakton Conductivity and Temperature Meter Field Probe2021-09-10
DFW-ABL EcoTester pH #1EcoTester pH #1 Field Probe2017-04-25
DFW-ABL EcoTester pH #2EcoTester pH #2 Field Probe2017-04-25
DFW-ABL EcoTester pH #3EcoTester pH #3 Field Probe2017-04-25
DFW-ABL EcoTester pH #4EcoTester pH #4 Field Probe2017-04-25
DFW-ABL EcoTester pH #5EcoTester pH #5 Field Probe2017-04-25
DFW-ABL Flow MeterFlow Meter Field Probe2021-09-10
DFW-ABL Hach Alkalinity Test KitHach Alkalinity Test Kit Field Probe2008-04-29
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #1Hanna pHep pH meter #1 Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #10Hanna pHep pH meter #10 2020-03-26
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #11Hanna pHep pH meter #11 2020-03-26
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #12Hanna pHep pH meter #12 2020-03-26
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #13Hanna pHep pH meter #13 2020-03-26
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #14Hanna pHep pH meter #14 2020-03-26
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #15Hanna pHep pH meter #15 2020-03-26
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #16Hanna pHep pH meter #16 2020-03-26
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #17Hanna pHep pH meter #17 2020-03-26
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #18Hanna pHep pH meter #18 2020-03-26
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #19Hanna pHep pH meter #19 2020-03-26
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #2Hanna pHep pH Meter #2 Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #20Hanna pHep pH meter #20 2020-03-26
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #21Hanna pHep pH meter #21 2020-03-26
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #22Hanna pHep pH meter #22 2020-03-26
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #23Hanna pHep pH meter #23 2020-03-26
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #3Hanna pHep pH Meter #3 Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #4Hanna pHep pH Meter #4 Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #5Hanna pHep pH Meter #5 Field Probe2017-04-25
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #6Hanna pHep pH meter #6 2020-03-26
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #7Hanna pHep pH meter #7 2020-03-26
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #8Hanna pHep pH meter #8 2020-03-26
DFW-ABL Hanna pHep pH Meter #9Hanna pHep pH meter #9 2020-03-26
DFW-ABL LaMotte Alkalinity Test KitLaMotte Alkalinity Test Kit Field Probe2008-04-29
DFW-ABL Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000 #1Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000 Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000 #2Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000 Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000 #3Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000 Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000 #4Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000 Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL Mini Lab IQ125 pH #1Mini Lab IQ125 pH Field Probe2010-04-22
DFW-ABL Mini Lab IQ125 pH #2Mini Lab IQ125 pH Field Probe2010-11-09
DFW-ABL Mini Lab IQ125 pH #3Mini Lab IQ125 pH Field Probe2010-11-09
DFW-ABL Mini Lab IQ125 pH #4Mini Lab IQ125 pH Field Probe2010-11-09
DFW-ABL Oakton T-100 Turbidity meter #1Oakton T-100 Turbidity meter Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL Oakton T-100 Turbidity meter #2Oakton T-100 Turbidity meter Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL Oakton T-100 Turbidity meter #3Oakton T-100 Turbidity meter Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL Oakton T-100 Turbidity meter #4Oakton T-100 Turbidity meter Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL Oakton T-100 Turbidity meter #5Oakton T-100 Turbidity meter Field Probe2017-05-02
DFW-ABL Oakton T-100 Turbidity meter unknownOakton T-100 Turbidity meter Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL Oakton T-100IR Turbidity Meter #1Oakton T-100IR Turbidity Meter Field Probe2021-03-17
DFW-ABL Oakton T-100IR Turbidity Meter #2Oakton T-100IR Turbidity Meter Field Probe2021-03-17
DFW-ABL Oakton T-100IR Turbidity Meter #3Oakton T-100IR Turbidity Meter Field Probe2021-03-17
DFW-ABL Oakton T-100IR Turbidity Meter #4Oakton T-100IR Turbidity Meter Field Probe2021-03-17
DFW-ABL Oakton T-100IR Turbidity Meter #5Oakton T-100IR Turbidity Meter Field Probe2021-03-17
DFW-ABL pH MeterpH Meter Field Probe2021-09-10
DFW-ABL Swoffer Model 2100 # 1Swoffer 2100 Flow Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL Swoffer Model 2100 # 2Swoffer 2100 Flow Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL Swoffer Model 2100 # 3Swoffer 2100 Flow Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL Swoffer Model 2100 # 4Swoffer 2100 Flow Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL Swoffer Model 2100 # 5Swoffer Model 2100 # 5 Field Probe2017-04-25
DFW-ABL Swoffer Model 3000 #1Swoffer 3000 Flow Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL Swoffer Model 3000 #2Swoffer 3000 Flow Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL Swoffer Model 3000 #3Swoffer 3000 Flow Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL Swoffer Model 3000 #4Swoffer 3000 Flow Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL VWR Symphony SP90M5VWR Symphony SP90M5 Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL YSI 2030 #1YSI 2030 Field Probe2016-07-05
DFW-ABL YSI 2030 #2YSI 2030 Field Probe2016-07-05
DFW-ABL YSI 2030 #3YSI 2030 #3 Field Probe2017-04-25
DFW-ABL YSI 2030 #4YSI 2030 #4 Field Probe2017-04-25
DFW-ABL YSI 2030 #5YSI 2030 #5 Field Probe2017-04-25
DFW-ABL YSI 650 MDSYSI 650 Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL YSI 85 #1YSI 85 Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL YSI 85 #2YSI 85 Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL YSI 85 #3YSI 85 Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL YSI 85 #4YSI 85 Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL YSI 85 #5YSI 85 Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL YSI 85 #6YSI 85 Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL YSI 85 UnknownYSI 85 Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL YSI pH 10 #1YSI pH 10 Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL YSI pH 10 #2YSI pH 10 Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL YSI pH 10 #3YSI pH 10 Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL YSI pH 10 #4YSI pH 10 Field Probe2016-05-20
DFW-ABL_BackPackShockerBackpack Shocker BioassessmentCollection2016-05-20
DFW-ABL_Seine_1Seine 2.5' deep, 125' long, 0.25" mesh BioassessmentCollection2012-09-25
DFW-Portola_EBoat_18'Smith & Root Electric Shock Boat TissueCollection2016-05-20
DFW-RED_Eboat_18'Smith & Root Electric Shock Boat TissueCollection2016-05-20
DFW-SanDiego_BackPackShockerSmith & Root BackPackShocker TI2016-05-20
DFW-SanDiego_EboatSmith & Root Electric Shock Boat TI2016-05-20
DFW-SanDiego_FykeNetHoop style Fyke Net TissueCollection2016-05-20
DFW-WPCL_DipNetDip Net TissueCollection2016-05-20
DFW-WPCL_Eboat_OldESmith & Root Electric Shock Boat TissueCollection2016-05-20
DFW-WPCL_FykeNetFyke Net TissueCollection2016-05-20
DFW-WPCL_GillNet_1(50m,1.5")Gill Net 1 (50m, 1.5" Stretch)LengthTissueCollection2012-08-14
DFW-WPCL_GillNet_1(50m,1.5")Gill Net 1 (50m, 1.5" Stretch)StretchTissueCollection2012-08-14
DFW-WPCL_GillNet_2(40m,1.5")Gill Net 2 (40m, 1.5" Stretch)LengthTissueCollection2012-08-14
DFW-WPCL_GillNet_2(40m,1.5")Gill Net 2 (40m, 1.5" Stretch)StretchTissueCollection2012-08-14
DFW-WPCL_GillNet_3(50m, 2.0")Gill Net 3 (50m, 2.0" Stretch)LengthTissueCollection2012-08-14
DFW-WPCL_GillNet_3(50m, 2.0")Gill Net 3 (50m, 2.0" Stretch)StretchTissueCollection2012-08-14
DFW-WPCL_GillNet_4(100m, 2.0")Gill Net 4 (100m, 2.0" Stretch)StretchTissueCollection2012-08-14
DFW-WPCL_GillNet_4(100m, 2.0")Gill Net 4 (100m, 2.0" Stretch)LengthTissueCollection2012-08-14
DFW-WPCL_Seine_1Seine 4' deep, 20' long, 0.25" mesh TissueCollection2011-03-08
DFW-WPCL_Seine_2Seine 3' deep, 10' long, 0.125" mesh TissueCollection2011-03-08
DFW-WPCL_TrotLineTen-hook Trot-line with 18" dropper leaders TissueCollection2016-05-20
DLCAK-01Colorimeter 2014-07-16
DOC-3NET-01DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-3NET-02DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-3NET-03DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-3NET-04DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-3NET-05DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-3NET-06DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-3NET-07DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-3NET-08DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-3NET-09DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-3NET-10DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-3NET-11DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-3NET-12DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-3NET-13DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-3NET-14DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-3NET-15DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-3NET-16DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-3NET-17DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-3NET-18DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-3NET-19DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-3NET-20DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-01DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-02DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-03DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-04DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-05DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-06DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-07DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-08DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-08aDO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-09DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-10DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-11DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-12DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-13DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-14DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-15DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-16DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-17DO-CHEMets Kit 2015-06-26
DOC-CWC-18DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-19DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-20DO-CHEMets Kit 2015-06-26
DOC-CWC-21DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-22DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-23DO-CHEMets Kit 2015-06-26
DOC-CWC-24DO-CHEMets Kit 2015-06-26
DOC-CWC-25DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-26DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-27DO-CHEMets Kit 2015-06-26
DOC-CWC-28DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-CWC-29DO-CHEMets Kit 2015-06-26
DOC-ESA-03DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-FNC-01Not Recorded 2014-07-16
DOC-LAN-01DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-LAN-02DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-LAN-03DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-LAN-04DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-LAN-05DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-NSF-137 DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-NSF-140DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-NSF-143DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-NSF-145DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-NSF-147DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-NSF-148DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-NSF-149DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-NSF-154DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-NSF-155DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-NSF-156DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-OCCK-01DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-OCCK-02DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-OCCK-03DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-RCAA-01DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-RCAA-02DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-RCAA-03DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-RCAA-04DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-RCAA-05DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-RCAA-06DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-RCAA-07DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-RCAA-08DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-RCAA-09DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-RCAA-10DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-RCAA-11DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-SBCK-01DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-SBCK-02DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-SBCK-03DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-SDBK-01DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-SDBK-02DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-SDBK-03DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-SDBK-04DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-SDBK-05DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-SDBK-06DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-SDBK-07DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-SDBK-08DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-SDBK-09DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-SDBK-10DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-SDBK-11DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-SDBK-12DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-SDBK-13DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-SDBK-14DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-SDBK-15DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-SDBK-16DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-SDBK-17DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-SDBK-18DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-SDBK-19DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-SMBK-01DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-SMBK-02DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-SMBK-03DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-SMBK-04DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-SMBK-05DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-SMBK-06DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-SRCD-01DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-SRCD-02DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-SRCD-03DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-SRCD-04DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-SRCD-05DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-SRCD-06DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-SRCD-07DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-SRCD-08DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-SRCD-09DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-SRCD-10DO-CHEMets Kit-Mini 2014-07-16
DOC-SRCD-21DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-STB-10DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-STB-16DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-STB-22Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOC-STB-5Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOC-STB-8DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-STB-9DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-STW-01DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-STW-02DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-STW-03DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-STW-04DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-STW-05DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOC-STW-06DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOCTRWC1Chemetrics Chemet colorometric kit K-7512 2014-07-09
DOCTRWC10Chemetrics Chemet colorometric kit K-7512 2014-07-09
DOCTRWC11Chemetrics Chemet colorometric kit K-7512 2014-07-09
DOCTRWC2Chemetrics Chemet colorometric kit K-7512 2014-07-09
DOCTRWC3Chemetrics Chemet colorometric kit K-7512 2014-07-09
DOCTRWC4Chemetrics Chemet colorometric kit K-7512 2014-07-09
DOCTRWC5Chemetrics Chemet colorometric kit K-7512 2014-07-09
DOCTRWC6Chemetrics Chemet colorometric kit K-7512 2014-07-09
DOCTRWC7Chemetrics Chemet colorometric kit K-7512 2014-07-09
DOCTRWC8Chemetrics Chemet colorometric kit K-7512 2014-07-09
DOCTRWC9Chemetrics Chemet colorometric kit K-7512 2014-07-09
DOE-BIGCR-01Corning Checkmate Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOE-CCWI-01Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOE-FOSCMU-141Corning Checkmate Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOE-LWTP-007DO Meter-YSI 2016-05-20
DOE-MBV-04Taylor Digital Thermometer, DO-CHEMets Kit, Electrical Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
DOE-MBV-05DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOE-MBV-06DO-CHEMets Kit 2014-07-16
DOE-SLVH-07Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOE-STB-13Thermometer 2016-05-20
DOE-STB-19Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOE-STB-6mnDissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOE-USLT1Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOE-USLT2Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOM-3NET-01YSI Multimeter Field Probe2016-05-20
DOM-3NET-02YSI Multimeter Field Probe2016-05-20
DOM-CMA-01Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOM-CWC-1Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOM-CWC-2Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOM-FOLAR3Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOM-FOLAR4Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOM-FOLAR5Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOM-HTB-01Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOM-HTB-02Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOM-HTB-03Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOM-HTB-04Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOM-NOAA-01Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOM-RCDSMM-01Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOM-SBCK-01YSI 55 Dissolved Oxygen Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
DOM-SBCK-02YSI 55 Dissolved Oxygen Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
DOM-SBCK-03YSI 55 Dissolved Oxygen Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
DOM-SBCK-04YSI 55 Dissolved Oxygen Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
DOM-SRLB-01Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOM-USLT1Sentry Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOM-USLT2Sentry Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOM-VCK-01YSI 2016-05-20
Doptologger SN 2276Doptologger2276 2016-05-20
Doptologger SN 2296Doptologger2296 2016-05-20
Doptologger SN 2297Doptologger2297 2016-05-20
Doptologger SN 2298Doptologger2298 2016-05-20
Doptologger SN 2300Doptologger2300 2016-05-20
Doptologger SN 2302Doptologger2302 2016-05-20
Doptologger SN 2310Doptologger2310 2016-05-20
Doptologger SN 2311Doptologger2311 2016-05-20
Doptologger SN 2312Doptologger2312 2016-05-20
Doptologger SN 2333Doptologger2333 2016-05-20
DOTTRWC1LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration 5860 2014-07-09
DOTTRWC10LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration 5860 2014-07-09
DOTTRWC11LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration 5860 2015-03-12
DOTTRWC12LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration 5860 2017-02-03
DOTTRWC13LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration 5860 2017-02-03
DOTTRWC14LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration 5860 2017-02-03
DOTTRWC15LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration 5860 2017-02-03
DOTTRWC16LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration 5860 2017-02-03
DOTTRWC17LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration 5860 2017-02-03
DOTTRWC18LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration 5860 2017-02-03
DOTTRWC19LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration 5860 2017-02-03
DOTTRWC2LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration 5860 2014-07-09
DOTTRWC20LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration 5860 2017-02-03
DOTTRWC21LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration 5860 2017-02-03
DOTTRWC22LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration 5860 2017-02-03
DOTTRWC3LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration 5860 2014-07-09
DOTTRWC4LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration 5860 2014-07-09
DOTTRWC5LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration 5860 2014-07-09
DOTTRWC6LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration 5860 2014-07-09
DOTTRWC7LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration 5860 2014-07-09
DOTTRWC8LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration 5860 2014-07-09
DOTTRWC9LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration 5860 2014-07-09
DOW-3NET-01Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-3NET-02Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-3NET-03Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-3NET-04Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-3NET-05Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-3NET-06Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-3NET-07Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-3NET-08Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-3NET-09Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-3NET-10Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-3NET-11Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-3NET-20Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-3NET-21Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-3NET-22Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-3NET-23Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-3NET-24Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-ACT-031Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-ACT-032Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-AMRF-01Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOW-CDM-01Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CSC-01Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CSPW-01Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-01Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-02Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-03Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-04Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-05Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-06Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-20Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-21Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-22Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-23Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-24Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-25Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-26Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-27Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-28Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-29Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-30Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-31Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-32Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-33Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-34Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-35Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-CWC-36Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit Field Probe2014-09-19
DOW-ENVST-01Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-FCP-01Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-FOE-01Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-FOE-02Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-FOE-03Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-FOE-04Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-FOE-05Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-FOE-06Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-FOE-CK-01Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-FOE-CK-02Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-FOE-CK-03Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-FOE-CK-05Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-FOECK-05Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-FOTC-01Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-GCWC-1Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOW-LCCS-1Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-LCCS-2Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-LCCS-3Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-LMC-01Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-NOAA-2Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-NRCD-01Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-NSF-01Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-NSF-02Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-NSF-03Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-NSF-033Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-NSF-035Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOW-NSF-036Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-NSF-037Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-NSF-04Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-NSF-05Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-OCCK-01Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-OCCK-02Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-OCCK-03Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-RCAA-01Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-RCAA-02Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-RCAA-03Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-SBCK-01Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-SBCK-02Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-SBCK-03Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-SCMI-01Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOW-SCMI-02LaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOW-SCMI-05Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOW-SCMI-06Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOW-SGC-01Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOW-SGC-02Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
DOW-SRW-1Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-SRW-2Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-STB-01Winkler Dissolved Oxygen Kit 2014-07-16
DOW-TST-01HACH Winkler  2018-04-27
DOW-TST-02HACH Winkler  2018-04-27
DOW-TST-03HACH Winkler  2018-04-27
DOW-TST-04HACH Winkler  2018-04-27
DOW-TST-05HACH Winkler  2018-04-27
DOW-TST-06HACH Winkler  2018-04-27
DOW-TST-07HACH Winkler  2018-04-27
DOW-TST-08HACH Winkler  2018-04-27
DOW-TST-09HACH Winkler  2018-04-27
DOW-TST-10HACH Winkler  2018-04-27
DPR_Peristaltic pumpPeristaltic pump 2017-05-19
DPR_Sediment trapSediment trap 2017-05-19
DPR_YSI 6920 V2YSI 6920 V2 2017-05-19
DPR_YSI EXO 1YSI EXO 1 2018-07-25
Drift NetDrift Net BioassessmentCollection2021-03-05
DSR-01Salinity Meter 2016-05-20
DU_YSI EXO2_22J1103107YSI EXO2 Multiparameter Sonde22J1103107 Field Probe2023-12-28
DU_YSI EXO2_22J1103108YSI EXO2 Multiparameter Sonde22J1103108 Field Probe2023-12-28
DWR Secchi DiskSecchi Disk Field Probe2016-05-20
DWR Turner 10-AU FluorometerTurner 10-AU Fluorometer5495 FRTD Field Probe2016-05-20
DWR Turner 10-AU NephelometerTurner 10-AU Nephelometer6499 RTD Field Probe2016-05-20
DWR Van Dorn BottleVan Dorn Bottle 2017-06-27
DWR YSI 6600H2-4YSI 6600 Horizontal06G2016 AA Field Probe2016-05-20
DWR YSI 6600V2-4YSI 6600 Vertical06D2439 AE Field Probe2016-05-20
DWR-MWQI YSI ProDSS #3YSI ProDSS Field Probe2021-10-12
DWR-MWQI YSI ProDSS #4YSI ProDSS Field Probe2021-10-12
DWR-ND Hach 2100PHach 2100P Field Probe2016-05-20
DWR-ND Hach sensION1Hach sensION1 Field Probe2016-05-20
DWR-ND YSI 85YSI 85 Field Probe2016-05-20
DWR-ND YSI EXO2YSI EXO2 Field Probe2020-04-06
DWR-ND YSI ProDSSYSI ProDSS Multiparameter Meter Field Probe2019-01-02
EboatElectric Shock Boat TissueCollection2016-05-20
EBRPD Hanna HI 93414Hanna HI 93414 Field Probe2020-05-06
EBRPD_Eboat_SR-18Smith & Root Electric Shock Boat (SR-18) TI2016-05-20
EC-3FOLARConductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-01Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-02Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-03Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-04Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-05Oakton ECTestr High Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-06Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-07Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-08Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-09Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-10Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-104Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-11Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-12Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-13Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-14Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-14AOakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-14BConductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-15Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-15AOakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-15BConductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-17Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-21Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-22Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-30Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-31Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-32Oakton ECTestr Low/High Conductivity Meter/Thermometer 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-33Oakton ECTestr Low/High Conductivity Meter/Thermometer 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-34Oakton ECTestr Low/High Conductivity Meter/Thermometer 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-35Oakton ECTestr Low/High Conductivity Meter/Thermometer 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-36Oakton ECTestr Low/High Conductivity Meter/Thermometer 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-37Oakton ECTestr Low/High Conductivity Meter/Thermometer 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-38Oakton ECTestr Low/High Conductivity Meter/Thermometer 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-39Oakton ECTestr Low/High Conductivity Meter/Thermometer 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-40Oakton ECTestr Low/High Conductivity Meter/Thermometer 2016-05-20
EC-3NET-41Oakton ECTestr Low/High Conductivity Meter/Thermometer 2016-05-20
EC-5FOLARConductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-9FOLARConductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-BIGCR-01Oakton ECTestr3 Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CCWI-01Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CCWI-02Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CDM-01Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CDM-02Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CSC-01Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-02Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-04Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-05Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-09Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-10Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-11Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-13Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-14Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-15Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-16Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-17Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-18Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-19Oakton Conductivity Meter  2016-05-20
EC-CWC-20Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-21Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-22Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-23Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-24Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-25Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-26Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-27Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-28Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-29Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-30Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-31Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-32Oakton Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-35Oakton Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-36Oakton Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-37Oakton Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-38Oakton ECTestr Dual Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-39Oakton ECTestr Dual Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-40Oakton ECTestr Dual Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-41Oakton ECTestr Dual Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-42Oakton ECTestr Dual Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-CWC-48Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-ENVST-01Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-FCP-01Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-FOE-01Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-FOE-02Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-FOE-03Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-FOE-04Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-FOE-05Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-FOE-06Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-GCWC1Oakton ECTestr3 Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-GCWC2Oakton ECTestr3 Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-HTB-01Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-HTB-02Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-HTB-03Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-HTB-04Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
Eckman GrabEckman Grab Sampler Sediment Sampler2007-09-01
EC-LAN-01Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-LAN-02Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-LAN-03Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-LAN-04Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-LAN-05Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-LKR-01Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-LWTP-120Orion Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-MBAQ-01Orion Conductivity Meter  2016-05-20
EC-MBV-1Oakton ECTestr3 Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-MU-NSF-264Corning Checkmate Multimeter 2016-05-20
EC-NET-14Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NET-15Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NRCD-01Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-018Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-021Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-025Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-026Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-027Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-028Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-029Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-030Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-041Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-076Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-077Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-078Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-079Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-080Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-081Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-082Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-083Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-084Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-085Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-086Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-087Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-088Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-101Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-102Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-103Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-104Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-105Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-106Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-107Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-108Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-109Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-110Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-111Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-112Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-113Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-114Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-115Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-116Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-117Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-118Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-119Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-127Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-128Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-129Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-130Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-135Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-136Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-157Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-NSF-252Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-OCCK-01Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-OCCK-02Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-OCCK-03Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-OCCK-04Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-OCCK-05Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-OCCK-06Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
ECORP-Rocklin Oakton Double Junction pH meterOakton Double Junction pH meter 2017-08-04
ECP-2RB-5Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
ECP-SDBK-01Horiba Multimeter U-22XD Conductivity Probe 2016-05-20
EC-RCAA-01Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-RCAA-02Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-RCAA-03Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-RCAA-04Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-RCAA-05Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-RCAA-06Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-RCAA-07Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-RCAA-08Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-RCAA-09Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-RCAA-10Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-RCDSMM-01Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SBCK-01Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SBCK-011Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SBCK-02Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SBCK-021Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SBCK-03Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SBCK-031Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SBCK-04Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SBCK-041Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SBCK-05Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SBCK-051Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SBCK-06Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SBCK-061Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SCMI-02Thermometer 2016-05-20
EC-SDBK-01Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SDBK-02Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SDBK-03Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SDBK-04Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SDBK-05Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SDBK-06Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SDBK-100Horiba Multimeter U-22XD Conductivity Probe 2016-05-20
EC-SGC-01Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SGC-02Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SGC-05Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SLC-6Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SLVH-7Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SMBK-01Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SMBK-02Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SMBK-03Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SRCD-01Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SRCD-02Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SRCD-03Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SRCD-04Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SRCD-05Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SRCD-06Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SRCD-07Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SRCD-08Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SRCD-09Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SRCD-10Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SRCD-11Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SRCD-12Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SRW-1Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-SRW-2Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-STB-01Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-STB16Oakton ECTestr3 Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-STB25Oakton ECTestr3 Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-STB-26Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-STB27Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-STB28Oakton ECTestr3 Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-STB30YSI Conductivity Meter 1900-01-01
EC-STB34Oakton ECTestr3 Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-STB35Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-STB-36Oakton ECTestr3 Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-STB37Oakton ECTestr3 Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-STB-38Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-STB-40Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-STB-41Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-STW-02Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-STW-03Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-STW-04Oakton ECTestr Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-STW-05Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-STW-06Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
ECTRWC1Oakton ECTestr Low 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2016-05-20
ECTRWC11Oakton ECTestr Low 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2016-05-20
ECTRWC12Oakton ECTestr Low 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2016-05-20
ECTRWC2Oakton ECTestr Low 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2016-05-20
ECTRWC3Oakton ECTestr Low 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2016-05-20
ECTRWC4Oakton ECTestr Low 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2016-05-20
ECTRWC5Oakton ECTestr Low 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2016-05-20
ECTRWC6Oakton ECTestr Low 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2016-05-20
ECTRWC7Oakton ECTestr Low 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2016-05-20
ECTRWC8Oakton ECTestr Low 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2016-05-20
ECTRWC9Oakton ECTestr Low 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2016-05-20
ECTS-CWC-01Multimeter 2016-05-20
EC-TST-01Oakton EC Meter 2018-04-27
EC-TST-02Oakton EC Meter 2018-04-27
EC-TST-03Oakton EC Meter 2018-04-27
EC-TST-04Oakton EC Meter 2018-04-27
EC-TST-05Oakton EC Meter 2018-04-27
EC-TST-06Oakton EC Meter 2018-04-27
EC-TST-07Oakton EC Meter 2018-04-27
EC-TST-08Oakton EC Meter 2018-04-27
EC-TST-09Oakton EC Meter 2018-04-27
EC-TST-10Oakton EC Meter 2018-04-27
ECTTRWC1Oakton ECTestr Low+ 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2016-05-20
ECTTRWC10Oakton ECTestr Low+ 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2016-05-20
ECTTRWC11Oakton ECTestr Low+ 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2016-05-20
ECTTRWC2Oakton ECTestr Low+ 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2016-05-20
ECTTRWC21Oakton ECTestr Low+ 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2017-03-06
ECTTRWC22Oakton ECTestr Low+ 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2017-03-06
ECTTRWC3Oakton ECTestr Low+ 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2016-05-20
ECTTRWC4Oakton ECTestr Low+ 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2016-05-20
ECTTRWC5Oakton ECTestr Low+ 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2016-05-20
ECTTRWC6Oakton ECTestr Low+ 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2016-05-20
ECTTRWC7Oakton ECTestr Low+ 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2016-05-20
ECTTRWC8Oakton ECTestr Low+ 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2016-05-20
ECTTRWC9Oakton ECTestr Low+ 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2014-07-09
EC-USLT2Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-USLT20Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-UW-01Oakton ECTestr3 Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-UW-02Oakton ECTestr3 Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-UW-03Oakton ECTestr3 Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-UW-04Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-UW-05Oakton ECTestr3 Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-UW-06Oakton Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-VAL-03Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-VAL-04Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-WDF-01Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-WDF-02Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-WDF-03Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EC-WDF-1Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
EDTU_Hanna Checker pH MeterHanna Checker pH Meter 2016-05-20
EDTU_La Motte DO Titration KitLa Motte DO Titration Kit 2016-02-03
EDTU_LaMotte Alcohol Filled ThermometerLaMotte Alcohol Filled Thermometer 2016-05-20
EE-FOSC-MU-141Conductivity Electrode 2016-05-20
Enviro-SafeThermometer 2016-05-20
EnviroTech Horiba U52Horiba U-52 Multi-parameter Water Quality Meter Field Probe2022-03-29
EOA ChemMetrics K-2504ChemMetrics Chlorine High Range Test Kit, K-2504 Water Sampler2012-08-29
EOA ChemMetrics K-2511ChemMetrics Chlorine Low Range Test Kit, K-2511 Water Sampler2012-08-29
EOA Global Water Flow Probe FP101 #53325Global Flow Probe FP10153325 Field Probe2016-05-20
EOA Hach Pocket ColorimeterHach Pocket Colorimeter II Filter Photometer for Chlorine 2016-05-20
EOA Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 #FK1HB003190Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3FK1HB003190 2016-05-20
EOA Quanta Multi-parameter ProbeQuanta Multi-parameter Probe Field Probe2022-02-28
EOA YSI 556 MPS #06L1023 AEYSI 556 MPS06L1023 AE Field Probe2012-08-14
EOA YSI Pro-Plus #14D102418YSI Pro-Plus #14D10241814D102418 2016-05-20
EOA YSI Pro-Plus #14D102423YSI Pro-Plus14D102423 2023-09-26
Equipco YSI ProDSS #1YSI ProDSS16F04830 2022-04-05
Equipco YSI ProDSS #2YSI ProDSS17M101693 2022-04-05
Equipco YSI ProDSS #22YSI ProDSS16J104978 2022-10-07
Equipco YSI ProDSS #43YSI ProDSS 2022-07-21
ERPBD YSI 550AYSI 550A Field Probe2016-05-20
Eureka Manta 2 Water Quality Multiprobe SondeEureka Manta 2 Water Quality Multiprobe Sonde 2018-12-08
Extech CL200Extech CL200 2022-11-16
EXTECH EC502EXTECH EC502 2016-05-20
Extech EC510 ExStik IIExtech Instruments 2016-05-20
Extech Instruments DO700Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2017-04-07
ExtechTemp ThermometerExtechTemp Thermometer 2019-01-04
FFC_APERA TN 400APERA TN 400 portable turbidity meter Field Probe2021-10-14
FFC_Frabill Crayfish TrapFrabill Crayfish Trap TissueCollection2021-10-14
FFC_Petite PonarPetite Ponar Sediment Sampler2021-10-14
FFC_YSI 30YSI 30 for measuring salinity Field Probe2021-10-14
FFC_YSI ProDSSYSI ProDss with sensors for temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, and specific conductivity Field Probe2021-10-14
FGL-DO MeterDO Meter Field Prob2011-03-24
FGL-EC MeterEC Meter Field Prob2011-03-24
FGL-Field ProbeField Probe Field Prob2008-01-01
FGL-Flow MeterFlow Meter Field Prob2011-03-24
FGL-pH MeterpH Meter Field Prob2011-03-24
Field Equipment described w/resultField Equipment described w/result Field Equipment2008-01-01
Field YSI ProSoloYSI Instrument Field Probe2021-02-12
FISHBIO Hach Field KitHach Field Kit Field Probe2024-01-19
FishBio YSI ProQuatroYSI ProQuatro Multimeter Field Probe2023-10-30
Flow GageFlow GageNot Recorded Field Probe2016-11-01
FlowMate 2000Flow meter Field Probe2021-02-12
FM2000_SN2006931Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000SN 2006931 2017-07-03
FOSC-LaMotte NitrateLaMotte Low Nitrate Nitrogen Table Kit, 0-15ppm 1900-01-01
FOSC-LaMotte PhosphateLaMotte Low Range Phosphate 1900-01-01
FOSC-Oakton PCTSTestrOakton PCTSTestr 50 Pocket Tester 1900-01-01
FRWM Hach Alkalinity Test KitHach Alkalinity Test Kit AL-AP24443-01 2013-01-29
FRWM Marsh-McBirney Flo-MateMarsh-McBirney Flo-Mate2004329 2016-05-20
FRWM Oakton pH Testr 20Oakton pH Testr 20878998 2016-05-20
FRWM YSI 85 multi-probe meterYSI 8511H101378 2016-05-20
FSRC Oakton PCTS #1Oakton PCTS Testr 50 1900-01-01
FSRC YSI Pro DSS #1YSI ProDSS 1900-01-01
FSURMP Global Water FP111Global Water FP111 Field Probe2019-03-21
FSURMP Hach Chlorine Test KitHach Chlorine Test Kit Field Kit2019-03-21
FSURMP YSI probeYSI Field Probe2019-03-21
GANDA Ott MF ProOtt MF Pro 2016-11-23
GANDA YSI 556YSI 556 2016-11-23
GCWC-2Thermometer 2016-05-20
GEI Alkalinity Kit Field Probe2019-12-28
GEI Dip NetGEI Dip Net 2019-06-03
GEI Flo-Mate 2000-2920Marsh McBirney Flow-Mate 2000 2019-05-10
GEI Flo-Mate 2000-7752Marsh McBirney Flow-Mate 2000 2019-05-10
GEI Hach 2100Q TurbidimeterHach 2100Q Turbidimeter 2019-04-19
GEI Hydrolab Sonde #1Hach Hydrolab MS5 Sonde 2019-05-10
GEI Hydrolab Sonde #2Hach Hydrolab MS5 Sonde 2019-05-10
GEI LR24 ElectrofisherSmith-Root LR-24 Electrofisher 2019-04-18
GEI Oakton PCTestr 35Oakton PCTestr 35 2019-04-19
Geosyntec_General_Oceanics-Model 2031General Oceanics, Inc. Model 2031 2021-06-25
Geosyntec_Horiba-1Horiba U-52 Multi-parameter Water Quality Meter 2021-06-25
Geosyntec_Horiba-2Horiba U-52 Multi-parameter Water Quality Meter 2021-06-25
Geosyntec_YSI-1YSI Professional Plus Meter 2021-06-25
Geosyntec_YSI-2YSI Professional Plus Meter 2021-06-25
GeoTech YSI Pro PlusYSI Pro Plus 2018-11-15
GLC LaMotte Test StripsLaMotte Test Strips Field Equipment2012-05-31
GLC_FLO-MATE_Model 2000FLO-MATE_Model 2000NR Field Prob2016-05-20
GLC_Global Water FP101Global Water FP101 2016-05-20
GLC_Global Water FP111Global Water FP111 2019-02-08
GLC_Hanna HI 98129Hanna HI 98129 2016-02-03
GLC_LaMotte 2020ELaMotte 2020E 2016-03-25
GLC_Swoffer 2100Swoffer 2100 2019-09-04
GLC_Turbidimeter Model 966Turbidimeter Model 966NR Field Prob2016-05-20
GLC_YSI 550AYSI 550ANR Field Prob2010-06-17
GLC_YSI Model 63YSI Model 63NR Field Prob2010-06-17
GLC_YSI Pro PlusYSI Pro Plus 2020-05-19
GravelometerGravelometer 2019-04-30
GWD Acoustic DopplerAcoustic Doppler Instrument 2022-03-30
HACH 156HACH meter 2016-05-20
HACH 2100 NHach Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
HACH 2100 PTurbidity Meter 2016-05-20
Hach 2100is Portable TurbidimeterHach 2100is Portable Turbidimeter17050C008006 Field Probe2019-10-23
Hach 2100P Field TurbidimeterPortable turbidimeter 2016-05-20
Hach 2100P TurbidimeterHach 2100P Turbidimeter 2023-12-15
Hach 2100QHach 2100Q Portable Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
Hach Auto SamplerHach Auto Sampler Water Sampler2015-01-29
Hach ColorimeterHach Colorimeter Hach Colorimeter 2019-03-29
Hach DR 820Turbidity meter 2016-05-20
Hach HQ40DHach HQ40D Portable Multi Meter pH, conductivity, salinity, TDS, dissolved oxygen, ORP and ISE Field Probe2021-02-05
Hach HQ40D AHLHach HQ40D AHL09300029556 Field Probe2019-10-23
Hach HQ40D BTQ 15Hach HQ40D BTQ 15150700013229 Field Probe2019-10-23
Hach HQ40D BVC 11Hach HQ40D BVC 11090300029564 Field Probe2019-10-23
Hach MeterHach Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
Hach Pocket Pro Cond TesterHach Pocket Pro Cond Tester 2019-12-28
Hach Pocket Pro pH TesterHach Pocket Pro pH Tester 2019-01-08
HandLevelHand Level Field Probe2011-01-20
Hanna HI 9033Hanna HI 9033 (temp/conductivity) 2016-12-09
Hanna HI 9143Hanna Instruments HI 9143 2018-03-28
Hanna HI 9145Hanna HI 9145 2019-12-28
Hanna HI 93414Hanna HI 93414 2016-12-09
Hanna HI 93703Hanna HI 93703 (turbidity) 2016-12-09
Hanna HI 98194Hanna HI 98194 2016-12-09
Hanna HI 98703Hanna HI 98703 Hanna HI 98703 2019-01-22
Hanna HI 991301Hanna Instruments HI 991301 2018-03-28
Hanna HI98129Hanna combo pH/conductivity/TDS tester 2017-03-28
Hanna Instruments HI 93703Hanna Instruments HI 93703 Portable Turbidity Meter 2017-04-07
Hanna Portable TurbidimeterHI 98703 2019-01-08
Hannah 93713Hannah 93713 2017-03-30
H-B Instrument Electronic ThermometerH-B Instrument Electronic Thermometer 2019-01-08
Hester-Dendy SamplerHester -Dendy Sampler BioassessmentCollection2013-09-26
HI 98127 #1Hanna pHep 2017-03-30
HI 98127 #2Hanna pHep 2017-03-30
HI 98127 #3Hanna pHep 2017-03-30
HI 98127 #4Hanna pHep 2017-03-30
HI 98127 #5Hanna pHep 2017-03-30
HI 98127 #6Hanna pHep 2017-03-30
HI 98127 #8Hanna pHep 2017-03-30
HI 98127 #9Hanna pHep 2017-03-30
HI 98129Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
HOBO Temperature Pendant Data Logger UA-001-64HOBO Water Temp Data LoggerUA-001-64 Field Probe2016-05-20
HOBO Temperature/Light Pendant Data Logger UA-002-HOBO Water Temp/Light Data Logger 2018-09-22
HOBO Water Level Data Logger U20-001-01HOBO Water Level Data LoggerU20-001-01 Field Probe2016-05-20
HOBO-TST-01HOBO Onset Pendent (-20-70 C) 2018-04-27
HOBO-TST-02HOBO Onset Pendent (-20-70 C) 2018-04-27
HOBO-TST-03HOBO Onset Pendent (-20-70 C) 2018-04-27
HOBO-TST-04HOBO Onset Pendent (-20-70 C) 2018-04-27
HOBO-TST-05HOBO Onset Pendent (-20-70 C) 2018-04-27
HOBO-TST-06HOBO Onset Pendent (-20-70 C) 2018-04-27
HOBO-TST-07HOBO Onset Pendent (-20-70 C) 2018-04-27
HOBO-TST-08HOBO Onset Pendent (-20-70 C) 2018-04-27
HOBO-TST-09HOBO Onset Pendent (-20-70 C) 2018-04-27
HOBO-TST-10HOBO Onset Pendent (-20-70 C) 2018-04-27
HOBO-TST-11HOBO Onset Pendent (-20-70 C) 2018-04-27
HOBO-TST-12HOBO Onset Pendent (-20-70 C) 2018-04-27
HOBO-TST-13HOBO Onset Pendent (-20-70 C) 2018-04-27
HOBO-TST-14HOBO Onset Pendent (-20-70 C) 2018-04-27
HOBO-TST-15HOBO Onset Pendent (-20-70 C) 2018-04-27
HOBO-TST-17HOBO Onset Pendent (-20-70 C) 2018-04-27
HOBO-TST-18HOBO Onset Pendent (-20-70 C) 2018-04-27
HOBO-TST-19HOBO Onset Pendent (-20-70 C) 2018-04-27
HOBO-TST-20HOBO Onset Pendent (-20-70 C) 2018-04-27
HookAndLineHook and Line TissueCollection2016-05-20
HoribaHoriba Field Probe2011-11-01
Horiba B-71XHoriba B-71X 2019-01-08
HORIBA ES-51HORIBA ES-51 2018-03-28
Horiba OM-71Horiba OM-71 2019-01-08
HORIBA U-51HORIBA U-51 2016-05-20
Horiba U-52Horiba U-52 (multiparameter) 2016-12-09
Horiba U52GHoriba U52G 2019-09-09
Horiba U-53Horiba U-53 (multiparameter) 2016-12-09
HPUL Hach 2100QHach 2100Q Turbidimeter 1900-01-01
HPUL Hanna HI93703Hanna HI93703 portable turbidity meter 1900-01-01
HPUL Nalgene Stormwater sampling unitNalgene Stormwater sampling unit 1900-01-01
HPUL YSI 30YSI 30 1900-01-01
HPUL YSI 556YSI 556 MPS 1900-01-01
HPUL YSI ProDSSYSI ProDSS 1900-01-01
HSU-SL DuraFETDuraFET Field Probe2016-05-20
HSU-SL temperature sensorTemperature Sensor Field Probe2016-05-20
HVJ-HI98129HVJ-HI98129 2016-05-20
HYD-CWC-1Salinity Meter 2016-05-20
Hydrolab DataSondeHydrolab DataSonde Water Sampler2016-05-20
Hydrolab DS4a SN 42249Hydrolab DS4a SN 42249 Field Probe2016-08-04
Hydrolab DS4a_Loanner from HACH SN_00001Hydrolab DS4SN_00001 Field Probe2016-05-20
Hydrolab Quanta Multi-Probe MeterHydrolab Quanta Multi-Probe Meter 2021-07-16
Hydrolab SN 41200HydrolabSN 41200 Field Probe2016-05-20
Hydrolab SN 44701Hydrolab SN 44701 Field Probe2016-08-04
Hydrolab SN 44822Hydrolab SN 44822 Field Probe2016-08-04
Hydrolab SN 45943Hydrolab SN 45943 Field Probe2016-08-04
Hydrolab SN 500049HydrolabSN 500049 Field Probe2016-05-20
Hydrolab SN_36200Hydrolab36200 Field Probe2016-05-20
ICARE YSI 52YSI 52 2017-11-13
ICF-Sac EXO2 YSI EXO2 meter17100220 Field Probe2022-03-30
ICF-Sac Extech ExStik pH meterExtech ExStik pH meter Field Probe2022-07-19
ICF-Sac Hach 2100P TurbidimeterHach 2100P Turbidimeter46500-00 2017-08-04
ICF-Sac Hach 2100Q TurbidimeterHach 2100Q Turbidimeter 2017-09-05
ICF-Sac Hach Digital TitratorHach Digital Titrator 2017-08-04
ICF-Sac Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000 2017-08-04
ICF-Sac Oakton Multi-Parameter Tester 35Oakton Multi-Parameter Tester 35 2017-09-05
ICF-Sac YSI 1030YSI 1030 2017-09-05
ICF-Sac YSI 85YSI 85 2017-08-04
ICF-Sac YSI 95YSI 95 2017-09-05
ICF-Sac YSI ProDDSYSI ProDDS 2017-09-05
ICF-Sac YSI ProDSS 626909-10YSI ProDSS 626909-1019C101411 Field Probe2022-04-19
ICF-Sac YSI ProDSS 6909-4YSI ProDSS 6909-417K102760 Field Probe2020-06-23
ICF-SD LaMotte Alkalinity Test KitLaMotte Alkalinity Test Kit4491-DF-01 Field Probe2020-06-23
ICF-SD YSI ProDSSYSI ProDSS 2019-06-10
Individual Bottle by bucket samplerIndividual Bottle by bucket sampler Water Sampler2008-01-01
Individual Bottle by handIndividual Bottle by hand Water Sampler2008-01-01
Individual Bottle by pole samplerIndividual Bottle by pole sampler Water Sampler2008-01-01
Individual bottle by USGS-PFRG weighted samplerIndividual bottle by USGS-PFRG weighted sampler Water Sampler2020-02-06
Individual Bottle by weighted samplerIndividual Bottle by weighted sampler Water Sampler2018-09-20
Individual Collection by bucket samplerIndividual Collection by bucket sampler Water Sampler2007-09-01
Individual Collection by handIndividual Collection by hand Water Sampler2013-01-29
Individual Collection by pole samplerIndividual Collection by pole sampler Water Sampler2007-09-01
Individual VOA by Stainless Steel BeakerIndividual VOA by Stainless Steel Beaker Water Sampler2007-09-01
Infrared ThermometerInfrared Thermometer Gun 2018-12-05
ISCO 2700 Auto SamplerISCO model 2700 refrigerated automatic sampler 2017-08-07
ISCO Auto SamplerISCO Auto Sampler Water Sampler2012-09-25
ISCO PumpISCO Pump Water Sampler2013-11-11
ISCO Pump, hand filledWater pumped using ISCO pump, container hand filled Water Sampler2012-09-25
IVILC_Hydrolab HL4Hydrolab HL4 Field Probe2023-02-21
Kings River Water Association River GageKings River Water Association River Gage Field Prob2016-05-20
Kings-FlowFlow Field Prob2016-05-20
Kings-YSI_30_EC_TempYSI_3099H0677 AC Field Prob2011-03-24
Kings-YSI_550A_DOYSI_550A Field Prob2011-03-24
Kings-YSI_60_pHYSI_6006F2599 Field Prob2011-03-24
Klamath-Tribes Hydrolab4aHydrolab4a Field Probe2016-05-20
Klamath-Tribes Li-Cor Light MeterLi-Cor Light Meter w/spherical quantum sensors Field Probe2016-05-20
Klamath-Tribes Van Dorn SamplerVan Dorn Sampler WaterSampler2014-10-06
Klamath-Tribes YSI 6000YSI 6000 Field Probe2016-05-20
Kleinfelder_General Oceanics-Model 2031General Oceanics, Inc. Model 2031 2016-05-20
Kleinfelder_HF Sci MicroTPIHF Scientific Micro TPI Portable Turbidimeter 2020-07-24
Kleinfelder_HF-SCI 24-231HF-SCI 24-231NR Field Prob2011-01-06
Kleinfelder_LaMotte-2020LaMotte 2020 2015-07-20
Kleinfelder_YSIYSI Multipurpose meterNR Field Prob2011-01-06
Kleinfelder_YSI-SPP1YSI Professional Plus MeterNR Field Probe2019-07-09
Kleinfelder_YSI-SPP2YSI Professional Plus MeterNR Field Probe2019-07-09
KRCD-FieldProbeFieldProbe Field Prob2008-01-01
LA SBE 9/11Seabird 9/11 2016-05-20
LaMott2020LaMotte Turbidimeter 2016-05-20
LaMottDA-LRLaMotte Conductivity 2016-05-20
LaMotte Alkalinity Test KitLaMotte Alkalinity Test Kit 2017-04-07
LaMotte DA-LRSalinity Meter 2016-05-20
LaMotte DO Titration KitLaMotte Dissolved Oxygen Titration Kit 2019-01-04
LaMotte-01Turbidity meter 2016-05-20
LCWRD HACH 2100Q Portable TurbidimeterHACH 2100Q Portable Turbidimeter 1900-01-01
LCWRD HACH Color Test Kit Model C0-1HACH Color Test Kit Model C0-1 1900-01-01
LCWRD Secchi DiskSecchi Disk Field Probe2016-05-20
LCWRD Vexilar LPS-1 Portable SounderVexilar LPS-1 Portable Sounder 1900-01-01
LCWRD YSI 556YSI 55602E1047AV Field Probe2016-05-20
LCWRD YSI Pro PlusYSI Pro Plus 1900-01-01
LDSRF LaMotte 3642-SCLaMotte 3642-SC Ammonia Nitrogen Reagent Test Kit Water Sampler2012-04-30
LWA AquaTroll 400Aqua Troll 400 In-Situ 2022-09-22
Mace_Hach AV meter SN 0Hach AV meter0 2016-05-20
Mace_Hach AV meter SN 6082Hach AV meter6082 2016-05-20
Mace_Hach AV meter SN 7022Hach AV meter7022 2016-05-20
Mace_Hach AV meter SN 7029Hach AV meter7029 2016-05-20
Mace_Hach AV meter SN 7037Hach AV meter7037 2016-05-20
Mace_Hach AV meter SN 7054Hach AV meter7054 2016-05-20
Mace_Hach AV meter SN 7103Hach AV meter7103 2016-05-20
Mace_Hach AV meter SN 7137Hach AV meter7137 2016-05-20
Mace_Hach AV meter SN 7153Hach AV meter7153 2016-05-20
Mace_Hach AV meter SN 7163Hach AV meter7163 2016-05-20
Mace_Hach AV meter SN 7191Hach AV meter7191 2016-05-20
Mace_Hach AV meter SN 7212Hach AV meter7212 2016-05-20
MBARI-JL 2.5L Niskin2.5L Niskin Water Sampler2016-05-20
MBARI-JL Carboy 20LCarboy 20L Water Sampler2013-07-24
MBARI-JL DuraFETDuraFET Field Probe2016-05-20
MBARI-JL Seabird SBE 16 plus CTDSeabird SBE 16 plus CTD Field Probe2016-05-20
MBC Eureka-Manta 2 Sub3Eureka-Manta WQ multiprobe 2020-10-08
MBC Seabird 19 Plus V2Seabird 19 WQ profiler  2020-09-30
MBC Seabird 25 Seabird 25 WQ profiler 2020-09-30
MBC_PlanktonNetPlankton Net 2016-05-20
MBNEP AutoLevelHach 2100Q 2016-05-20
MBNEP_ALK_MBV_1LaMotte Alkalinity141406 2014-02-07
MBNEP_DOE_MBV_5YSI 8507M100130 2016-05-20
MBNEP_FLO_MBV_1Marsh McBirney Flow Mate 20002005005 2016-05-20
MBNEP_FLO_MBV_2Marsh McBirney Flow Mate 200020055371 2016-05-20
MBNEP_PHEL_MBV_4Oakton ph Testr 30683282 2016-05-20
MBNEP_TUN_MBV_3Hach 2100P Turbidimeter10030C040217 2016-05-20
MBNEP-ALK-MBV-1LaMotte Alkalinity Field Kit4533-01 2014-12-08
MBNEP-COL-MBV-1HACH DR/890 Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-COL-MBV-2HACH DR/900 Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-DOE-MBV-10YSI 2030 2016-11-21
MBNEP-DOE-MBV-11YSI 2030 Field Probe2022-03-01
MBNEP-DOE-MBV-12YSI ProQuatro23A105442 Field Probe2023-06-13
MBNEP-DOE-MBV-13YSI ProQuatro23A105443 Field Probe2023-06-14
MBNEP-DOE-MBV-4YSI 85 Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-DOE-MBV-5YSI 85 Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-DOE-MBV-6YSI 85 Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-DOE-MBV-7YSI 85 Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-DOE-MBV-8YSI Pro 203016B103106 Field Probe2016-04-05
MBNEP-DOE-MBV-9YSI Pro 203016C101350 Field Probe2016-04-05
MBNEP-DOE-MBV-YSI55YSI 85 Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-DOE-MBV-YSI85YSI 85 Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-EC-MBVHanna or Oakton Field Probe2014-09-23
MBNEP-EXO-MBV-1YSI Multiparameter Sonde (Cond/Temp, DO, pH, depth) Field Probe2021-10-22
MBNEP-EXO-MBV-2YSI EXO3 Multiparameter Sonde22J106064 Field Probe2023-06-14
MBNEP-EXO-MBV-3YSI EXO3 Multiparameter Sonde23A105128 Field Probe2023-06-14
MBNEP-EXO-MBV-4YSI EXO3 Multiparameter Sonde23A105129 Field Probe2023-06-14
MBNEP-EXO-MBV-5YSI EXO3 Multiparameter Sonde23B100227 Field Probe2023-06-14
MBNEP-EXO-MBV-6YSI EXO3 Multiparameter Sonde23B100228 Field Probe2023-06-14
MBNEP-FLOW-MBV-1Marsh-McBirney Flowmate 2000 Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-FLOW-MBV-2Marsh-McBirney Flowmate 2000 Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-FLOW-MBV-3HACH FH950 Portable Velocity Meter Field Probe2021-10-22
MBNEP-FLOW-MBV-4HACH FH950 Portable Velocity Meter212571004972 Field Probe2021-12-22
MBNEP-FLOW-MBV-FloMateMarsh-McBirney Flowmate 2000 Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-FLOW-MBV-GurleyPygmyGurley Precision Instruments Pygmy Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-HACH 2100Q HACH 2100Q Turbidimeter Field Probe2021-09-03
MBNEP-HACH DR 900HACH DR 900 Field Kit2016-05-20
MBNEP-HACH FH950 HACH FH950 Portable Velocity Meter Field Probe2021-09-03
MBNEP-NO3-MBV-LaMotteLa Motte Kit Nitrates3354 Field Probe2014-09-23
MBNEP-PHEL-MBVOakton pH Testr 30 Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-PHEL-MBV-10Oakton pH Testr 30 Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-PHEL-MBV-11Oakton pH Testr 302446021 Field Probe2016-04-05
MBNEP-PHEL-MBV-12Oakton pH Testr 302427890 Field Probe2016-04-05
MBNEP-PHEL-MBV-13Oakton pH Testr 302677284 2018-06-04
MBNEP-PHEL-MBV-142823824 Field Probe2019-08-28
MBNEP-PHEL-MBV-8Oakton pH Testr 30 Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-PHEL-MBV-9Oakton pH Testr 30 Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-PHST-MBV-VARIOUSMacherey-Nagel pH-Fix 4.5 - 10.0 pH strips Field Probe2014-09-23
MBNEP-PO4-MBV-HANNAHanna HI 93713 Field Probe2014-09-24
MBNEP-PO4-MBV-LAMOTTELa Motte Kit 3121-01 Field Kit2014-09-24
MBNEP-PO4-MBV-YSIYSI 9000 Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-SO-MBV-1HACH - Hydrolab MS5 Sonde Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-SO-MBV-1020337805 Field Probe2019-08-28
MBNEP-SO-MBV-1120337807 Field Probe2019-08-28
MBNEP-SO-MBV-1220350855 Field Probe2019-08-28
MBNEP-SO-MBV-1320350856 Field Probe2019-08-28
MBNEP-SO-MBV-1420413516 Field Probe2019-08-28
MBNEP-SO-MBV-1520310132 Field Probe2019-08-28
MBNEP-SO-MBV-1620350842 Field Probe2019-08-28
MBNEP-SO-MBV-2HACH - Hydrolab MS5 Sonde Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-SO-MBV-3Onset Hobo U26-00110871201 Field Probe2016-04-05
MBNEP-SO-MBV-4Onset Hobo U26-00110904711 Field Probe2016-04-05
MBNEP-SO-MBV-5Hobo Onset temperature sensor20245859 2018-06-04
MBNEP-SO-MBV-6Hobo Onset temperature sensor20245860 2018-06-04
MBNEP-SO-MBV-720245859 Field Probe2019-08-28
MBNEP-SO-MBV-820245858 Field Probe2019-08-28
MBNEP-SO-MBV-920337806 Field Probe2019-08-28
MBNEP-TUN-MBVHACH 2100p Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-TUN-MBV-1HACH 2100p Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-TUN-MBV-2HACH 2100p Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-TUN-MBV-3HACH 2100p Field Probe2016-05-20
MBNEP-TUN-MBV-5HACH 2100Q Turbidimeter Field Probe2021-10-22
MBNEP-TUN-MBV-6HACH 2100Q Turbidimeter Field Probe2022-06-16
MBNEP-YSI EXO3YSI Multiparameter Sonde  Field Probe2021-09-03
MCU_Compound Weir with Telog RU33Compound Weir with Telog RU33 2016-03-30
MCU_Trimble S6 Robotic Total StationTrimble S6 Robotic Total Station 2016-03-30
MEC SBE 25Seabird 9/11 Field Probe2016-05-20
MEI Global Water Flow ProbeGlobal Water Flow Probe 2017-09-26
MEI YSI Pro PlusYSI Pro Plus 2017-09-15
MERKEL YSI EXO3YSI EXO3 Field Probe2021-01-29
Meter StickMeter Stick 2017-01-31
Milliopore cellulose nitrate 0.45umMilliopore cellulose nitrate 0.45um  2019-08-30
Minnow TrapMinnow Trap 2019-06-27
MLJ Conbar DipperConbar Dipper Water Sampler2023-10-23
MLJ Hach FH950 Flow MeterHach FH950 Flow Meter Field probe2023-11-20
MLJ Hanna Turbidity MeterHanna Turbidity Meter Field Prob2023-10-23
MLJ YSI #10YSI ProPlus17M103010 2018-02-14
MLJ YSI #11YSI ProPlus19A102062 2019-02-04
MLJ YSI #12YSI ProPlus19A102063 2019-02-04
MLJ YSI #2YSI 556O7A894AF Field Prob2008-01-01
MLJ YSI #3YSI 556O7K101587 Field Prob2008-01-01
MLJ YSI #4YSI 556O7K101586 Field Prob2008-01-01
MLJ YSI #5YSI ProPlus11B100290 Field Prob2011-08-11
MLJ YSI #6YSI ProPlus11A100914 Field Prob2011-08-11
MLJ YSI #7YSI ProPlus11B101496 Field Prob2011-08-11
MLJ YSI #8YSI ProPlus15F103904 Field Prob2016-05-20
MLJ YSI #9YSI ProPlus15F103905 Field Prob2016-05-20
MLJ-LLC 3L PTFE bottle3L PTFE bottle Water Sampler2010-03-30
MLJ-LLC EckmanEckman Sediment sampler2008-12-10
MLJ-LLC Marsh-McBirney unkMarsh-McBirney flow meter Field prob2016-05-20
MLML-TM DuraFETDuraFET Field Probe2016-05-20
MLML-TM GO-FLO sampling bottleGO-FLO sampling bottle Water Sampler2012-09-25
MLML-TM Seabird SBE 19Seabird SBE 19 Field Probe2016-05-20
Mod. VanVeen Grab_0.05m2Mod. Van Veen Grab (0.05m2)AreaSediment Sampler2016-05-20
Model 15-D Backpack ElectrofisherModel 15-D Backpack Electrofisher TissueCollection2016-05-20
Model 7.5 GPP Boat ElectrofisherModel 7.5 GPP Boat Electrofisher TissueCollection2016-05-20
MODID_Hanna HI93703Hanna HI93703NR Field Prob2011-01-04
MODID_ISSCO 4220ISSCO 4220NR Field Prob2016-05-20
MODID_Stevens Type F Chart RecorderStevens Type F Chart RecorderNR Field Prob2011-01-04
MODID_YSI 556YSI 556NR Field Prob2011-01-04
MODID_YSI 600XLYSI 600XLNR Field Prob2011-01-04
ModocRCD_YSI Model 63YSI Model 63 Field Probe2020-01-10
MPCA Integrated Sampling DeviceIntegrated Sampling Device Water Sampler2012-05-17
MPSL-DFW 2020 LaMotte #1LaMotte 2020 Turbidimeter Field Probe2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW 2020 LaMotte #2LaMotte 2020 Turbidimeter Field Probe2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW 2020 LaMotte unknownLaMotte 2020 Turbidimeter Field Probe2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW Acrylic Kemmerer 2.2LAcrylic Kemmerer Sampler Water Sampler2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW Beach Seine #1Beach Seine 100' long 6' tall TissueCollection2016-07-13
MPSL-DFW Beach Seine #2Beach Seine 20' long 6' tall TissueCollection2016-07-13
MPSL-DFW Digemeter CMD 900Digemeter CMD 900 Field Probe2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW Eckman GrabEckman Grab Sampler Sediment Sampler2007-09-01
MPSL-DFW Gravity CorerGravity Corer Sediment Sampler2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW Marsh-McBirney Flow MeterMarsh-McBirney Flow Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW Mod.VanVeen Grab-Sngl_ 0.05m2Mod. Van Veen Grab-Single Sediment Sampler2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW Oakton pH meterOakton pH meter Field Probe2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW pH Meter Extech InstrumentsExtech Instruments Field Probe2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW pH Tester 3pH Tester Field Probe2011-04-19
MPSL-DFW Scientific Instr. Inc. Price Type AAScientific Instr. Inc. Price Type AA Field Probe2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW Scientific Instr. Inc. Price Type MiniScientific Instr. Inc. Price Type Mini Field Probe2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW Scientific Instr. Inc. unknownScientific Instr. Inc Field Probe2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW SWI Core from Mod.VanVeen Grab-sng_0.05m2sediment water interface cores collected from grab Sediment Sampler2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW Titration - LaMotte Field KitLaMotte Alkalinity Field Kit Field Probe2009-12-16
MPSL-DFW YSI Meter 600 XL #1YSI 600 Field Probe2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW YSI Meter 600 XL #2YSI 600 Field Probe2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW YSI Meter 600 XL #3YSI 600 Field Probe2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW YSI Meter 600 XL #4YSI 600 Field Probe2016-07-11
MPSL-DFW YSI Meter 600 XL unkYSI 600 Field Probe2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW YSI Meter 6600YSI 6600 Field Probe2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW YSI Meter 6820YSI 6820 Field Probe2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW YSI Meter EXO1YSI EXO1 Field Probe2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW YSI Meter ProODOYSI ProODO Field Probe2016-07-11
MPSL-DFW_BackPackShockerSmith & Root BackPackShocker TissueCollection2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW_BackPackShocker_BatteryOpSmith & Root BackPackShocker_BatteryOp TissueCollection2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW_BackPackShocker_GasOpSmith & Root BackPackShocker_GasOp TissueCollection2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW_BagBag 2013-08-12
MPSL-DFW_BeachSeineBeach Seine 2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW_CastNet_1Cast Net 1.0" Stretch 10' TissueCollection2023-09-19
MPSL-DFW_CastNet_2Cast Net 3/4" Stretch 18' TissueCollection2023-09-19
MPSL-DFW_CastNet_3Cast Net 3/8" Stretch 6' TissueCollection2023-09-19
MPSL-DFW_CastNet_4Cast Net 3/8" Stretch 5' TissueCollection2023-09-19
MPSL-DFW_CastNet_5Cast Net 2" Stretch 12' TissueCollection2023-09-19
MPSL-DFW_CastNet_BaitCast Net 1.0 Stretch 10' TissueCollection2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW_CastNet_Bait#1Cast Net 1.0 Stretch 10' TissueCollection2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW_CastNet_Bait#2Cast Net 1.0 Stretch 12' TissueCollection2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW_CrayfishTrapCrayfishTrap TissueCollection2008-02-22
MPSL-DFW_DipNetDipNet TissueCollection2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW_Eboat_BigESmith & Root Electric Shock Boat (Economy Model)LengthTissueCollection2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW_Eboat_GhettoBlastaUSEPA RaftShocker generator on any MPSL-DFW vessel TissueCollection2016-05-12
MPSL-DFW_Eboat_LittleESmith & Root Electric Shock Boat (SR14S)LengthTissueCollection2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW_Eboat_Masta-BlastaSmith & Root Electric Shock Boat (SR-16H)LengthTissueCollection2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW_FishTrapFish Trap TissueCollection2010-05-13
MPSL-DFW_FykeNetFyke Net TissueCollection2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_10Gill Net 3" Stretch 100m long 8' deep TissueCollection2014-05-09
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_11Gill Net 2.0" Stretch 120' long 8' deep TissueCollection2014-10-14
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_12Gill Net 2.0" Stretch 300' long 8' deep TissueCollection2014-10-14
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_13ComboPanelGill Net Combo Panel 1.5", 2.0", 2.5" Stretch 200' long 8' deep TissueCollection2016-07-11
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_17Gill Net 5 1/2" Stretch 300' long 8' deep TissueCollection2017-06-15
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_18Gill Net 4 1/2" Stretch 300' long 8' deep TissueCollection2017-06-15
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_19Gill Net 2.0" Stretch 300' long 6' deep TissueCollection2018-04-25
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_1ComboPanelGill Net Combo Panel 1.5", 2", 3" StretchLengthTissueCollection2009-04-22
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_1ComboPanelGill Net Combo Panel 1.5", 2", 3" StretchStretchTissueCollection2009-04-22
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_20Gill Net 2" Stretch 200' long 8' deep TissueCollection2021-08-05
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_2ComboPanelGill Net Combo Panel 7", 5" StretchLengthTissueCollection2009-04-22
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_2ComboPanelGill Net Combo Panel 7", 5" StretchStretchTissueCollection2009-04-22
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_3(100m, 8.5")Gill Net 8.5" StretchStretchTissueCollection2009-04-22
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_3(100m, 8.5")Gill Net 8.5" StretchLengthTissueCollection2009-04-22
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_4ComboPanelGill Net Combo Panel 7", 5" StretchLengthTissueCollection2009-04-22
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_4ComboPanelGill Net Combo Panel 7", 5" StretchStretchTissueCollection2009-04-22
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_5(100m, 6.0")Gill Net 6.0" StretchStretchTissueCollection2009-04-22
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_5(100m, 6.0")Gill Net 6.0" StretchLengthTissueCollection2009-04-22
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_6(100m, 4")Gill Net 4.0" StretchStretchTissueCollection2009-04-22
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_6(100m, 4")Gill Net 4.0" StretchLengthTissueCollection2009-04-22
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_7Gill Net 2" Stretch 66m long 2m deep TissueCollection2011-03-08
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_8Gill Net 3" Stretch 100m long 8' deep TissueCollection2011-03-08
MPSL-DFW_GillNet_9Gill Net 2" Stretch 100m long 6' deep TissueCollection2011-03-08
MPSL-DFW_OtterTrawl_12Otter Trawl 12'LengthTissueCollection2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW_OtterTrawl_16Otter Trawl 16'LengthTissueCollection2016-05-20
MPSL-DFW_PlanktonNetWildco 363um mesh plankton net with 8x20" TissueCollection2020-11-09
MPSL-DFW_PlanktonNet_125125um mesh Zooplankton Net TissueCollection2021-05-27
MPSL-DFW_PlanktonNet_150150um mesh Zooplankton Net TissueCollection2021-07-14
MPSL-DFW_PlanktonNet_6464um mesh Phytoplankton Net TissueCollection2021-05-27
MPSL-DFW_PoleSpearsPole Spears TissueCollection2009-04-22
MPSL-DFW_Teflon_KemmererWildCo Teflon Kemmerer Sampler Water Sampler2020-07-16
MPSL-DFW_TrotLine_1Thirty-hook Trot Line 100 ft long 1 ft apart TissueCollection2016-05-20
MPSL-MLML Gill Net 1MPSL-MLML Gill Net 1 (3.75"sq.x300'twine) TissueCollection2008-09-02
MPSL-MLML Gill Net 10Attached Nets 2 (4"sq.x300'multifilament), 3 (5"sq.x300'nylon), & 8 (3.0"sq.x300'monofilament) TissueCollection2008-09-02
MPSL-MLML Gill Net 11DFG Sturgeon Tagging net (7" mesh) from ship New Alosa TissueCollection2008-09-02
MPSL-MLML Gill Net 12DFG Sturgeon Tagging net (6" mesh) from ship Striper II TissueCollection2008-09-02
MPSL-MLML Gill Net 13Attached Nets 4 (3.75"sq.x300'trammel) & 5 (2.5"sq.x300'monofilament) TissueCollection2016-05-20
MPSL-MLML Gill Net 141" stretch monofilament gill net 2009-02-12
MPSL-MLML Gill Net 154" square nylon gill net 2009-02-12
MPSL-MLML Gill Net 164" square nylon trammel net 2016-05-20
MPSL-MLML Gill Net 174" stretch monofilament gill net 2009-02-12
MPSL-MLML Gill Net 2MPSL-MLML Gill Net 2 (4"sq.x300'multifilament) TissueCollection2008-09-02
MPSL-MLML Gill Net 3MPSL-MLML Gill Net 3 (5"sq.x300'nylon) TissueCollection2008-09-02
MPSL-MLML Gill Net 4MPSL-MLML Gill Net 4 (3.75"sq.x300'trammel) TissueCollection2016-05-20
MPSL-MLML Gill Net 5MPSL-MLML Gill Net 5 (2.5"sq.x300'monofilament) TissueCollection2008-09-02
MPSL-MLML Gill Net 6MPSL-MLML Gill Net 6 (2.0"sq.x300'monofilament) TissueCollection2008-09-02
MPSL-MLML Gill Net 8MPSL-MLML Gill Net 8 (3.0"sq.x300'monofilament) TissueCollection2008-09-02
MPSL-MLML Gill Net 9Attached Nets 2 (4"sq.x300'multifilament) & 3 (5"sq.x300'nylon) TissueCollection2008-09-02
MPSL-MLML Hook & LineMPSL-MLML Hook & Line Tissue Sampler2016-05-20
MPSL-MLML HydrolabHydrolab Surveyor 4a Field Probe2016-05-20
MPSL-MLML Li-Cor Light MeterLi-Cor Light Meter w/spherical quantum sensors Field Probe2016-05-20
MPSL-MLML Midwater TrawlDFG Fish Survey Midwater trawl (0.5" stretch cod end) TissueCollection2008-09-02
MPSL-MLML Mod.VanVeen Grab-Dbl_0.05m2, 0.05m2Mod. Van Veen Grab-DoubleAreaSediment Sampler2016-05-20
MPSL-MLML Mod.VanVeen Grab-Sngl_ 0.05m2Mod. Van Veen Grab-SingleAreaSediment Sampler2016-05-20
MPSL-MLML Mod.VanVeen Grab-Sngl_ 0.1m2Mod. Van Veen Grab-Single Sediment Sampler2016-05-20
MPSL-MLML Oakton ORP 10 TestrOakton ORP 10 Testr 2018-03-26
MPSL-MLML Oakton ORP 50 TestrOakton ORP 50 Testr Field Probe2020-09-28
MPSL-MLML Oakton pH 30 Testr #1Oakton pH 30 Testr #1 2018-03-19
MPSL-MLML Oakton pH 30 Testr #2Oakton pH 30 Testr #2 2018-03-19
MPSL-MLML Oakton pH 30 Testr #4Oakton ph 30 Testr Field Probe2023-10-04
MPSL-MLML Otter TrawlMPSL-MLML Otter Trawl [14.8 m (16ft) length, 3.81 cm stretch body mesh, 3.5 cm stretch bag mesh] TissueCollection2016-05-20
MPSL-MLML Otter Trawl2Otter Trawl 4.8 m (16ft) shrimp net, 3.81 cm stretch body mesh, 3.5 cm stretch bag mesh; 22.8m bridl Tissue Collection2016-05-20
MPSL-MLML Stainless Steel KemmerStainless Steel Kemmer Sampler Water Sampler2007-09-01
MPSL-MLML Stainless Steel KemmererStainless Steel Kemmerer Sampler Water Sampler2014-05-01
MPSL-MLML WTW Multi 340iWTW Multi 340i 2018-03-19
MPSL-MLML_CastNetCast Net 1.0 Stretch 12' TissueCollection2016-08-31
MPSL-MLML_GillNet_1in_monoGill Net 1"sq monofilament 2011-01-05
MPSL-MLML_GillNet_2_25in multifilamentGill Net 2.25"sq multifilament 2011-01-05
MPSL-MLML_GillNet_2_6in multifilamentGill Net 2.6"sq multifilament TissueCollection2015-04-15
MPSL-MLML_GillNet_3in monofilamentGill Net 3"sq monofilament 2011-01-05
MPSL-MLML_GillNet_4in multifilamentGill Net 4"sq multifilament 2011-01-05
MPSL-MLML_GillNet_4in nylonGill Net 4" sq nylon TissueCollection2015-04-15
MPSL-MLML_GillNet_4in_5in comboGill Net 4" sq and 5"sq combination 2011-01-05
MPSL-MLML_GillNet_5in nylonGill Net 5"sq nylon 2011-01-05
MPSL-MLML_OtterTrawl_16Otter Trawl 16' 2016-05-20
MPSL-MLML_SeineSeine 100' length, 4' deep, 0.25" mesh TissueCollection2016-08-31
MPSL-MLML_Trammel_3_75in nylonTrammel Net 3.75" sq nylon 2016-05-20
MTS AquaTroll 600Aqua Troll 600 In-Situ Field Probe2022-10-12
MTS Hach FH950Hach FH950 Flow Meter Field Probe2022-10-12
MULIT-SDBK-02Horiba Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
MULTI-SDBK-02Horiba Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
MU-SGC-01Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
Myron pt2Myron pH temperature meter 2018-12-11
NAPARCD MeterMeter Field Prob2009-10-14
NAPARCD_YSI 85YSI 85NR Field Prob2010-08-18
NBMS-02-08Oakton Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
NCNRCD Digital Thermometer unknownDigital Thermometer Field Probe2016-05-20
NCNRCD Orbeco-Hellige Turbidimeter 966NCNRCD Orbeco-Hellige Turbidimeter 966 Field Probe2016-05-20
NCNRCD YSI 556 Multi-probe Field MeterYSI 556 Multi-probe Field Probe2016-05-20
NCNRCD YSI 63YSI Water Quality Meter 63 Field Probe2016-05-20
NCNRCD YSI Sonde ADV 6600NCNRCD YSI Sonde ADV 6600 w/ a DO probe Field Probe2016-05-20
NCNRCD YSI unknownYSI meter Field Probe2016-05-20
NECWA_Hanna HI 98129Hanna HI 98129 2014-12-08
NECWA_Hanna HI 98198Hanna HI 98198 2022-05-24
NECWA_Oakton RCD-3Oakton RCD-3 2019-09-04
NECWA_YSI 550AYSI 550ANR Field Prob2010-08-18
NECWA_YSI 556YSI 556NR Field Prob2010-08-18
NECWA_YSI 556 MPSYSI 556 MPS 2019-09-04
NH3NC-CWC-01Hanna Ammonia Meter (Lo) 2016-05-20
NH3N-MON-01Hanna Ammonia Meter (NH3-N) 2016-05-20
NH3N-MON-02Hanna Ammonia Meter (NH3-N) 2016-05-20
NoneNone NR2009-08-19
Not RecordedNot Recorded NR2007-09-01
NSDCWMP Sampling pole w/adjustable headSampling pole w/adjustable head Water Sampler2019-12-03
Nylon tubing/External gear pumpNylon tubing/External gear pump Water Sampler2020-10-06
Oakton ECTestr LowOakton ECTestr Low 2019-01-04
OAKTON PC 10OAKTON PC 10 2016-05-20
Oakton PC Testr 35Oakton PC Testr 35 2018-11-08
Oakton PCTS Testr 50Oakton PCTS Testr 50 2019-12-28
Oakton pHtest20 - BVC 11Oakton pHtest20 - BVC 11797387 Field Probe2019-10-23
Oakton pHtest30 - AHL 2Oakton pHtest30 - AHL 22358310 Field Probe2019-10-23
Oakton pHtest30 - BTQ 1Oakton pHtest30 - BTQ 11189659 Field Probe2019-10-23
Oakton pHTestr 30Oakton double junction pHTestr 30 2017-03-28
Oakton pHTestr 50Pocket pH probe Field Probe2021-02-12
OCCK-DO1Oakton Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
OCCK-DO2Oakton Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
OCCK-DO3Oakton Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
OCCK-EC1Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
OCCK-EC2Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
OCCK-EC3Oakton ECTestr Low Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
OCCK-EC4Oakton ECTestr Dual Conductivity Meter 2017-03-30
OCCK-EC5Oakton ECTestr Dual Conductivity Meter 2017-03-30
OCCK-EC6Oakton ECTestr Dual Conductivity Meter 2017-03-30
OCCK-EC8Oakton ECTestr Dual Conductivity Meter 2017-03-30
OCCK-EC9Oakton ECTestr Dual Conductivity Meter 2017-03-30
OCCK-ECH1Oakton Conductivity High 2016-05-20
OCCK-ECH2Oakton Conductivity High 2016-05-20
OCCK-ECH3Oakton Conductivity High 2016-05-20
OCCK-pH1Oakton pH Meter 2016-05-20
OCCK-pH2Oakton pH Meter 2016-05-20
OCCK-pH3Oakton pH Meter 2016-05-20
OCCK-TDS1Oakton TDSTestr Total Dissolved Solids Meter 2017-04-18
OCCK-TDS2Oakton TDSTestr Total Dissolved Solids Meter 2017-04-18
OCCK-TDS3Oakton TDSTestr Total Dissolved Solids Meter 2017-04-18
OCCK-TDS4Oakton TDSTestr Total Dissolved Solids Meter 2017-04-18
OCCK-TDS5Oakton TDSTestr Total Dissolved Solids Meter 2017-04-18
OCCK-TDS6Oakton TDSTestr Total Dissolved Solids Meter 2017-04-18
OCCK-TDS7Oakton TDSTestr Total Dissolved Solids Meter 2017-04-18
OCCK-TDS8Oakton TDSTestr Total Dissolved Solids Meter 2017-04-18
OCCK-TDS9Oakton TDSTestr Total Dissolved Solids Meter 2017-04-18
OCCKTEMP2Thermometer 2016-05-20
OCSD SBE 25Seabird 9/11 Field Probe2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 1252387Onset_Tidbit1252387 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 1257266Onset_Tidbit1257266 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 1262611Onset_Tidbit1262611 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 1282605Onset_Tidbit1282605 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 1282608Onset_Tidbit1282608 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 1282609Onset_Tidbit1282609 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 1282670Onset_Tidbit1282670 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 1282671Onset_Tidbit1282671 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 1282673Onset_Tidbit1282673 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 1282676Onset_Tidbit1282676 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 1282681Onset_Tidbit1282681 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 1282685Onset_Tidbit1282685 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 1289577Onset_Tidbit1289577 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 1289579Onset_Tidbit1289579 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 1289582Onset_Tidbit1289582 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 1289583Onset_Tidbit1289583 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 1289584Onset_Tidbit1289584 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 1289585Onset_Tidbit1289585 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 1289589Onset_Tidbit1289589 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 1289626Onset_Tidbit1289626 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 9716207Onset_Tidbit9716207 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 9716210Onset_Tidbit9716210 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 9716211Onset_Tidbit9716211 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 9716212Onset_Tidbit9716212 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 9716216Onset_Tidbit9716216 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 9716217Onset_Tidbit9716217 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 9716218Onset_Tidbit9716218 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 9716219Onset_Tidbit9716219 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 9716220Onset_Tidbit9716220 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 9716221Onset_Tidbit9716221 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 9716224Onset_Tidbit9716224 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 9716228Onset_Tidbit9716228 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 9716229Onset_Tidbit9716229 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 9716231Onset_Tidbit9716231 2016-05-20
Onset_Tidbit SN 9716234Onset_Tidbit 9716234 2016-05-20
OPSC-CWC-01LaMotte Phosphate Kit 2014-07-16
Orion 102pH Meter 2016-05-20
Orion Model 85Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
OtherOther Field Probe2008-11-10
Other_EboatElectric Shock Boat TissueCollection2016-05-20
OtterTrawlOtter Trawl TissueCollection2016-05-20
Oxn_Hach_2100PHach 2100P ISO Field Probe2022-04-01
Oxn_Hach_HQ40DHach HQ40D Portable Multi Meter Field Probe2020-09-23
Oxn_Orion_DO_9708DThermo Scientific Orion 9708 DO Probe Field Probe2020-09-23
Oxn_Orion_pH_A111Thermo Scientific Orion Star A111 pH Meter Field Probe2020-09-23
Oxn_Secchi DiskSecchi Disk Field Probe2022-02-08
Passive Stormwater Samplers Nalgene 68039Nalgene Storm Water Sampler 2014-04-10
PCTester 35 Multi-ParameterField pH/conductivity/temp meter 2016-05-20
PCWG_Oakton EcoScan pH5Oakton EcoScan pH5 2015-05-22
PCWG_Price PygmyPrice Pygmy 2015-05-22
PCWG_Thermo Scientific Orion AQ4500Thermo Scientific Orion AQ4500 2015-05-22
PCWG_YSI Pro PlusYSI Pro Plus 2015-05-22
PDD YSIPDD YSI 2020-11-11
PDD_CampbellScientific_SCProbeSCProbe Field Probe2023-05-26
PDD_SharpCrestedWeirSharp Crested Weir 2021-04-15
PER Hand-Held ThermometerHand-Held Thermometer Field Probe2021-05-04
PER HydrolabHydrolab DS5 Multiparameter Sonde Field Probe2019-10-14
PER Hydrolab #2Hydrolab DS4a Multiparameter Sonde Field Probe2023-08-22
PER_CC_TLT_12777-842_S/N_61649424Traceable? Ultra? Lollipop? 4378SN 61649424 2016-05-20
PER_EckmanEckman Sediment Sampler2014-12-08
PER_Equipco_Hach_FH950_SN193581004523Hach FH950 Flow Meter193581004523 2023-11-09
PER_Equipco_YSI_6600.03_04J5638AAYSI 6600 2016-05-20
PER_FD-E-Flow_No6 SN_160221003262FD-E-Flow_No6 SN_160221003262 2018-01-30
PER_FD-E-Flow_No7 SN_153641003241Flow MeterSN_153641003241 Field Probe2016-08-04
PER_FM2000_SN_10076Flow Meter 2000SN_10076 2016-05-20
PER_FP201 Global FlowFP201 Global Flow Field Prob2016-05-20
PER_Hach FH950 #6Hach FH950 Field Probe2018-10-30
PER_Hydrolab DS4aPER_Hydrolab DS4a Field Probe2016-05-20
PER_Hydrolab DS5Hydrolab DS5 2016-05-20
PER_Hydrolab SN 49211HydrolabSN 49211 Field Probe2016-05-20
PER_Hydrolab SN 500049HydrolabSN 500049 Field Probe2016-05-20
PER_Hydrolab_DS5_R050600042596Hydrolab DS5 datasonde Field Probe2016-05-20
PER_MultiMeterMultiMeter Field Probe2018-06-05
PER_SW2100 SN_006807Swoffer model 2100SN 006807 2016-05-20
PER_Swoffer #1Swoffer  Field Prob2016-05-20
PER_Swoffer #2Swoffer006806 Field Prob2016-05-20
PER_Swoffer #3Swoffer #3 2016-05-20
PER_Swoffer #4Swoffer #4 2016-06-02
PER_Swoffer #5Swoffer #5 2016-04-15
PER_Swoffer #6Swoffer #6 2019-09-04
PER_Swoffer #7Swoffer #7 2016-06-02
PER_Swoffer 2100Swoffer 2100 2016-05-20
PER_Thermo Scientific Orion Star A SeriesThermo Scientific Orion Star A SeriesG10241 2022-09-27
PER_Thermo Scientific Orion Star A221Thermo Scientific Orion Star A221K13204 2022-09-27
PER_Thermo Scientific Orion Star A322Thermo Scientific Orion Star A322 2020-05-19
PER_Thermo Scientific Orion Star A323Thermo Scientific Orion Star A323G10974 2022-09-27
PER_ThermometerThermometer Field Probe2019-03-26
PER_VelocimeterVelocimeter Field Probe2019-03-26
PER_VWR Lollipop 107AVWR Lollipop 107A 2022-05-24
PER_VWR Lollipop 112AVWR Lollipop 112A 2020-05-19
PER_VWR Lollipop 114AVWR Lollipop 114A 2022-05-24
PER_VWR Lollipop 118AVWR Lollipop 118A 2021-02-01
PER_VWR Lollipop 120AVWR Lollipop 120A 2022-05-24
PER_VWR Lollipop 121AVWR Lollipop 121A 2022-05-24
PER_VWR Lollipop 128AVWR Lollipop 128A 2022-05-24
PER_VWR Lollipop 23AVWR Lollipop 23A 2016-05-20
PER_VWR Lollipop 32AVWR Lollipop 32A 2016-05-20
PER_VWR Lollipop 40AVWR Lollipop 40A 2019-09-04
PER_VWR Lollipop 41AVWR Lollipop 41A 2019-09-04
PER_VWR Lollipop 52AVWR Lollipop 52A 2016-05-20
PER_VWR Lollipop 54AVWR Lollipop 54A 2016-05-20
PER_VWR Lollipop 55AVWR Lollipop 55A 2016-05-20
PER_VWR Lollipop 58AVWR Lollipop 58A 2016-05-20
PER_VWR Lollipop 59AVWR Lollipop 59A 2022-05-24
PER_VWR Lollipop 64AVWR Lollipop 64A 2016-05-20
PER_VWR Lollipop 66AVWR Lollipop 66A 2016-05-20
PER_VWR Lollipop 67AVWR Lollipop 67A 2016-05-20
PER_VWR Lollipop 72AVWR Lollipop 72A 2016-05-20
PER_VWR Lollipop 73AVWR Lollipop 73A 2016-04-15
PER_VWR Lollipop 75AVWR Lollipop 75A 2016-06-02
PER_VWR Lollipop 76AVWR Lollipop 76A 2016-05-20
PER_VWR Lollipop 77AVWR Lollipop 77A 2016-05-20
PER_VWR Lollipop 79AVWR Lollipop 79A 2016-04-15
PER_VWR Lollipop 80AVWR Lollipop 80A 2016-05-20
PER_VWR Lollipop 81AVWR Lollipop 81A 2019-09-04
PER_VWR Lollipop 83AVWR Lollipop 83A 2017-06-05
PER_VWR Lollipop 85AVWR Lollipop 85A 2016-04-15
PER_VWR Lollipop 86AVWR Lollipop 86A 2016-05-20
PER_VWR Lollipop 90AVWR Lollipop 90A 2016-05-20
PER_VWR Lollipop 92AVWR Lollipop 92A 2022-05-24
PER_VWR Lollipop 93AVWR Lollipop 93A 2016-05-20
PER_VWR Lollipop 99AVWR Lollipop 99A 2019-01-17
PER_VWR Lollipop ThermometerVWR Lollipop Thermometer210229353 2022-09-27
PER_VWR TraceableVWR Traceable Field Prob2016-05-20
PER_VWR Traceable_#17AVWR TraceableNR Field Prob2016-05-20
PER_VWR Traceable_#22AVWR TraceableNR Field Prob2016-05-20
PER_VWR Traceable_#26AVWR TraceableNR Field Prob2016-05-20
PER_VWR Traceable_#36AVWR TraceableNR Field Prob2016-05-20
PER_VWR Traceable_#38AVWR TraceableNR Field Prob2016-05-20
PER_VWR Traceable_#41VWR TraceableNR Field Prob2016-05-20
PER_VWR Traceable_#55VWR TraceableNR Field Prob2016-05-20
PER_VWR Traceable_#86AVWR TraceableNR Field Prob2016-05-20
PER_VWR Traceable_#9AVWR Traceable Field Prob2016-05-20
PER_YSI 556 MPSYSI 556 MPS03G0094AG Field Prob2014-12-08
PER_YSI 556 MPS #1YSI 556 MPS Field Probe2018-10-30
PER_YSI 556 MPS #2YSI 556 MPS Field Probe2018-10-30
PER_YSI 556 MPS #3YSI 556 MPS Field Probe2019-09-03
PER_YSI Pro Plus #1YSI Pro Plus Field Probe2018-10-30
PER_YSI Pro Plus #2YSI Pro Plus 2022-05-24
PER_YSI Pro Plus #3YSI Pro Plus 2021-02-01
PER_YSI Pro Plus DSS #1YSI Pro Plus DSS #1 2019-09-04
PER_YSI_SACYSINR Field Prob2010-08-18
PER_YSI_WSCYSI Field Prob2011-05-12
PER-EckmanEckman Sediment Sampler2008-01-01
PER-FP201 Global FlowFP201 Global Flow Field Prob2016-05-20
Peristaltic PumpPeristaltic Water Pump 2017-08-07
PER-Swoffer #1Swoffer Field Prob2016-05-20
PER-Swoffer #2Swoffer006806 Field Prob2016-05-20
PER-VWR TraceableVWR Traceable Field Prob2016-05-20
PER-YSI 556 MPSYSI 55603G0094AG Field Prob2016-05-20
Petite PonarPetite Ponar 2017-08-07
PGE_Hach Alkalinity Test KitHach Alkalinity Test Kit Field Test Kit2021-11-03
PGE_Hydrion pH stripspH strips PH ST CAT 445 Field 2021-10-26
PGE_YSI Pro DOYSI Pro DO18E102898 Field Probe2021-10-26
PH-1-meter-FCPOakton pH Meter 2016-05-20
PH2-N374240pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHCW-CWC1Hach Wide Range pH Test Kit 2014-07-16
PHCW-CWC-1pH Color Wheel 2014-07-16
PHCW-CWC-2pH Color Wheel 2014-07-16
PHCW-CWC-3pH Color wheel 2014-07-16
PHCW-CWC-4pH Color wheel 2014-07-16
PHCW-NOAA-01pH Color wheel 2014-07-16
PHCW-noaa1Hach Wide Range pH Test Kit 2014-07-16
PHCW-SGC-01pH Test Kit 2014-07-16
PHCW-SGC-02pH Test Kit 2014-07-16
PHEL-BIGCR-1Checkmate pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-CCWI-01pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-FOLAR3pH Electrode 2016-05-20
PHEL-FOLAR4pH Electrode 2016-05-20
PHEL-FOLAR5pH Electrode 2016-05-20
PHEL-FOSCMU-141pH Electrode 2016-05-20
PHEL-HTB-01pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-HTB-02pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-HTB-03pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-HTB-04pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-LMC-01pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-LWTPCorning City pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-MBV-4Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHEL-MBV-5Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHEL-MU-NSF264Corning Checkmate Multimeter 2016-05-20
PHEL-MU-NSF-264pH probe 2016-05-20
PHEL-NSF-208pH Electrode 2016-05-20
PHEL-RCDSMM-01pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-SBCK-01Oakton pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-SBCK-02Oakton pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-SBCK-03Oakton pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-SBCK-04Oakton pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-SBCO-01Oakton pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-SCMI-05LaMotte pH Electrode 2016-05-20
PHEL-SCMI-06LaMotte pH Electrode 2016-05-20
PHEL-SCMI-07LaMotte pH Electrode 2016-05-20
PHEL-SCMI-09LaMotte pH Electrode 2016-05-20
PHEL-SCMI-13LaMotte pH Electrode 2016-05-20
PHEL-SLC-6pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-SMBK-ApH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-SRCD-01Oakton pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-SRCD-02Oakton pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-STB-01pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-STB17Oakton pH Meter 1900-01-01
PHEL-STB-19YSI pH Electrode Field Probe2016-05-20
PHEL-STB-23pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-STB25pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-STB-28pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-STB-30pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-USLT1pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-USLT2pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-USLT3Oakton pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHEL-VCK-01LaMotte pH Meter 2016-05-20
PH-HSU-02Hanna pH Meter 2016-05-20
PHLQ-CDM-01pH Liquid Indicator 2014-07-16
PHLQ-ENVST-01pH Liquid Indicator 2014-07-16
PHLQ-FCI-1pH Liquid Indicator 2014-07-16
PHLQ-FOTC-01LaMotte Precision Wide Range pH 2014-07-16
PHLQ-LCCS-1pH Liquid Indicator 2014-07-16
PHLQ-STB-01pH Liquid Indicator 2014-07-16
PHLQ-STB-02pH Liquid Indicator 2014-07-16
PHMTRWC1Hanna pHep Meter 2016-05-20
PHMTRWC10Hanna pHep Meter 2016-05-20
PHMTRWC11Hanna pHep Meter 2016-05-20
PHMTRWC12Hanna pHep Meter 2016-05-20
PHMTRWC13Hanna pHep Meter 2016-05-20
PHMTRWC14Hanna pHep Meter 2016-05-20
PHMTRWC15Hanna pHep Meter 2016-05-20
PHMTRWC16Hanna pHep Meter 2016-05-20
PHMTRWC17Hanna pHep Meter 2017-02-03
PHMTRWC18Hanna pHep Meter 2017-02-03
PHMTRWC19Hanna pHep Meter 2017-02-03
PHMTRWC2Hanna pHep Meter 2016-05-20
PHMTRWC20Hanna pHep Meter 2017-02-03
PHMTRWC21Hanna pHep Meter 2017-02-03
PHMTRWC22Hanna pHep Meter 2017-02-03
PHMTRWC23Hanna pHep Meter 2017-02-03
PHMTRWC24Hanna pHep Meter 2017-02-03
PHMTRWC3Hanna pHep Meter 2016-05-20
PHMTRWC4Hanna pHep Meter 2016-05-20
PHMTRWC5Hanna pHep Meter 2016-05-20
PHMTRWC6Hanna pHep Meter 2016-05-20
PHMTRWC7Hanna pHep Meter 2016-05-20
PHMTRWC8Hanna pHep Meter 2016-05-20
PHMTRWC9Hanna pHep Meter 2016-05-20
PHP-2RB-4pH probe 2016-05-20
PHP-2RB-5pH probe 2016-05-20
PH-SLVH-7pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-11Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-12Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-13Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-14Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-15Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-16Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-17Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-18Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-20Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-21Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-22Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-26Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-27pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-28Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-29Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-30Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-31Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-32Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-34Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-35Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-36pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-37pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-38pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-39pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-40pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-41pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-42pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-43pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-44pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-45pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-46pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-47Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-48Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-49Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-50Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-51Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-52Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-53Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-54Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-55Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-56pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-57Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-58Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-59pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-60Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-66Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-67Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-68Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-69Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-70Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-71Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-72Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-73Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-74Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-75Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3NET-77Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-3USLT1pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-ACT-031pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-ACT-032pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CSC-01pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-01Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-02Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-03Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-04Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-05Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-06Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-07pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-08Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-09Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-10Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-100Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-101Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-103Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-104Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-105Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-106Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2015-06-26
PHST-CWC-107Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2015-06-26
PHST-CWC-109Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2015-06-26
PHST-CWC-11Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-110Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2015-06-26
PHST-CWC-111Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2015-06-26
PHST-CWC-112Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2015-06-26
PHST-CWC-114Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2015-06-26
PHST-CWC-12Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-13Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-14Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-15Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-16Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-17Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-18Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-19Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-20Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-21pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-22Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-23Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-24Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-25pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-30Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-31Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-32pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-33Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-34pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-35pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC36Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-36pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-37pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-38pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-39Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-40Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-41Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-42Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-43Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-44Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-45Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-46Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-47Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-48Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-49Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-50Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-51Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-52Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-53Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-54Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-55Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-56Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-57Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-58Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-59Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-60Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-61Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-62Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-63Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-64Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-65Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC66Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-66Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-67Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-68Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-69Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-70Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-71Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-72Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-73Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-74Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-75Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-76Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-77Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-78Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-79Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-80Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-81Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-82Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-83Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-84Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-85pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-86pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-87Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-88pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-89pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-90Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-91pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-92Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-93Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-95Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-97Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2015-06-26
PHST-CWC-98Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-CWC-99Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-ESA-03pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-FOE-01Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-FOE-02Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-FOE-03Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-FOE-04Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-FOE-05Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-FOE-06Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-FOTC-01EM Science colorpHast pH 0-14 2014-07-16
PHST-LAN-01SJ Scientific pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-LAN-02SJ Scientific pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-LAN-03SJ Scientific pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-MBV-1EM Science pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-MBV-12YSI 2016-05-20
PHST-MBV-2EM Science pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-MBV-20pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-MBV-3pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-MBV-5pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-MBV-6pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-MBV-7pH probe 2016-05-20
PHST-MBV-8pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-NRCD-01pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-OCCK-01Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-OCCK-02Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-OCCK-03Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-OCCK-04Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-OCCK-05Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-OCCK-06Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-RCAA-01Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-RCAA-02Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-RCAA-03Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-RCAA-04Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-RCAA-05Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-RCAA-06Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-RCAA-07Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-RCAA-08Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-RCAA-09Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SBCK-01Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SBCK-02Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SBCK-03Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SBCK-04Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SBCK-05Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SBCK-06Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SDBK-01Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SDBK-02Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SDBK-03Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SDBK-04Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SDBK-05Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SDBK-06Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SDBK-07Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SLC-2pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SMBK-01Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SMBK-02Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SMBK-03Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SMBK-04Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SMBK-05Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SMBK-06Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SRCD-01Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SRCD-02Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SRCD-03Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SRCD-04Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SRCD-05Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SRCD-06Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SRCD-07Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SRCD-08Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SRCD-09Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SRCD-10Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SRCD-11Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SRCD-30Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SRCD-31Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SRCD-32Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SRCD-33Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SRCD-34Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SRCD-35Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SRW-1pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-SRW-2pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STBMachery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB1Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB10Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB11Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB12Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB13Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB14Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB15Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB16Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB17Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB18Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB19Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB2Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB20Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB-2dpH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB2-EMachery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB3Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB3aMachery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB3dpH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB3EMachery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB3FMachery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB3gMachery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB3hpH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB3jMachery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB4Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB5Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB6Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHSTSTB6HpH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTSTB6MpH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTSTB6QpH strips 2014-07-09
PHST-STB7Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHSTSTB7ApH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTSTB7CpH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTSTB7DpH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTSTB7EpH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTSTB7KpH strips 2014-07-09
PHST-STB7mMachery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB7nMachery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB8Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB8mMachery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHSTSTB8NpH strips 2014-08-19
PHST-STB8nMachery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STB9Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STW2Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STW4Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-STW5pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHSTTRWC1pH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTTRWC10pH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTTRWC11pH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTTRWC12pH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTTRWC13pH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTTRWC14pH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTTRWC15pH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTTRWC16pH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTTRWC17pH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTTRWC18pH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTTRWC2pH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTTRWC3pH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTTRWC4pH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTTRWC5pH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTTRWC6pH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTTRWC7pH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTTRWC8pH strips 2014-07-09
PHSTTRWC9pH strips 2014-07-09
PHST-UW-01Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-UW-02Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-UW-03Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
PHST-UW-04Machery-Nagel pH Color Strips 2014-07-16
pH-TST-01Oakton pH Meter 2018-04-27
pH-TST-02Oakton pH Meter 2018-04-27
pH-TST-03Oakton pH Meter 2018-04-27
pH-TST-04Oakton pH Meter 2018-04-27
pH-TST-05Oakton pH Meter 2018-04-27
pH-TST-06Oakton pH Meter 2018-04-27
pH-TST-07Oakton pH Meter 2018-04-27
pH-TST-08Oakton pH Meter 2018-04-27
pH-TST-09Oakton pH Meter 2018-04-27
pH-TST-10Oakton pH Meter 2018-04-27
Plastic CupPlastic Cup 2017-03-06
PNSSNS_Marsh-McBirney 2000Marsh-McBirney 2000 2016-05-20
PNSSNS_Oakton RCD-3Oakton RCD-3 2016-05-20
PNSSNS_Spectrum PHSpectrum PH Meter Field Prob2016-05-20
PNSSNS_YSI 30YSI 30 Field Prob2012-06-21
PNSSNS_YSI 50 DOYSI 50 Field Prob2012-06-21
PNSSNS_YSI 556 MPSYSI 556 MPS 2014-12-08
PO4C-CWC-01Hanna Phosphate Low Range Meter 2016-05-20
PO4-CDM-01Hach Orthophosphate meter 2016-05-20
PO4-FOTC-01LaMotte Phosphate Kit 2014-07-16
PO4-LMC-01Phosphate Kit 2014-07-16
PO4M-3NET-01Hanna Orthophosphate meter 2016-05-20
PO4M-3NET-02Hanna Orthophosphate meter 2016-05-20
PO4M-MON-01Orthophosphate meter 2016-05-20
PO4-STB-01Orthophosphate meter 2016-05-20
PO4-USLT1Hanna Orthophosphate meter 2016-05-20
POCIS passive samplersPOCIS passive samplers (polar organic chemical integrative sampler) 2017-06-27
Pole & BeakerPole & Beaker Water Sampler2011-01-20
Pole & Beaker to Churn SplitterPole & Beaker to Churn Splitter Water Sampler2007-09-01
Ponar_0.023m2Ponar Grab Sediment Sampler2016-05-20
Ponar_0.052m2Ponar Grab Sediment Sampler2016-05-20
Poolmaster 5-Way Test KitTitration Test Kit for Alkalinity Field Probe2021-01-29
Posthole CorerPosthole Corer Sediment2012-05-07
PTFE bottle 3L3L PTFE bottle 2017-08-07
PVCDelim & SyrScrubPVC Delimiter & Syringe Scrubber BioassessmentCollection2011-01-20
PVCDelimiterPVC DelimiterAreaBioassessmentCollection2011-01-20
Pygmy Spinner MeterPygmy Spinner MeterNot Recorded Field Probe2016-11-01
QVIR YSI 556 MPSYSI 556 MPS Field Probe2016-05-20
QVIR YSI 6920 v2YSI 6920 Field Probe2016-05-20
R7513Lot:62040Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
Ramp TrapRamp Trap BioassessmentCollection2019-04-30
RBR Concerto3RBR data logger measuring conductivity, temperature, chlorophyll a, dissolved oxygen Field Probe2021-02-05
RCD HACH Turbidity meter 2016-05-20
RCD YSIYSI 85 Field Probe2016-05-20
RCDMC_Pole&DipperExtendable pole and dipper cup 2020-03-18
RCDMC_YSI_multiYSI multi-probe meter 2020-03-18
RCFC Aquatroll 500 SN# 762874In-Situ Aqua Troll 500762874 2022-01-07
RCFC Aquatroll 500 SN# 762881In-Situ Aqua Troll 500762881 2022-12-08
RCFC Aquatroll 500 SN# 762912In-Situ Aqua Troll 500762912 2022-01-07
RCFC Quanta Sonde SN# QD03667 (QT03811)Quanta Multiparameter Sonde 2019-01-30
RCFC Quanta Sonde SN# QD03678 (QT05510)Quanta Multiparameter Sonde 2019-01-30
RCFC Quanta Sonde SN# QD03779 (QT03823)Quanta Multiparameter SondeQD03779 Field Probe2019-10-23
REF-AMRF-01Refractometer 2016-05-20
REF-CMA-01Refractometer 2016-05-20
REF-RCDSMM-01Refractometer 2016-05-20
REF-SCMI-05Refractometer 2016-05-20
REF-SCMI-06Refractometer 2016-05-20
REF-SCMI-09Refractometer 2016-05-20
REF-STB-1Salinity Meter 2016-05-20
Research Vessel Depth MeterResearch Vessel Depth Meter 2016-05-20
RF-FNC-01Refractometer 2016-05-20
RubberDelimiterRubber DelimiterAreaBioassessmentCollection2011-01-20
RubDelim & PVCDelimRubber Delimiter & PVC Delimiter BioassessmentCollection2011-01-20
RubDelim & PVCDelim & SyrScrubPVC Delimiter, Rubber Delimiter, & Syringe Scrubber BioassessmentCollection2011-01-20
RubDelim & SyrScrubRubber Delimiter & Syringe Scrubber BioassessmentCollection2011-01-20
Runoff catchment glass containersRunoff catchment glass containers Water Sampler2008-01-01
RWB2 Hach 2100Q Portable Turbidimeter (Alton)Hach 2100Q Portable Turbidimeter Field Probe2019-07-29
RWB2 Hach 2100Q Portable Turbidimeter (Gordon)Hach 2100Q Portable Turbidimeter Field Probe2019-07-29
RWB2 YSI ProDSS (Jane)YSI ProDSS Field Probe2019-07-29
RWB2 YSI ProDSS (Mary)YSI ProDSS Field Probe2019-07-29
RWB3 HACH Pocket Pro PH 1375HACH Pocket Pro PH 1375180620001375 Field Probe2018-09-04
RWB3 HACH Pocket Pro PH 1397HACH Pocket Pro PH 1397170610001397 Field Probe2018-12-04
RWB5_CRC_Kleinfelder_HorizontalKemmererHorizontal Kemmerer Water Sampler2017-12-12
RWB5_CRC_Kleinfelder_KemmererKleinfelder_Kemmerer Water Sampler2017-12-12
RWB9_HACH_FH950HACH FH950 Flow Meter162731003524 Field Probe2018-07-16
RWB9_Manta2_LongEureka Manta 2 Multiprobe Long CordMT09172991 Field Probe2018-07-16
RWB9_Manta2_ShortEureka Manta 2 Multiprobe Short CordMT09172992 Field Probe2018-07-16
RWB9_YSI_ProPlusYSI Pro Plus Multiparameter Field Probe2023-12-29
RWQB1 YSI EXO2 meterYSI EXO2 meter Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB1 Digisense Environmental MonitorDigisense Environmental Monitor Field Probe2018-08-14
RWQCB1 HACH 2100AHACH 2100A Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB1 HACH 2100N TurbidimeterHach 2100N01200008025 Field Probe2017-02-01
RWQCB1 Hand Held ThermometerHand Held Thermometer Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB1 Hand-Held Spirit ThermometerHand-Held Spirit Thermometer Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB1 Hydrolab DS3 #3 SN# 23392Hydrolab DS323392 Field Prob2016-05-20
RWQCB1 Richart-Jung TempComp Refractometer M#10419Richert-Jung temperature compensated Refractometer Model # 1041911640-2 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB1 Sontek FlowTracker P2021Sontek FlowTracker P2021 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB1 Stainless Steel Kemmer SamplerStainless Steel Kemmer Sampler Water Sampler2007-09-01
RWQCB1 Stainless Steel Kemmerer SamplerStainless Steel Kemmerer Sampler Water Sampler2014-05-01
RWQCB1 YSI 600 OMS SN# 03E0216AAYSI 600 OMS Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB1 YSI 600 OMS SN# 12D100930YSI 600 OMS12D100930 Field Probe2017-02-01
RWQCB1 YSI 600 XL SN# 02B0044AAYSI 60002B0044AA Field Probe2021-09-13
RWQCB1 YSI 600 XL SN# 02B0044ABYSI 60002B0044AB Field Probe2021-09-13
RWQCB1 YSI 600 XL SN# 08D100573YSI 600 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB1 YSI 6600 SN# 02A1256AAYSI 6600 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB1 YSI 6600 SN# 02B0212AAYSI 660002B0212AA Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB1 YSI 6600 SN# 02B0212ABYSI 6600 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB1 YSI 6600 SN# 02B1256ABYSI 6600 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB1 YSI 6600 SN# 02B1256ACYSI 6600 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB1 YSI 6600 SN# 02B1256ADYSI 6600 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB1 YSI 6600 SN# 08D100634YSI 6600 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB1 YSI 6600 SN# 08D100635YSI 6600 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB1 YSI 6600 SN# 09L100548YSI 6600 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB1 YSI 6920 SN# 01F0960AAYSI 6920 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB1 YSI 6920 SN# 01F0960ACYSI 6920 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB1 YSI Meter 600 XL AAYSI 600 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB1 YSI Meter 600 XL ABYSI 600 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB1 YSI Meter 600 XL unkYSI 600 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB1_YSI EXO1_12YSI EXO122F104012 Field Probe2023-06-15
RWQCB1_YSI EXO1_13YSI EXO122F104013 Field Probe2023-06-15
RWQCB1_YSI EXO1_48YSI EXO118E101948 Field Probe2023-06-15
RWQCB1_YSI EXO1S-27 YSI EXO1s Multiparameter Sonde24b104327 Field Probe2024-03-25
RWQCB1_YSI EXO1S-28YSI EXO1s Multiparameter Sonde24b104328 Field Probe2024-03-25
RWQCB1_YSI EXO1S-29YSI EXO1s Multiparameter Sonde24b104329 Field Probe2024-03-25
RWQCB2 #1 Hach 2100PHACH 2100010500029178 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 #2 Hach 2100PHACH 2100 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Gurley No. 625 Pygmy MeterGurley No. 625 Pigmy MeterTT0366 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hach 2100 unknownHACH 2100 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hach 2100P TurbidimeterHach 2100P Turbidimeter46500-00 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hach Alkalinity Test KitHach Alkalinity Test Kit24443-01 Field Probe2012-05-14
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #749845HOBO Water Temp Pro749845 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #749851HOBO Water Temp Pro749851 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #749852HOBO Water Temp Pro749852 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #749858HOBO Water Temp Pro749858 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #749864HOBO Water Temp Pro749864 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #749865HOBO Water Temp Pro749865 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #749866HOBO Water Temp Pro749866 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #749870HOBO Water Temp Pro749870 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #749871HOBO Water Temp Pro749871 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #749872HOBO Water Temp Pro749872 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #749878HOBO Water Temp Pro749878 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #749890HOBO Water Temp Pro749890 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #749895HOBO Water Temp Pro749895 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #749898HOBO Water Temp Pro749898 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #754060HOBO Water Temp Pro754060 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #754065HOBO Water Temp Pro754065 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #754066HOBO Water Temp Pro754066 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #754068HOBO Water Temp Pro754068 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #754076HOBO Water Temp Pro754076 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #779087HOBO Water Temp Pro779087 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #881802HOBO Water Temp Pro881802 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #881809HOBO Water Temp Pro881809 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #881812HOBO Water Temp Pro881812 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #881815HOBO Water Temp Pro881815 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #881817HOBO Water Temp Pro881817 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #893679HOBO Water Temp Pro893679 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #893680HOBO Water Temp Pro893860 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #893681HOBO Water Temp Pro893681 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #893682HOBO Water Temp Pro893682 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Hobo Temp #893683HOBO Water Temp Pro893683 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Isokinetic SamplerIsokinetic Depth-Integrating Handheld Sampler Water Sampler2013-11-07
RWQCB2 L_BracketMetal L bracket Water Sampler2014-07-14
RWQCB2 Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 Secchi DiskSecchi Disk Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 SonTec FlowTracker2SonTec FlowTracker2 Field Equipment2019-07-29
RWQCB2 YSI 6600 #1YSI 660001F1001AD Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 YSI 6600 #10YSI 6600 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 YSI 6600 #11YSI 6600 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 YSI 6600 #2YSI 660001F1001AC Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 YSI 6600 #3YSI 660001F1001AB Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 YSI 6600 #4YSI 660001F1001AA Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 YSI 6600 #5YSI 660001F1001AE Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 YSI 6600 #6YSI 660001F1001AF Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 YSI 6920 #1YSI 692003C0379AA Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 YSI 6920 #2YSI 692003C0379AB Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 YSI 6920v2 #7YSI 6920 v208A101441 Field Probe2012-01-30
RWQCB2 YSI 6920v2 #8YSI 6920 v203C0379AA Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 YSI 6920v2 #9YSI 6920 v203C0379AB Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 YSI EXO2 #13YSI EXO215K100380 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 YSI EXO2 #14YSI EXO215K100381 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 YSI EXO2 #15YSI EXO215K100382 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 YSI EXO2 #16YSI EXO215K100383 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB2 YSI EXO2 #17YSI EXO2 Field Probe2019-09-13
RWQCB2 YSI Professional Plus #12YSI Professional Plus Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB3 Dakota Watch Weather Station ClipDakota Watch Weather Station Clip Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB3 Densiometer-concaveDensiometer (Concave) Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB3 Densiometer-convexDensiometer (Convex) Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB3 Eckman Grab SamplerEckman Grab Sampler SedimentCollection2015-02-03
RWQCB3 HACH 2100QHACH 2100Q Portable Turbidimeter Kit20030C084316 Field Probe2021-05-11
RWQCB3 Hach Alkalinity Test KitHach Alkalinity Test Kit Field Probe2011-09-15
RWQCB3 HACH FH950HACH FH950 Portable Velocity System201501004627 Field Probe2021-05-11
RWQCB3 HACH Pocket Pro PH 077HACH Pocket Pro PH 077170710001077 Field Probe2018-02-21
RWQCB3 HOBO Temp #9862313HOBO Water Temp Pro9862313 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB3 Hydrolab DS3Hydrolab DS336200 Field Probe2016-05-26
RWQCB3 Hydrolab DS4a loanerHydrolab DS4SN_00001 Field Probe2016-05-26
RWQCB3 Hydrolab DS4a1Hydrolab DS4a137520 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB3 Hydrolab DS4a2Hydrolab DS4a238837 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB3 Hydrolab DS5Hydrolab DS5110200060440 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB3 Hydrolab HL4 111Hydrolab HL418250H401111 Field Probe2022-04-01
RWQCB3 Hydrolab HL4 340Hydrolab HL415292H400340 Field Probe2017-02-14
RWQCB3 Hydrolab HL4 341Hydrolab HL415292H400341 Field Probe2017-02-14
RWQCB3 Hydrolab HL4 402Hydrolab HL415292H400402 Field Probe2017-02-14
RWQCB3 Hydrolab HL4 890Hydrolab HL417207H400890 Field Probe2017-08-24
RWQCB3 Hydrolab HL4 891Hydrolab HL417209H400891 Field Probe2017-08-24
RWQCB3 Hydrolab MS4a1Hydrolab MS4a140102 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB3 Hydrolab MS4a2Hydrolab MS4a240099 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB3 Hydrolab MS4a3Hydrolab MS4a340101 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB3 Hydrolab MS4a4Hydrolab MS4a440013 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB3 Hydrolab MS4a5Hydrolab MS4a540100 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB3 Hydrolab MS4a6Hydrolab MS440103 Field Probe2016-04-12
RWQCB3 Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB3 Pygmy GurleyPygmy Gurley Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB3 Thermometer (Plastic Armored)Thermometer (Plastic Armored) Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB3 Turner FluoroSense Handheld 125RWQCB3 Turner FluoroSense Handheld286P000125 Field Probe2019-07-02
RWQCB3 Turner FluoroSense Handheld Fluorometer 1FluoroSense Handheld Fluorometer Chlorophyll286P000116 Field Probe2017-02-14
RWQCB3 Turner FluoroSense Handheld Fluorometer 2FluoroSense Handheld Fluorometer Chlorophyll286C00169 Field Probe2017-02-14
RWQCB3 Turner FluoroSense Handheld Fluorometer 270FluoroSense Handheld Fluorometer Chlorophyll286C000270 Field Probe2019-01-25
RWQCB3 Turner FluoroSense Handheld Fluorometer 3FluoroSense Handheld Fluorometer Chlorophyll286C000202 Field Probe2017-08-24
RWQCB3 Turner FluoroSense Handheld Phycocyanin 116RWQCB3 Turner FluoroSense Handheld286P000116 Field Probe2019-07-02
RWQCB3 YSI 55YSI 55 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB3 YSI ProDSS 352YSI ProDSS19E1900352 Field Probe2022-07-20
RWQCB4 ISCO 3710ISCO Model 3710 Standard and Compact Sampler Water Sampler2018-11-06
RWQCB5 Bilge PumpBilge Pump Water Sampler2017-10-03
RWQCB5_ChemCatcherChemcatcher passive sampling device 2016-08-24
RWQCB5F Dipper CupDipper Cup Water Sampler2007-09-01
RWQCB5F Hach 2100PHach 2100P09030c035205 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F Hach 2100QHACH 2100Q Field Probe2019-07-02
RWQCB5F Myron 6PFCEMyron 6PFCE Field Meter6225924 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F Myron 6PFCE - 6225924Myron 6PFCE Field Meter6225924 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F Oakton pH meter SWAMP2Oakton pH meter Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F pH Tester 2 MSpH Tester Field Probe2011-04-19
RWQCB5F pH Tester 2 Swamp1pH Tester Field Probe2011-04-19
RWQCB5F Secchi DiskSecchi Disk Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F Swoffer 2100 #1Swoffer 2100 Flow Meter6697 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F Swoffer 2100 #2Swoffer 2100 Flow Meter6689 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F Thermometer Swamp 1 (Metal Armored)Metal Armored Thermometer Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F Thermometer Swamp 2 (Plastic Armored)Plastic Armored Thermometer Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F Thermometer Swamp 3 (Plastic Armored)Plastic Armored Thermometer Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F World Water Monitoring KitWorld Water Monitoring Kit Field Probe2012-04-20
RWQCB5F YSI 30YSI 3099B03070 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F YSI 30 AGYSI 30 Temperature99A0901 AG Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F YSI 55 #1 01M0520 BCYSI 5501M0520 BC Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F YSI 55 #2 01M0520 BOYSI 5501M0520 BO Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F YSI 55 #3 04K17247 AOYSI 5504K17247 AO Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F YSI 55 00A0904 AEYSI 5500A0904 AE Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F YSI 55 06E1979 AJYSI 5506E1979 AJ Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F YSI 55 UnkYSI 5504K17247 AO Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F YSI 550AYSI 550A DO05E1748AP Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F YSI 63YSI 63 Mulit-Probe Field Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F YSI 63 07B1130YSI 6307B1130 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F YSI 63 AA 05J1830YSI 63 Temp meter05J1830 AA Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F YSI 63 AA 05J1944YSI 63 Temp meter05J1944 AA Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F YSI 63 AB 03F0360YSI 63 Temp meter03F0360 AB Field Probe2007-09-01
RWQCB5F YSI 63 AC 03F0360YSI 63 Temp meter03F0360 AC Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F YSI Meter EXO1 105YSI EXO Sonde with EXO handheld meter14C103105 Field Probe2019-07-02
RWQCB5F YSI Meter EXO1 829YSI EXO Sonde with EXO handheld meter14C103829 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5F YSI Meter EXO1 830YSI EXO Sonde with EXO handheld meter14C103830 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5L Global Flow Meter FP101Global Flow Meter FP101 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5L Hach 2100A, method 180.1HACH 2100A, method 180.1 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5L Orion 230A 02Orion 230A 02 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5L pH Accumet 50pH Accumet 50 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5L Seco 4200-00 Hand LevelSeco 4200-00 Hand Level Field Probe2007-09-01
RWQCB5L Spherical Densiometer Model-CSpherical Densiometer Model-C Field Probe2007-09-01
RWQCB5L YSI 55YSI 55 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5L YSI 85YSI 85 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5L YSI Meter 6600YSI 6600 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5L YSI pH 100YSI pH 100 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5R YSI ProDSS #1YSI ProDSS Multiparameter Meter Field Probe2019-01-02
RWQCB5R YSI ProDSS #2YSI ProDSS Multiparameter Meter Field Probe2019-01-02
RWQCB5R YSI ProDSS #3YSI ProDSS Multiparameter Meter Field Probe2019-01-02
RWQCB5S #1 Hach 2100PHach 2100P Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S #2 Hach 2100PHach 2100P Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Blue MyronMyron 6p Ultrameter II Field Prob2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Blue Myron #1Myron 6p Ultrameter II18459 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Blue Myron #2Myron 6p Ultrameter II18458 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Blue Myron #3Myron 6p Ultrameter II20736 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Eckman Bottom Grab SamplerEckman Bottom Grab Sampler07202 Sediment Sampler2007-09-01
RWQCB5S Garmin GPSMAP 64x #1Garmin GPSMAP 64x handheld GPS unit Field Probe2019-12-24
RWQCB5S Garmin GPSMAP 64x #2Garmin GPSMAP 64x handheld GPS unit Field Probe2019-12-24
RWQCB5S Hach 2100PHach 2100P Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hach 2100QHach 2100Q Field Probe2016-06-15
RWQCB5S Hach 2100Q #2Hach 2100Q (Turbidity Sensor) Field Probe2019-12-18
RWQCB5S Hach 2100Q #3Hach 2100Q (Turbidity Sensor) Field Probe2019-12-18
RWQCB5S Hach 2100Q #4Hach 2100Q (Turbidity Sensor) Field Probe2019-12-18
RWQCB5S Hach -DRT 15CEHACH turbidity meter406376 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hach HQ30dHach HQ30d Field Prob2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #1Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter WTA08 -39+75569147 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #10Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75156156 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #11Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569157LengthField Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #12Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569158 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #13Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569159 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #14Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569160 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #15Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569161 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #16Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569162 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #17Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569163 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #18Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569164 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #19Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569165 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #2Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569148 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #20Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569166 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #21Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569167 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #22Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569168 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #23Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569169 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #24Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569170 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #25Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569171 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #3Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569149 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #4Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569150 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #5Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569151 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #6Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569152 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #7Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569153 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #8Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569154 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Hobo Temp #9Optic Stow Away Temperature Meter -39+75569155 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Peristaltic pumpperistaltic water pumpB03001316 Water Sampler2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Range Finder #1Range Finder19866 Field Probe2007-09-01
RWQCB5S Range Finder #2Range Finder Field Probe2007-09-01
RWQCB5S Sampling pole w/adjustable headRWQCB5S Sampling Pole w/adjustable head Water Sampler2007-09-01
RWQCB5S Sigma 800 #1Sigma 800 Automated water sampler09147 Water sampler2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Sigma 800 #2Sigma 800 Automated water sampler09145 Water sampler2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Sigma 800 #4Sigma 800 Automated water sampler09141 Water sampler2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Sigma 800 #5Sigma 800 Automated water sampler09143 Water sampler2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Sigma 800 #6Sigma 800 Automated water sampler09144 Water sampler2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Sigma 800 #7Sigma 800 Automated water sampler09146 Water sampler2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Sigma 800 #8Sigma 800 Automated water samplerH019511398 Water sampler2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Sigma 800 #9Sigma 800 Automated water samplerH019511397 Water sampler2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Sigma 900 MAX #11Sigma 900 MAX Automated water sampler13126 Water sampler2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Sigma 900 MAX NPDES #2Sigma 900 MAX Automated water sampler20734 Water sampler2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Stakeholder MeterMeter Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Swoffer #1 (flow meter)Swoffer Flow meter19863 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Swoffer #2 (flow meter)Swoffer Flow meter19864 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S Turner FluoroSense FluorometerTurner Designs FluoroSense Handheld Fluorometer Field Probe2022-03-14
RWQCB5S World Water Monitoring KitWorld Water Monitoring Kit Field Probe2011-03-22
RWQCB5S YSI 32 (back-up)YSI 32 Benchtop unit05390 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S YSI 3200YSI 3200 Benchtop unit01L0375 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S YSI 556 MPSYSI 556 Field Prob2012-04-19
RWQCB5S YSI 600xlmYSI 600xlm Field Prob2013-10-17
RWQCB5S YSI 600xlm #2YSI 600xlm19859 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S YSI 600xlm #3YSI 600xlm18243 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S YSI 600xlm #4YSI 600xlm18471 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S YSI 600xlm #5YSI 600xlm11F-100048 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S YSI 600xlm #6YSI 600xlm12D100380 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S YSI 650 MDSYSI 650 MDS Field Prob2013-10-17
RWQCB5S YSI 6920 #1YSI 660019869 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB5S YSI Meter EXO1 300YSI EXO Sonde with EXO handheld meter14C103300 Field Probe2014-04-17
RWQCB5S YSI Meter EXO1 301YSI EXO Sonde with EXO handheld meter14C103301 Field Probe2014-04-17
RWQCB5S YSI ProDSSYSI ProDss with sensors for temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, and specific conductivity17K101749 Field Probe2018-01-29
RWQCB5S YSI ProDSS #2YSI ProDss with sensors for temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, and specific conductivity Field Probe2019-12-18
RWQCB5S YSI ProDSS #3YSI ProDss with sensors for temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, and specific conductivity (HAB) Field Probe2019-12-18
RWQCB6 Hach 2100N TurbidimeterHACH 2100 N Laboratory Turbidimeter030100008089 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB6 Price AA Current MeterScientific Instr. Inc. Price Type AA Current Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB6 Pygmy Current Meter Model 1205 Mini MeterScientific Instr. Inc. Pygmy Current Meter Model 1205 Mini Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB6 Titration - LaMotte Field Kit #1LaMotte Alkalinity Field Kit Field Probe2008-01-03
RWQCB6 Titration - LaMotte Field Kit #2LaMotte Alkalinity Field Kit Field Probe2008-01-03
RWQCB6 Titration - LaMotte Field Kit #3LaMotte Alkalinity Field Kit Field Probe2015-03-31
RWQCB6 Titration - LaMotte Field Kit #4LaMotte Alkalinity Field KitLot 357829 Test Kit2021-06-23
RWQCB6 YSI 60-10 #1YSI Model 60 Handheld pH and Temperature System07F 100096 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB6 YSI 60-10 #2YSI Model 60 Handheld pH and Temperature System07F 100095 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB6 YSI 63-10YSI 6306g2335 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB6 YSI 85-10 #1YSI Model 85 Handheld Oxygen, Conductivity, Salinity and Temperature System07F 102051 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB6 YSI 85-10 #2YSI Model 85 Handheld Oxygen, Conductivity, Salinity and Temperature System07F 102050 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB6 YSI ProDSSYSI ProDSS16B102396 Field Probe2016-04-15
RWQCB6 YSI ProDSS #1YSI ProDSS Mulitparameter Sampling Instrument16C101741 Field Probe2016-06-13
RWQCB6 YSI ProDSS #2YSI ProDSS Mulitparameter Sampling Instrument20H101802 Field Probe2021-06-04
RWQCB6 YSI Professional Plus #1YSI Professional Plus11D101672 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB7 Hand held ThermometerHand Held Thermometer Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB7 YSI 85YSI 85 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB7 YSI Meter 600 unknownYSI 600 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB8 Hach 2100Q Portable Turbidimeter #1 Hach 2100Q Portable Turbidimeter 2020-01-17
RWQCB8 Hach 2100Q Portable Turbidimeter #2 Hach 2100Q Portable Turbidimeter 2020-01-17
RWQCB8 HK820AnemometerHK820 Anemometer Field Probe2021-01-20
RWQCB8 Kestrel 5200 Pro Environmental MeterKestrel 5200 Professional Environmental Meter Field Probe2020-03-02
RWQCB8 Petite Ponar_0.05m2Petite PonarAreaSediment Sampler2016-05-20
RWQCB8 Secchi DiskSecchi Disk Field Probe2022-03-01
RWQCB8 YSI ProDSSYSI ProDSS Multiparameter Meter21B102340 Field Probe2022-03-01
RWQCB8 YSI ProDSS #1YSI ProDSS Field Probe2021-01-20
RWQCB8 YSI Professional Plus #1YSI Model Pro Plus Handheld Mulitparameter Instrument Field Probe2019-08-20
RWQCB9 Hach 2100N TurbidimeterHach 2100N Turbidimeter Water Sampler2021-09-13
RWQCB9 Hach Alkalinity Test KitHach Alkalinity Test Kit Field Probe2012-10-09
RWQCB9 LaMotte 2020eLaMotte 2020e TurbidimeterME 14203 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB9 Quanta Sonde SN# QDO3899Quanta Sonde Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB9 RangefinderBushnell Sport 850 Laser Rangefinder Field Probe2013-03-04
RWQCB9 Swoffer 3000Swoffer 3000 Flow Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB9 YSI 556 MPSYSI 556 MPS06E1763 Field Probe2016-05-20
RWQCB9_FishTrapFishTrap TI2013-09-26
RWQCB9_HACH_FH9501HACH FH950.1 Field Probe2017-06-28
RWQCB9_TrotLineTen-hook Trot-line with 18" dropper leaders TI2016-05-20
SAL-ESA-031Salinity Meter 2016-05-20
Salinity RefractometerSalinity Refractometer 2019-08-27
SAL-MBV-1YSI Salinity Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
SAL-MVB-2YSI Salinity Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
Sampling pole w/adjustable headSampling Pole w/adjustable head Water sampler2007-09-01
Sampling pole with 1 liter cupSampling pole with 1 liter cup 2019-04-03
Sampling PortContinuous flow sampling port at WWTP samples sieved through 355 um (top) and 125 um (below) sieves 2018-04-26
SAWPA Oakton TDSTestr 20Oakton TDSTestr 20 TDS Probe2016-05-20
SBCK_H2100Q-1 2016-12-15
SBCK_HQ30d-1 2016-12-15
SBCK_HQ30d-2 2016-12-15
SBCK_HQ30d-3 2016-12-15
SBCK_NitrateSBCK_Nitrate 2017-04-18
SBCK_OKcon410-1 2016-12-15
SBCK_OKcon410-2 2016-12-15
SBCK_OKcon410-3 2016-12-15
SBCK_OKpH450-1 2016-12-15
SBCK_OKpH450-2 2016-12-15
SBCK_OKpH450-3 2016-12-15
SBCK_Team1SBCK_Team1 2017-04-18
SBCK_Team2SBCK_Team2 2017-04-18
SBCK_Team3SBCK_Team3 2017-04-18
SBCK_TurbiditySBCK_Turbidity 2017-04-18
SCCWRP 100ft Tape MeasureTape Measure 2021-02-12
SCCWRP Hydrolab HL4Hydrolab HL4 Field Probe2021-05-25
SCCWRP Mod. VanVeen Grab_0.1m2Mod. Van Veen GrabAreaSediment Sampler2016-05-20
SCCWRP Secchi DiskSecchi Disk Field Probe2021-06-21
SCCWRP YSI Pro30YSI Pro30 Field Probe2024-03-15
SCCWRP YSI QuatroYSI Pro Plus Quatro Field Probe2020-09-29
SCD-CWC-01Secchi Disk 2016-05-20
Scoop (polystyrene) and Brush (corn fiber)Scoop (polystyrene) and Brush (corn fiber) Sediment Sampler2016-07-18
scoop, metalscoop, metal Sediment Sampler2008-01-01
scoop, polycarbonatescoop, polycarbonate Sediment Sampler2007-09-01
scoop, polyethylenescoop, polyethylene Sediment Sampler2007-09-01
scoop, polyethylene & polescoop, polyethylene & pole Sediment Sampler2007-09-01
scoop, stainless steelscoop, stainless steel Sediment Sampler2007-09-01
scoop, teflonscoop, teflon 2017-06-27
SCPRMD Cen-Tech Infrared ThermometerCen-Tech Infrared Thermometer 2017-02-13
SCPRMD Oakton PC 450Oakton PC 450 2017-02-06
SCVWD YSI 6600 SN #12A100181YSI 6600 #12A10018112A100181 2016-05-20
SDK-CWC-01Storm Drain Kit Field Probe2015-01-26
SDRPF_YSI_ProDSSYSI ProDSS Field Probe2018-10-04
SDRPF_YSI_ProPlusSDRPF YSI Professional Plus Field Probe2017-07-26
SEC Hach 2100Q TurbidimeterHach 2100Q Portable Turbidimeter11040C008682 Field Prob2019-05-09
SEC Hanna Instruments 9812Hanna Instruments 9812 2017-07-17
SEC Thermco Digital Field ThermoJack ThermometerThermco Digital Field ThermoJack Thermometer49130 2017-02-15
SEC Thermco Digital Field ThermometerThermco Digital Field Thermometer61967 2017-02-13
SEC Thermco Digital ThermoJack ThermometerThermco Digital ThermoJack Thermometer49130 2017-02-13
SEC YSI ProPlusYSI ProPlusSEC16G102849 Field Prob2017-02-06
Secchi DiskSecchi Disk 2019-08-27
SEC-ESA-03Secchi Disc 2016-05-20
SEC-SCMI-01Secchi Disk 2016-05-20
SEC-SCMI-02Secchi Disk 2016-05-20
SEC-SCMI-03Secchi Disk 2016-05-20
SedCorer & SyrScrubSedCorer & SyrScrub BioassessmentCollection2012-06-01
SedimentCorerSedimentCorer BioassessmentCollection2012-06-01
SeineSeine generic 2016-05-20
SELC YSI 600 XLMYSI 600 Field Probe2016-05-20
SELC YSI 6600 V2YSI 6600 Field Probe2016-05-20
SELC YSI Professional PlusYSI Professional Plus Field Probe2016-05-20
SFEI 4 Wheel Boom Truck with D-95 lowered by winch4 Wheel Boom Truck with D-95 lowered by winch Water Sampler2009-02-10
SFEI Beach SeineLoose netting and long wings lengthened with rope Tissue Collection2016-05-20
SFEI ContainerContainer 2008-11-17
SFEI crayfish trapSFEI crayfish trap 2009-04-07
SFEI DH81 Hand Held Depth Integrated SamplerHand held depth integrated sampler Water Sampler2009-11-19
SFEI DredgeDredge Sediment Sampler2008-11-17
SFEI FilterFilter 2008-11-17
SFEI Hach 2100P Turbidimeter #1Hach 2100 P Turbidimeter10090C040307 Field Prob2016-05-20
SFEI Hach 2100P Turbidimeter #2Hach 2100 P Turbidimeter Field Prob2016-05-20
SFEI Hach 2100P Turbidimeter #3Hach 2100 P Turbidimeter Field Prob2016-05-20
SFEI Hach 2100P Turbidimeter unkHach 2100 P Turbidimeter Field Prob2016-05-20
SFEI HamlinHamlin Sediment Trap Sampler 2017-05-16
SFEI ISCO Auto SamplerISCO Auto Sampler Water Sampler2009-02-10
SFEI ISCO Pump, hand filledwater pumped using ISCO pump, container hand filled Water Sampler2009-11-19
SFEI Marsh-McBirney Flo-MateMarsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000 2016-05-20
SFEI mitten crab trapSFEI mitten crab trap 2009-04-07
SFEI Mod. Van Veen Grab (0.1m2)Mod. Van Veen Grab (0.1m2) Sediment Sampler2016-05-20
SFEI NetNet TissueCollection2008-11-17
SFEI Peristaltic pumpPeristaltic Pump Water Sampler2016-05-20
SFEI Petite PonarPetite Ponar Grab Sediment Sampler2016-05-20
SFEI RBR XR-620 CTD+TurbRBR XR-620 Conductivity and temperature logger18517 2018-04-26
SFEI Sampling Pump and Pole, depth integratedSampling pump and pole, depth integrated Water Sampler2009-11-19
SFEI scoop, 2cm acrylic ring, polyethylene sheetPlastic scoop, 2 cm acrylic ring, thin polyethylene sheet Sediment Sampler2016-05-20
SFEI WallingWalling Tube Sediment Trap 2017-05-16
SFEI YSI 556 water quality meterYSI 55609G 100132 Field Prob2016-05-20
SFPUC-WDDNR Hach 2100Q TurbidimeterHach 2100Q Turbidimeter Field Probe2016-04-14
SFPUC-WDDNR Hach Digital TitratorHach Digital Titrator 2018-01-31
SFPUC-WDDNR Hach FH950 Portable Velocity SystemHach FH950 Portable Velocity System Field Probe2016-05-20
SFPUC-WDDNR Hach HQ40d Portable Multi-ParameterHach HQ40d Portable Multi-Parameter Meter Field Probe2016-04-13
SFPUC-WDDNR Hydrolab DS5Hydrolab Data Sonde 5 Field Probe2019-04-16
SFPUC-WDDNR Hydrolab Mini-SondeHydrolab Mini-Sonde Field Probe2016-05-20
SFPUC-WDDNR Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000 Field Probe2016-05-20
SFPUC-WDDNR YSI EXO-2YSI EXO-2 Field Probe2021-04-08
SFSU-RTC Seabird SBE 19 plus CTD ProfilerSeabird SBE 19 plus CTD Profiler Field Probe2016-05-20
SFSU-RTC Seabird SBE 32 Carousel Water SamplerSeabird SBE 32 Carousel Water Sampler Water Sampler2011-04-22
SFSU-RTC YSI 85YSI 85 Field Probe2016-05-20
SFSU-RTC YSI pH10 EcosenseYSI pH 10 Ecosense Field Probe2016-05-20
shovelshovel 2017-08-07
Sigma SD900 AutosamplerSigma SD900 Autosampler 2016-07-07
SJSCRWF_FykeNetFyke Net TissueCollection2016-05-20
SJSCRWF_GillNetGill Net TissueCollection2016-02-22
SJSCRWF_OtterTrawlOtter Trawl TissueCollection2016-05-20
SkyMaster SM-28Wind Weather Meter Field Meter2021-02-12
SLCC flow monitoring gaugeSLCC flow monitoring gauge 2019-04-23
SLDMWA YSI Meter 650YSI Meter 650 Field Probe2018-12-04
SMCRCD HACH 2100PHACH 2100P Field Prob2016-05-20
SMCRCD YSI Pro-PlusYSI Pro-Plus Field Prob2016-05-20
SMCRCD10-MWpH-1pH Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
SMCRCD10-SPERpH-1pH Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
SNARL Cannon #1Cannon Field Probe2016-05-20
SNARL Cannon #2Cannon Field Probe2016-05-20
SNARL Hach Silica Pocket ColorimeterHACH Silica Colorimeter Field Probe2016-05-20
SNARL Nikon 3700Nikon 3700 Field Probe2016-05-20
SNARL Oakton pH/con10 meterOakton pH/con10 meter Field Probe2016-05-20
SNARL Olympus 720Olympus 720 Field Probe2016-05-20
SNARL Orbeco-Hellige nephelometerOrbeco-Hellige nephelometer Field Probe2016-05-20
SNARL Orbeco-Hellige Turbidimeter, Model 966Orbeco-Hellige Turbidimeter, Model 966 Field Probe2016-05-20
SNARL Titration - LaMotte Field KitTitration - LaMotte Field Kit Field Probe2007-09-01
SNARL Unknown Camera #1Unknown Camera #1 Field Probe2016-05-20
Solomat 803PSSolomat Field Probe2011-11-01
SON-2RB07Conductivity Meter 2016-05-20
SonTek FlowtrackerSonTek FlowtrackerNot Recorded Field Probe2016-10-31
SonTek FlowTracker2 Handheld-ADVAcoustic Doppler Velocimeter Wading Discharge Measurement Instrument 2017-04-07
SP3SP3 Passive Sampler 2016-12-01
SPATT BagSolid Phase Adsorption Toxin Tracking Bag Water Sampler2012-10-04
SPATT-DiskSample passively collected by SPATT disk type device. Extraction sorbent - DIAION HP-20 resin. 2021-09-08
SPER840041SPER Scientific Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
SPI_Research_WSWeather Station 2019-06-04
SPIRES YSI Meter 6820YSI Meter 6820 Field Probe2019-06-04
SPMDs passive samplersSPMDs pasive samplers (semipermeable membrane devices) 2017-06-27
SRA_Onset_HoboOnset Hobo Salinity Data Logger 2022-11-04
SRA_PME miniDOT LoggerPME miniDOT Logger 2022-11-04
SRCSD YSI EXO2YSI Model EXO2 Sonde 2023-12-15
SRF OTT MF proOTT MF Pro Flow Meter 2023-01-12
SRF YSI DO200YSI DO20016H1JC02689 Field Probe2022-02-04
SRF YSI DO200AYSI DO200A20K100434 Field Probe2022-02-04
SRF-Marsh McBirney Flo-Mate 2000Marsh McBirney Flo-Mate 2000 Field Probe2022-02-04
SRYCL YSI Pro20YSI Pro20 Dissolved Oxygen 2021-09-17
Stainless Steel Kemmerer 1.5L1.5 liter Kemmerer water sampler, stainless steel and teflon model Water Sampler2017-08-07
Stainless Steel ShovelStainless Steel Shovel TissueCollection2021-11-15
Sterile 500 mL polycarbonate bottleSterile 500 mL polycarbonate bottle 2019-04-03
STPUDL AquaTroll 400In-Situ Aqua Troll 400 Multiparameter Probe99442 Field Probe2023-11-06
Submersible pumpSubmersible pump Water Sampler2016-05-20
SupcoTempThermometer 2019-01-04
Surber SamplerD-Frame Kick Net BioassessmentCollection2017-05-17
SWB_HAB#1 YSI ProDSSYSI ProDSS Mulitparameter Sampling Instrument19E101216 Field Probe2020-04-20
SWS Gage Bucks Creek at North Fork Feather RiverSWS Gage Bucks Creek at North Fork Feather River 2016-05-20
SWS Gage Grizzly Creek at North Fork Feather RiverSWS Gage Grizzly Creek at North Fork Feather River 2016-05-20
SWS Gage Grizzly Creek Upstream of WildcatSWS Gage Grizzly Creek Upstream of Wildcat (GC2) 2016-05-20
SWS Gage Milk Ranch Creek at North Fork Feather RSWS Gage Milk Ranch Creek at North Fork Feather River (MRC1) 2016-05-20
SWS Gradient Calculated from DEMSWS Gradient Calculated from DEM 2016-02-17
SWS Lamotte Alkalinity KitLamotte Alkalinity Kit 2016-02-01
SWS Marsh McBirney Flo-mateMarsh McBirney Flo-mate 2016-05-20
SWS ThermometerThermometer 2016-05-20
SWS YSI 600xlYSI 600xl 2016-05-20
SYRCL Oakton pHTester 30Oakton pHTester 30 2019-01-04
SyringeScrubberSyringe ScrubberAreaBioassessmentCollection2011-01-20
TA-CWC-30Thermometer 2016-05-20
Tandem Van Veen 2021-02-12
Tandem Van Veen GrabTandem Van Veen Grab Sediment2016-05-20
TAYLOR-9878EYSI Multimeter Field Probe2016-05-20
TB-1-FCPLaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB1-FCPBulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-2-FCPLaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3-FCPLaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-06Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-12Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-13Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-15Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-17LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-19Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-31Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-32Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-33Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-34Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-35Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-36Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-37Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-38Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-39Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-40Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-41Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-57Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-58Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-59Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-60Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-61Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-62Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-63Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-64Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-65Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-3NET-69Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-93909-62Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-ACT-02Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-BIGCR-1Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TBC-3NET1NIST Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CCWI-01Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CCWI-02Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CDM-01Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CDM-02Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CMA-01Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CSR-01Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-08Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-30Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-31Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-32Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-33Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-34Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-35Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-36Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-37Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-38Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-39Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-40Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-41Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-42Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-43Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-44Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-45Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-46Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-47Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-48Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-49Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-50Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-51Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-52Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-53Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-54Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-55Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-56Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-57Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-58Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-59Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-60Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-61Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-62Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-63Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-64Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-65Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-66Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-67Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-68Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-69Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-70Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-71Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-72Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-CWC-89Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-ENVST-01Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-ESA-03.2Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-FCI-1Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-FNC-01Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-FNC-03Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-FOE-01Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-FOE-02Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-FOE-03Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-FOE-04Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-FOE-05Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-FOE-06Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-FOE-07Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-FOE-08Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-FOLAR3Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-FOLAR4Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-FOLAR8Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-FOSC-01Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-FOTC-01Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-GRWC-01Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-GRWC-02Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-GRWC-03Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-GRWC-04Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LAN-01LaMotte Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LAN-02LaMotte Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LAN-03LaMotte Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LAN-04LaMotte Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LAN-05LaMotte Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LAN-06LaMotte Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LAN-07LaMotte Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LAN-08LaMotte Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LAN-09LaMotte Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LAN-10Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LAN-11Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LAN-12Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LAN-13Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LAN-16Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LAN-17Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LAN-20Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LAN-22Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LAN-23Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LCCS-1Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LCCS-2LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LCCS-3LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LCCS-4LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LCCS-5LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LMC-01Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-LWTP-11Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-NRCD-01Envirosafe Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-RCAA-01LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-RCAA-02LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-RCAA-03LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-RCAA-04LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-RCAA-05LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-RCAA-06LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-RCAA-07LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-RCAA-08LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-RCAA-09LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-RCAA-10LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-RCAA-11LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-RCAA-12LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-RCDSMM-01Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SBCK-01Ertco Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SBCK-02Ertco Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SBCK-03Ertco Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SBCK-04Ertco Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SCMI-02Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SCMI-03Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SCMI-04Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SCMI-05Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SCMI-06Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SCMI-07Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SCMI-08Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-01LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-02LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-03LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-04LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-05LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-06LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-07LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-08LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-09LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-10LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-11LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-12LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TBSDBK-12LaMotte Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-13LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-14LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TBSDBK-14LaMotte Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-15LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-16LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-17LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-18LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-19LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-20LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-22LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-23LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-24LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-25LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-26LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-27LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-28LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-29LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SDBK-30LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SGC-02Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SGC-05Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SGC-07LaMotte Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SGC-08Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SGC-117Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SGC-14Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SMBK-01LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SMBK-02LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SMBK-03LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SMBK-04LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SMBK-05LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SMBK-06LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SMBK-07LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SMBK-08LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SMBK-09LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SMBK-10LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SMBK-11LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SMBK-12LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SOS-01Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SOS-02Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SRCD-01LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SRCD-02LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SRCD-03LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SRCD-04LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SRCD-05LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SRCD-06LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SRCD-07LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SRCD-08LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SRCD-09LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SRCD-10LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SRCD-11LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SRCD-12LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SRCD-13Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SRCD-14Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SRLB-01Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SRW-1Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-SRW-2Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-STB-01Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-STB-069Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-TST-01LaMotte Bulb Thermometer (0-50 C) 2018-04-27
TB-TST-02LaMotte Bulb Thermometer (0-50 C) 2018-04-27
TB-TST-03LaMotte Bulb Thermometer (0-50 C) 2018-04-27
TB-TST-04LaMotte Bulb Thermometer (0-50 C) 2018-04-27
TB-TST-05LaMotte Bulb Thermometer (0-50 C) 2018-04-27
TB-TST-06LaMotte Bulb Thermometer (0-50 C) 2018-04-27
TB-TST-07LaMotte Bulb Thermometer (0-50 C) 2018-04-27
TB-TST-08LaMotte Bulb Thermometer (0-50 C) 2018-04-27
TB-TST-09LaMotte Bulb Thermometer (0-50 C) 2018-04-27
TB-TST-10LaMotte Bulb Thermometer (0-50 C) 2018-04-27
TB-USLT1Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-VAL-01LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-VAL-02LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-VAL-03LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-VAL-04LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-VAL-05LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-VAL-06LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-VAL-07LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TB-VCK-01Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-AWC-14Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-01Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-02Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-03Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-04Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-05Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-06Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-07Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-08Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-09Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-10Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-11Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-12Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-13Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-15Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-16Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-17Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-18Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-19Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-1BDigital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-20Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-21Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-22Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-23Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-24Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-25Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-CWC-26Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TD-NOAA-09Thermometer 2016-05-20
TDSTRWC1Oakton TDSTestr Low 0-1990 ppm 2016-05-20
TDSTRWC10Oakton TDSTestr Low 0-1990 ppm 2016-05-20
TDSTRWC2Oakton TDSTestr Low 0-1990 ppm 2016-05-20
TDSTRWC3Oakton TDSTestr Low 0-1990 ppm 2016-05-20
TDSTRWC4Oakton TDSTestr Low 0-1990 ppm 2016-05-20
TDSTRWC5Oakton TDSTestr Low 0-1990 ppm 2016-05-20
TDSTRWC6Oakton TDSTestr Low 0-1990 ppm 2016-05-20
TDSTRWC7Oakton TDSTestr Low 0-1990 ppm 2016-05-20
TDSTRWC8Oakton TDSTestr Low 0-1990 ppm 2016-05-20
TDSTRWC9Oakton TDSTestr Low 0-1990 ppm 2016-05-20
TDS-TST-01Oakton TDS Meter 2018-04-27
TDS-TST-02Oakton TDS Meter 2018-04-27
TDS-TST-03Oakton TDS Meter 2018-04-27
TDS-TST-04Oakton TDS Meter 2018-04-27
TDS-TST-05Oakton TDS Meter 2018-04-27
TDS-TST-06Oakton TDS Meter 2018-04-27
TDS-TST-07Oakton TDS Meter 2018-04-27
TDS-TST-08Oakton TDS Meter 2018-04-27
TDS-TST-09Oakton TDS Meter 2018-04-27
TDS-TST-10Oakton TDS Meter 2018-04-27
TDS-USLT1TDS Meter 2016-05-20
Teflon Depth Integrated SamplerTeflon Depth Integrated Sampler Water Sampler2008-04-21
Teflon Tubing/Peristaltic pumpperistaltic water pump Water Sampler2016-05-20
TEMPTRWC01Thermometer 2017-02-03
TEMPTRWC02Thermometer 2017-02-03
TEMPTRWC03Thermometer 2017-02-03
TEMPTRWC04Thermometer 2017-02-03
TEMPTRWC05Thermometer 2017-02-03
TEMPTRWC06Thermometer 2017-02-03
TEMPTRWC07Thermometer 2017-02-03
TEMPTRWC08Thermometer 2017-02-03
TEMPTRWC09Thermometer 2017-02-03
TEMPTRWC10Thermometer 2017-02-03
TEMPTRWC11Thermometer 2017-02-03
TEMPTRWC12Thermometer 2017-02-03
TEMPTRWC13Thermometer 2017-02-03
TEMPTRWC14Thermometer 2017-02-03
TEMPTRWC15Thermometer 2017-02-03
Test Tube 2.5 X 15 cmTest Tube 2.5 X 15 cm , glass 2018-02-06
ThermometerThermometer 2016-05-20
Thermometer 54AThermometer Field Probe2016-05-20
THTRWC1Thermometer 2016-05-20
THTRWC10Thermometer 2016-05-20
THTRWC11Thermometer 2016-05-20
THTRWC12Thermometer 2017-02-03
THTRWC13Thermometer 2016-05-20
THTRWC14Thermometer 2017-02-03
THTRWC15Thermometer 2017-02-03
THTRWC16Thermometer 2017-02-03
THTRWC17Thermometer 2017-02-03
THTRWC2Thermometer 2016-05-20
THTRWC3Thermometer 2016-05-20
THTRWC4Thermometer 2016-05-20
THTRWC5Thermometer 2016-05-20
THTRWC6Thermometer 2016-05-20
THTRWC7Thermometer 2016-05-20
THTRWC8Thermometer 2016-05-20
THTRWC9Thermometer 2016-05-20
TH-WATER-01LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TH-WATER-02LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TJU-NOAA1LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TKPOA Hydrolab HL4Hydrolab HL4 Sonde Multimeter Field Probe2022-10-11
TM-ACT-01Mechanical Thermometer 2016-05-20
TMP-HTB-01Thermometer 2016-05-20
TMP-HTB-02Thermometer 2016-05-20
TMP-HTB-03Thermometer 2016-05-20
TMP-HTB-04Thermometer 2016-05-20
Top-setting Wading RodWater Depth Meter for shallow water Field Meter2021-02-12
TR-3NET-01LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-02LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-03LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-04LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-05LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-06LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-07LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-08LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-09LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-10LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-11LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-12LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-13LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-14LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-15LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-16LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-17LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-18LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-19LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-20LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-21LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-22LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-23LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-24LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-25LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-26LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-27LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-27AThermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-28LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-29LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-30LaMotte Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-31Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-33Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-3NET-34Thermometer 2016-05-20
Traceable Salinity 4382Field pH/conductivity/temp meter 2016-05-20
TRA-CWC-02Thermometer 2016-05-20
TRA-CWC-03Thermometer 2016-05-20
TRA-CWC-04Thermometer 2016-05-20
TRA-CWC-08Thermometer 2016-05-20
TRA-CWC-10Thermometer 2016-05-20
TRA-CWC-49Thermometer 2016-05-20
TRAMEC1Oakton ECTestr Low 0 - 1990 uS/cm 2016-05-20
TRAMPH1Oakton pHTestr 2 meter 2016-05-20
TRAMPH2Oakton pHTestr 2 meter 2016-05-20
TR-CSC-01Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-CWC-03Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-CWC-10Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-CWC-11VWR Scientific Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-CWC-15Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-CWC-39Thermometer 2016-05-20
TRD-CWC3Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TRD-CWC5Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
troweltrowel 2017-08-07
TRPA Geopacks Flow Meter MFP51Geopacks Flow Meter MFP51 2016-05-20
TRPA LaMotte Alkalinity Test KitLaMotte Alkalinity Test Kit 2013-06-19
TRPA Titration LaMotte Field KitTitration LaMotte Field Kit 2013-06-19
TRPA YSI 556YSI 556 2016-05-20
TRPA YSI Professional PlusYSI Professional Plus 2016-05-20
TR-RK9Temperature probe 2016-05-20
TR-SLC-1Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-SLC-2Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB-066Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB-10NIST Thermometer- Ever Ready Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB-15Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB-18Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB29Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB-32Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB-34Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB4Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB41NIST Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB46Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB-49Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB4FOLARThermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB5Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB-51Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB-53Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB54Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB-55Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB-56Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB-58Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB-62Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB-64Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB-67Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB-68Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB7FOLARThermometer 2016-05-20
TR-STB8FOLARThermometer 2016-05-20
TRT-3NET-01Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-02Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-03Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-04Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-05Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-06Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-07Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-08Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-09Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-10Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-11Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-12Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-13Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-14Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-15Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-16Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-17Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-18Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-19Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-20Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-21Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-22Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-23Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-24Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-25Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-26Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-27Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-28Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-30Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-34Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-36Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-40Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-41Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-42Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-43Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-44Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-45Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-46Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-47Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-48Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-49Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-50Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-52Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-53Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-54Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-55Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-56Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-57Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-3NET-82Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-01Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-02Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-03Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-04Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-05Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-06Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-07Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-08Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-09Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-10Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-11Transparency Tube Field Probe2015-06-25
TRT-CWC-12Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-13Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-14Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-15Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-16Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-17Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-18Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-19Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-20Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-21Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-22Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-23Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-24Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-25Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-26Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-27Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-CWC-30Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-ESSP-1Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-FNC-01Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-GCWC1Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-OCCK-01Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-OCCK-02Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-OCCK-03Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-OCCK-04Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-OCCK-05Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-OCCK-06Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-RCAA-01Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-RCAA-02Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-RCAA-03Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-RCAA-04Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-RCAA-05Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-RCAA-06Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-RCAA-07Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-SBCK-01Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-SBCK-02Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-SBCK-03Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-SBCK-04Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-SBCK-05Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-SBCK-06Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-SGC-02Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TRT-SMBK-01Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-SMBK-02Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-SMBK-03Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-SMBK-04Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-SMBK-05Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-SMBK-06Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-SRCD-01Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-SRCD-02Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-SRCD-03Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-SRCD-04Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-SRCD-05Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-SRCD-06Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-SRCD-07Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-SRCD-10Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-SRCD-11Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-STW-01Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-STW-02Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-STW-03Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-STW-04Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-STW-05Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-STW-06Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-USLT1Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-USLT2Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-WDF-01Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-WDF-02Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-XX-01Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TRT-XX-02Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TR-USLT1Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-USLT2Thermometer 2016-05-20
TR-USLT5Thermometer 2016-05-20
TRWC1Hanna Turbidity Meter 93703 2016-05-20
TRWC2Hanna Turbidity Meter 93703 2016-05-20
TRWC3Hanna Turbidity Meter 93703 2016-05-20
Tt_FM_SN111100000012Collects flow transect data. Unit rented to Tetra Tech.111100000012 2020-02-18
Tt_FM_SN141831002063FM_SN141831002063141831002063 Field Probe2019-10-09
Tt_FM2000_SN2003294Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000SN 2003294 2016-05-20
Tt_FM2000_SN2005690Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000SN 2005690 2016-10-28
Tt_FM2000_SN2006644Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000SN2006644 2016-05-20
Tt_FM2000_SN2006931Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000SN 2006931 2016-05-20
Tt_FM2000_SN2007356Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000SN 2007356 Field Probe2016-05-20
Tt_FM2000_SN2007584Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000SN 2007584 2017-07-03
Tt_FM2000_SN2007784Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000SN 2007784 2016-05-20
Tt_HACH_FH950_SN201711004643HACH_FH950201711004643 2020-11-09
Tt_HACH2100P_S3813Hach 2100P 2016-05-20
Tt_HACH2100P_S3870AHACH 2100PS3870A Field Probe2016-05-20
Tt_HACH2100P_S3956Hach 2100P 2016-05-20
Tt_HACH2100P_S3996Hach 2100P 2016-05-20
Tt_HACH2100Q_SN11110C014181HACH2100Q_SN11110C014181 2018-01-30
Tt_HACH2100Q_SN1205C017748HACH 2100QSN205C017748 2016-05-20
Tt_HACH2100Q_SN13090C027918HACH 2100Q13090C027918 2016-05-20
Tt_HACH2100Q_SN15110C045711Hach 2100Q TurbidimeterSN15110C045711 Field Probe2016-08-01
Tt_HACH2100Q_SN205C017748SN205C017748 2016-05-20
Tt_Oakton pHTestr 30Oakton pHTestr 30OK2079455 2021-07-28
Tt_STF_SNP4004SonTek Flowtracker P4004SN P4004 2016-05-20
Tt_Turner_SN286C000227Turner_SN286C000227 2018-04-23
Tt_Turner_SN290158Turner_SN290158 2018-01-30
Tt_YSI ProDSS_16J104731YSI Pro DSS16J104731 2021-08-10
Tt_YSI ProDSS_16J104978YSI ProDSS16J104978 2022-01-07
Tt_YSI ProDSS_17M100593YSI Pro DSS17M100593 2021-08-10
Tt_YSI ProDSS_21D221633YSI ProDSS21D221633 2022-01-07
Tt_YSI ProDSS_21E101453YSI ProDSS21E101453 2022-03-25
Tt_YSI_01M0524ADYSI01M0524AD 2016-05-20
Tt_YSI_02D0578AYYSI 660002D0578AY Field Probe2016-05-20
Tt_YSI_02D0861AEYSI 660002D0861AE 2016-05-20
Tt_YSI_05E2000AFYSI Field Probe2016-04-28
Tt_YSI_05H2239AAYSI 660005H2239AA Field Probe2016-05-20
Tt_YSI_07H100074YSI 6600 Field Probe2016-05-20
Tt_YSI_08E101214YSI 660008E101214 2016-05-20
Tt_YSI_09K101328YSI 2017-09-15
Tt_YSI_10J101707YSI 9620V2-210J101707 2016-05-20
Tt_YSI_1100312YSI1100312 2016-05-20
Tt_YSI_15A103391YSI15A103391 Field Probe2020-06-12
Tt_YSI_18J100808YSI_18J10080818J100808 Field Probe2019-10-09
Tt_YSI_19G103858YSI_19G10385819G103858 Field Probe2019-10-09
Tt_YSI_19H103429YSI19H103429 2021-03-12
Tt_YSI_19K100687YSI19K100687 2021-03-12
Tt_YSI_20E101453YSI20E101453 2021-03-12
Tt_YSI_556YSI 556 Field Probe2016-05-20
Tt_YSI_566YSI 566 Field Probe2016-05-20
Tt_YSI_600XLMYSI 600xlm Field Probe2016-05-20
Tt_YSI_65016820YSI 65065016820 2016-05-20
Tt_YSI_650I6820YSI 65065016820 2016-05-20
Tt_YSI_6820v2YSI 6820 v2 Field Probe2016-05-20
Tt_YSI_6920v2YSI 6920 v2 2016-05-20
Tt_YSI_97M0509AFYSI 6600 Field Probe2016-05-20
Tt_YSI_S3979YSI 600XLV2 2016-05-20
Tt_YSI_S4091Tt_YSI_S4091 Field Probe2016-05-20
Tt_YSI_S4421YSI 556 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-01Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-02Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-03Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-04Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-05Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-06Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-07Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-08Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-09Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-10Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-15Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-17Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-30Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-31Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-32Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-33Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-34Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-35Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-36Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-37Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-38Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-39Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-40Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-41Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-42Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-43Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-45Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-46Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-47Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-48Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-49Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-50Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-51Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-52Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-54Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-55Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-56Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-57Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-58Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-59Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-60Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-61Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-62Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-63Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-64Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-3NET-65Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-CWC-01Taylor Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-CWC-10Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-CWC-11Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-CWC-12Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-CWC-13Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-CWC-14Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-CWC-15Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-CWC-16Cumaric Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-ELKHO-1Kestrel Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-FOE-01Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-FOE-02Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-FOSC-01Control Company Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-GCWC1Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-GCWC2Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-MON-01Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-MON-02Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-MON-03Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-MON-05Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-MON-06Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-MON-07Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-MU-NSF-264Thermometer probe 2016-05-20
TT-MUW-1Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-NSF-208Thermister 2014-07-16
TT-OCCK-01Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-OCCK-02Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-OCCK-03Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-OCCK-04Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-OCCK-05Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-OCCK-06Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TTP-2RB04Thermometer probe 2016-05-20
TTP-2RB-5Temperature probe 2016-05-20
TT-RCAA-01Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-RCAA-02Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-RCAA-03Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-SBCK-01Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-SBCK-02Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-SBCK-03Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-SBCK-04Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-SBCK-05Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-SBCK-06Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-SDBK-01Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-SDBK-02Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-SDBK-03Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-SDBK-04Comark Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-SLVH-7Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-STBSOBulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-STW-01Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-STW-02Oakton Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-STW-03Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-STW-04Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-STW-05Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-STW-06Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-STW-07Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-STW-08Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-STW-09Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-STW-10Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-STW-11Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-STW-12Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-USLT6Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-UW-01Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-UW-02Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-UW-03Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-UW-04Digital Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-UW-05Digital thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-WATER-01Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
TT-WDF-02Thermometer 2016-05-20
TT-WDF-03Thermometer 2016-05-20
TU Hach FH950Hach FH950 Flow Meter Field Probe2022-08-17
TU Pygmy Spinner MeterPygmy Stream discharge meter Field Meter2021-02-22
TU YSI Professional PlusYSI Professional Plus Field Probe2021-02-22
TUJ-3NET25LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-ACT-01Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-ACT-02Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-BIGCR-1LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-CDM-01Hach Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUJ-CWC-01LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-CWC-02LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-CWC-03Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-CWC-04LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-CWC-10LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-CWC-11LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-CWC-12Dual Tube Turbidity Kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-CWC-13Dual Tube Turbidity Kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-CWC-14LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-CWC-15LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-CWC-16LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-CWC-17LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-CWC-18LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-CWC-19LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-CWC-21Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-ENVST-01Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-ESSP-1Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-FCI-1Turbidity meter 2016-05-20
TUJ-FOE-01LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-FOE-02LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-FOE-03LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-FOE-04LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-FOE-05LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-FOE-06LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-FOE-CK-02LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-FOTC-01LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-LMC-01Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-RCAA-01LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-RCAA-02LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-SDBK-01LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-SDBK-02LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-SDBK-03LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-SDBK-04LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-SDBK-05LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-SDBK-06LaMotte Dual Cylinder Turbidity kit 2014-07-16
TUJ-SGC-02Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUJ-SLC-1Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUJ-SRW-1Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUJ-SRW-2Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-CCWI-01Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-CSC-01Hach Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-FOLAR3Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-FOLAR4Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-FOLAR5Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-HTB-01Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-HTB-02Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-HTB-03Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-HTB-04Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-MBV-1Hach Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-MBV-2Hach Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-SBCK-01Hach Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-SBCK-02Hach Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-SBCK-03Hach Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-SBCK-04Hach Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-SCMI-01Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-SCMI-06Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-SCMI-07Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-SGC-02Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-SLVH-7Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-SMBK-01Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-SRLB-01Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-STB-8Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-USLT1Hach Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TUN-VCK-01Hach Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TuolumneRCD Oakton handheld Conductivity meterOakton HandHeld conductivity meter Field Probe2016-05-20
TuolumneRCD Oakton handheld pH meterOakton HandHeld pH meter Field Probe2016-05-20
TuolumneRCD Winkler MethodWinkler Method Field Probe2010-10-19
TuolumneRT LaMotte Test kitLaMotte Test Kit Field Probe2010-10-19
TuolumneRT NASCO Armored Enviro-Safe ThermometerNASCO Armored Enviro-Safe Thermometer Field Probe2016-05-20
TURBMTR-FCPHach Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TURB-SGC-01Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TURB-TST-01HANNA Turbidity Meter 2018-04-27
TURB-TST-02HANNA Turbidity Meter 2018-04-27
TURB-TST-03HANNA Turbidity Meter 2018-04-27
TURB-TST-04HANNA Turbidity Meter 2018-04-27
TURB-TST-05HANNA Turbidity Meter 2018-04-27
TURB-TST-06HANNA Turbidity Meter 2018-04-27
TURB-TST-07HANNA Turbidity Meter 2018-04-27
TURB-TST-08HANNA Turbidity Meter 2018-04-27
TURB-TST-09HANNA Turbidity Meter 2018-04-27
TURB-TST-10HANNA Turbidity Meter 2018-04-27
TURB-USLT-2Turbidity Meter 2016-05-20
TW-CWC-59Thermometer 2016-05-20
Twig and leaf mesh screenTwig and leaf mesh screen Water Sampler2008-01-01
TWL-Field ProbeField Probe Field Prob2008-01-01
Two Syringe Brush SamplerTwo Syringe Brush Sampler 2017-01-31
TWP Hach DR 900 ColorimeterHach DR 900 Colorimeter 2018-06-12
TWP Hanna ISMHanna Phosphate Photometer3060010991 2018-09-20
TWP Hanna NO3 #1Hanna Nitrate Photometer 2023-01-06
TWP Hanna pH#1Hanna Waterproof Pocket pH Tester 2023-01-06
TWP Hanna Turb1HANNA Turbidity Meter 1900-01-01
TWP Oakton PCTS #1Oakton PCTS Testr 50 1900-01-01
TWP Oakton PCTS #2Oakton PCTS Testr 50 2023-01-06
TWP Oakton PCTS #3Oakton PCTS Testr 30 2023-08-10
TWP Oakton PCTS #4Oakton PCTSTestr 50 Waterproof Pocket pH/Cond/TDS/Salinity Tester, Premium 50 Series 2024-01-31
TWP YSI Pro DO20i #1YSI Pro20i Dissolved Oxygen Meter, 4-m Cable, Galvanic 2024-01-31
TWP YSI Pro DSS #1YSI Pro DSS #117F105372 2018-06-12
TWP YSI Pro DSS #2YSI ProDSS 1900-01-01
TYRT-3NET-11Lawrence Enterprises Transparency Tube 2014-07-16
U20L-04-20029163HOBO Water Level Data Logger20029163 Field Probe2020-03-03
U20L-04-20029164HOBO Water Level Data Logger20029164 Field Probe2020-03-03
U20L-04-20029165HOBO Water Level Data Logger20029165 Field Probe2020-03-03
U20L-04-20029166HOBO Water Level Data Logger20029166 Field Probe2020-03-03
UC Quanta Hydrolab serial # 0370005465Quanta Hydrolab0370005456 Field Probe2016-08-08
UCB-WL Accumet 50 MeterAccumet 50 Meter00014135 Field Prob2008-01-01
UCB-WL Accumet XL 50Accumet XL 50 Field Probe2016-05-20
UCB-WL pH Accumet 50pH Accumet 50 Field Probe2016-05-20
UCB-WL YSI 55YSI 55 Field Probe2016-05-20
UCB-WL YSI 55 MeterYSI 5500E0458 Field Prob2008-01-01
UCB-WL YSI Meter 556YSI Meter 556 Field Probe2016-05-20
UCB-WL_PumpPump 2018-03-04
UCB-WL_TubeWithMeshTubeWithMesh 2018-03-04
UCCE Peristaltic pumpPeristaltic water pump Water Sampler2017-02-01
UCD-AEAL 3L PTFE bottle3L PTFE bottle Water Sampler2008-01-01
UCD-AEAL Fisherbrand Accumet DO Meter1Fisherbrand Accumet288522 Field Prob2008-01-01
UCD-AEAL Fisherbrand Accumet DO Meter2Fisherbrand Accumet293335 Field Prob2008-01-01
UCD-AEAL Fisherbrand Accumet DO Meter3Fisherbrand Accumet288523 Field Prob2008-01-01
UCD-AEAL Fisherbrand Accumet DO Meter4Fisherbrand Accumet261301 Field Prob2008-01-01
UCD-AEAL Fisherbrand DO Meter unkFisherbrand Field Prob2016-05-20
UCD-AEAL Marsh-McBirney #1Marsh-McBirney flow meter Field Prob2016-05-20
UCD-AEAL Marsh-McBirney #2Marsh-McBirney flow meter Field Prob2016-05-20
UCD-AEAL Marsh-McBirney unkMarsh-McBirney flow meter Field Prob2016-05-20
UCD-AEAL Oakton Mulitparameter Meter7Oakton Mulitparameter180335 Field Prob2008-01-01
UCD-AEAL Oakton Mulitparameter Meter9Oakton Mulitparameter222603 Field Prob2008-01-01
UCD-AEAL Oakton Multiparameter Meter1Oakton Mulitparameter192278 Field Prob2008-01-01
UCD-AEAL Oakton Multiparameter Meter10Oakton Mulitparameter131276 Field Prob2008-01-01
UCD-AEAL Oakton Multiparameter Meter2Oakton Mulitparameter192279 Field Prob2008-01-01
UCD-AEAL Oakton Multiparameter Meter3Oakton Mulitparameter192277 Field Prob2008-01-01
UCD-AEAL Oakton Multiparameter Meter4Oakton Mulitparameter192289 Field Prob2008-01-01
UCD-AEAL Oakton Multiparameter Meter5Oakton Mulitparameter192280 Field Prob2008-01-01
UCD-AEAL Oakton Multiparameter Meter6Oakton Mulitparameter180342 Field Prob2008-01-01
UCD-AEAL Oakton Multiparameter Meter9Oakton Mulitparameter192289 Field Prob2008-01-01
UCD-AEAL Oakton pH/Con 10 TMDL1Oakton 10131270 Field Prob2016-05-20
UCD-AEAL Oakton pH/Con 10 TMDL2Oakton 10222573 Field Prob2016-05-20
UCD-AEAL Oakton pH/Con 10 TMDL3Oakton 10131292 Field Prob2016-05-20
UCD-AEAL Oakton pH/Con 10 TMDL4Oakton 10131299 Field Prob2016-05-20
UCD-AEAL SwofferSwoffer Model 2100 Field Prob2016-05-20
UCD-AEAL TypeAA LVM unkType AA-MH-Model 6210 Field Prob2016-05-20
UCD-AEAL TypeAA NVM unkType AA-MH-Model 6215 Field Prob2016-05-20
UCD-AHPL ChemCatcherChemCatcher water2020-04-02
UCD-AHPL Temperature probeTemperature probe 2020-04-02
UCD-AHPL YSI Pro 10YSI Pro 10 2020-04-02
UCD-AHPL YSI Pro 20YSI Pro 20 2020-04-02
UCD-AHPL YSI Pro 30YSI Pro 30 2020-04-02
UCD-ATL Beckman 255Beckman 255 Field Probe2016-05-20
UCD-ATL Beckman IS 425 pH MeterBeckman IS 425 Field Prob2016-05-20
UCD-ATL Flow MeterFlow Meter Field Prob2008-01-01
UCD-ATL Global Flow ProbeGlobal Flow Probe Field Probe2007-09-01
UCD-ATL Hach 2100PHach 2100P Field Probe2016-05-20
UCD-ATL Temperature ProbeProbe Field Prob2008-01-01
UCD-ATL YSI 30YSI 30 Field Probe2016-05-20
UCD-ATL YSI 58YSI 58 Field Probe2016-05-20
UCD-ATL YSI Model 33 EC MeterYSI Model 33 Field Prob2008-01-01
UCD-ATL YSI Model 58 DO MeterYSI Model 58 Field Prob2008-01-01
UCD-GC Petite Ponar_0.05m2Petite Ponar Sediment Sampler2016-05-20
UCD-GC YSI Meter 650 MDSYSI Meter 650 05C2197AG Field Probe2016-05-20
UCD-GC YSI Meter Exo3YSI Multimeter Field Probe2020-08-10
UCD-HOBB Otter TrawlOtter TrawlLengthTissueCollection2018-07-31
UCD-HOBB Otter TrawlOtter TrawlStretchTissueCollection2018-07-31
UCD-HOBB Otter TrawlOtter TrawlAreaTissueCollection2018-07-31
UCSB-MSI GO-FLO sampling bottleGO-FLO sampling bottle Water Sampler2013-09-26
UCSB-MSI Hand Held MeterHand Held Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
UCSB-MSI Seabird SBE 16 plus CTDSeabird SBE 16 plus CTD Field Probe2016-05-20
UCSB-MSI SeaFET #42SeaFET42 Field Probe2016-05-20
UCSB-MSI SeaFET #43SeaFET43 Field Probe2016-05-20
UCSB-MSI SeaFET #48SeaFET48 Field Probe2016-05-20
UCSB-MSI SeaFET #50SeaFET50 Field Probe2016-05-20
UCSB-MSI uCTDuCTD Field Probe2013-09-26
UCSC-DET YSI 85 water quality meterYSI 85 FieldProb2016-05-20
UCSC-IMS DuraFETDuraFET Field Probe2016-05-20
UCSC-IMS YSI 6600YSI 6600 Field Probe2016-05-20
UCSD-SIO SeaFETSeaFET Field Probe2016-05-20
UFRW_Swoffer_Model 2100Swoffer_Model 2100NR Field Prob2016-05-20
UFRW_YSI 63YSI 63NR Field Prob2010-08-18
UFRW_YSI 85YSI 85NR Field Prob2010-08-18
UFRWG_Swoffer 2100Swoffer 2100 2016-05-20
UFRWG_YSI 63YSI 63 2014-12-08
UFRWG_YSI 85YSI 85 2014-12-08
UM-AGNR Petite Ponar_0.0039m2Petite Ponar Sediment Sampler2016-05-20
UnknownElectroFishingVesselUnknownElectroFishingVessel TissueCollection2016-05-20
US DH-84 samplerUS DH-84 depth-integrating wading sampler 2019-12-05
USBR YSI Meter 650YSI 650 Field Prob2012-02-08
USBR YSI Meter EXO1YSI EXO121E101950 Field Prob2022-03-08
USBR-CGBRO_ ECD AQUA-MULTIX Portable Water SamplerAQUA-MULTIX Portable Water Sampler 2023-06-21
USBR-MP-157 Sigma MAX GR GBA_01_03Sigma MAX GR GBA Automated water sampler WaterSampler2016-05-20
USBR-MP-157 Sigma MAX GR GBA_02Sigma MAX GR GBA Automated water sampler WaterSampler2016-05-20
USBR-SCCAO YSI Meter 600 XLYSI 600 XL Field Prob2016-05-20
USEPA_RaftShocker14' Raft Shocker TissueCollection2016-05-20
USFS-FlowMate 2000Marsh-McBirney Flow-Mate 2000 Field Probe2016-05-20
USFS-YSI Meter 556YSI Meter 556 Field Probe2016-05-20
USFWS-Arcata_ElectoShockElectro Shock Boat TissueCollection2016-05-20
USFWS-Arcata_TrammelNetTrammel Net TissueCollection2016-05-20
USGS Panoche CA I-5 NR Silver Creek CAUSGS Panoche CA I-5 NR Silver Creek CA 2017-01-12
USGS San Joaquin River near Vernalis GageUSGS San Joaquin River near Vernalis Gage (VNS) Field Prob2016-05-20
USGS Atascadero C Nr Goleta CA GageUSGS Atascadero C Nr Goleta CA Gage11120000 Field Probe2016-05-20
USGS D77 depth integrating samplerD77 depth integrating sampler 2017-08-07
USGS DH77 depth integrating samplerDH77 depth integrating sampler 2017-08-07
USGS DH-81 samplerDH-81 sampler 2017-08-07
USGS DH-95 Teflon bottleDH-95 Teflon bottle 2017-08-07
USGS Gage Bucks Creek below Diversion DamUSGS Gage Bucks Creek below Diversion Dam, near Bucks Lodge, CA 2016-05-20
USGS Gage Del Puerto Crk near PattersonUSGS Del Puerto Crk near Patterson Gage Field Prob2016-05-20
USGS Gage French Camp Slough at Airport WayUSGS French Camp Slough at Airport Way Gage Field Prob2016-05-20
USGS Gage Gerle Creek below Loon LakeUSGS Gage Gerle Creek below Loon Lake 2020-05-08
USGS Gage Grizzly Creek below Diversion DamUSGS Gage Grizzly Creek below Diversion dam, near Storrie, CA 2016-05-20
USGS Gage Rubicon River below Rubicon ReservoirUSGS Gage Rubicon River below Rubicon Reservoir 2020-05-08
USGS Gage Sacramento River at FreeportUSGS Sacramento River at Freeport Gage (FTP) Field Prob2016-05-20
USGS Gage Sacramento River at VeronaUSGS Sacramento River at Verona Gage (VON) Field Prob2016-05-20
USGS Gage SF American River below Chili BarUSGS Gage SF American River below Chili Bar 2020-05-08
USGS Gage SF American River near CaminoUSGS Gage SF American River near Camino 2020-05-08
USGS Gage SF Silver Creek near Ice HouseUSGS Gage SF Silver Creek near Ice House 2020-05-08
USGS Gage Silver Creek below Camino Diversion DamUSGS Gage Silver Creek below Camino Diversion Dam 2020-05-08
USGS Orestimba Creek near Newman GageUSGS Orestimba Creek near Newman Gage (ORE) Field Prob2016-05-20
USGS San Joaquin R A Merced R Near Newman CA GageUSGS 11273400 San Joaquin River Above Merced River Near Newman CA Gage 2020-11-24
USGS San Joaquin R at Fremont Ford Bridge CA GageUSGS 11261500 San Joaquin River at Fremont Ford Bridge CA Gage 2020-11-24
USGS San Joaquin River Near Crows Landing CA GageUSGS 11274550 San Joaquin River Near Crows Landing CA Gage 2020-11-24
USGS SN NANot Recorded 2012-03-29
USGS US D-96 Bag SamplerUS D-96 Bag Sampler 2017-08-07
USGS US D-96-A1 Bag SamplerUS D-96-A1 Bag Sampler 2017-08-07
USGS_AquaTroll 600_558883Aqua Troll 600 Multiparameter Sonde558883 Field Probe2023-12-28
USGS_AquaTroll 600_687495Aqua Troll 600 Multiparameter Sonde687495 Field Probe2023-12-28
USGS-CAWSC_US D-96 Teflon Depth Integrated SamplerUS D-96 Teflon Depth Integrated Sampler 2018-03-04
USGS-CAWSC_YSI 6920V2YSI 6920V2 2018-03-04
USGS-NAWQA YSI EXO1YSI EXO1 Field Probe2021-08-06
USGS-PFRG-OCRL Fisherbrand Trace.Digit.ThermometerFisherbrand Traceable Digital Thermometer Handle Probe Air2024-02-16
USGS-PFRG-OCRL YSI 6920v2YSI 6920 v2 2019-04-08
USGS-PFRG-OCRL YSI EXO1YSI EXO1 Field Prob2021-06-23
USGS-Scto YSI 556YSI 556 Field Probe2016-05-20
USGS-WERC NetNet TissueCollection2015-09-29
USLT-PHTESTR2Oakton pH Meter 2016-05-20
Vacutainer system - glassGlass vacutainer tubes TissueCollection2014-10-30
Vacutainer system - plasticPlastic vacutainer tubes TissueCollection2014-10-30
Van Dorn SamplerVan Dorn Sampler WaterSampler2015-01-21
Van Dorn Sampler and Churn SplitterVan Dorn Sampler and Churn Splitter Water Sampler2015-03-05
Van Veen GrabVan Veen Grab Sediment2016-05-20
VeeGee ThermometerVeeGee Thermometer 2019-01-04
VWR Infrared Type K ThermometerInfrared thermometer 2016-05-20
Wading RodWater Depth Measurements Water Sampler2021-02-12
Water Level SounderDevice to measure water depth Field Probe2019-05-09
Wildco PTFE (Teflon) Kemmerer 1.2 L1.2 liter Wildco PTFE (Teflon) Kemmerer water sampler 2019-07-26
WIRL_Accumet AP85 Portable pH/Conductivity meterAccumet AP85 Portable pH/Conductivity meter 2020-10-29
WIRL_YSI Environmental ProODO Digital Optical DissYSI Environmental ProODO Digital Optical Dissolved Oxygen Instrument  2020-10-29
WRA_YSI85WRA YSI Model 85 Temperature Meter Field Probe2018-01-10
WRS Beckman pHBeckman pH Field Probe2016-05-20
WRS Hach TurbidimeterHach Turbidimeter Field Probe2016-05-20
WRS YSI Conductivity MeterYSI Conductivity Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
WSJRWC_Swoffer_Model 2100Swoffer_Model 2100NR Field Prob2016-05-20
WSJRWC_YSI 556YSI 556NR Field Prob2010-08-09
WSRCD Field DeviceField collection device Field Probe2014-08-10
WTA-CWC-02Thermometer 2016-05-20
WTA-CWC2Bulb Thermometer 2016-05-20
WWD_Flow MeterFlow Meter Field Prob2011-05-12
WWD_MultimeterMultimeter Field Prob2011-05-12
YSI #102YSI ProPlus Quatro17C104560 Field Probe2021-10-06
YSI #103YSI ProPlus Quatro17H100326 Field Probe2021-10-06
YSI 101Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2016-05-20
YSI 4Y YSI Professional PlusYSI Professional Plus 2019-01-04
YSI 55YSI 55 Dissolved Oxygen Meter 2019-08-27
YSI 556YSI 556 2016-05-20
YSI 556 MPSYSI 556 MPS Field Probe2016-05-20
YSI 556 MPS MultimeterYSI 556 2016-05-20
YSI EXO1YSI EXO1 2019-01-08
YSI Pro DSSYSI Multimeter 2016-12-06
YSI Pro ODOYSI Pro ODO (Temp, DO) 2016-12-09
YSI Pro1020YSI Pro102019D101037 Field Probe2020-02-14
YSI Pro1020-2YSI Instrument Field Probe2021-02-12
YSI ProDSSYSI ProDSS 2018-06-25
YSI ProDSS22YSI ProDSS22A103287 Field Probe2023-07-14
YSI ProDSS38YSI ProDSS19J100049 Field Probe2023-05-17
YSI ProDSS39YSI ProDSS19J100050 Field Probe2023-05-17
YSI ProDSS42YSI ProDSS19J101003 Field Probe2023-05-17
YSI ProDSS49YSI ProDSS20F000290 Field Probe2023-05-17
YSI Professional PlusMultiparameter Water Quality Instrument 2017-04-07
YSI Professional Plus Conductivity Probe YSI Professional Plus Conductivity Probe  2020-03-26
YSI Professional Plus Nitrate Probe YSI Professional Plus Nitrate Probe  2020-03-26
YSI Professional Plus pH probe YSI Professional Plus pH probe  2020-03-26
YSI Sonde 6920-V2-2YSI 9620V2-2 Field Probe2016-05-20
YSI-6600-SONDEYSI Conductivity Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
YSI-85 OO140086 ECYSI Conductivity Meter Field Probe2016-05-20
YSI85#06G2126YSI Multimeter Field Probe2016-05-20
YSI-CWC-01YSI Multimeter Field Probe2016-05-20
YSI-CWC-556YSI Multimeter Field Probe2016-05-20
YSI-CWC-556-02YSI Multimeter Field Probe2016-05-20
YSITRWCYSI Dissolved Oxygen Meter 550 DO 2014-07-09
Yurok-Tribe YSI 6-series sonde 806YSI small 6-series sonde with handheld meter10H100806 samplewater2019-03-12
Yurok-Tribe YSI EXO2 sonde 367YSI EXO2 sonde with EXO handheld meter18J102367 samplewater2019-03-12
YWMP LaMotte 2020weLaMotte: 2020we Turbidimeter Field Probe2017-03-06
YWMP Oakton Tester 10Oakton Tester 10 Field Probe2017-03-06
YWMP YSI Pro20YSI Pro20 dissolved oxygen meter Field Probe2017-03-06
YWMP YSI Pro30YSI Pro30 Conductivity Field Probe2017-03-06
ZALOM Orchard Runoff AutoSamplerZALOM Orchard Runoff AutoSampler Water Sampler2016-05-20
Zone7_Marsh-McBirney Flowmate 2000Marsh-McBirney Flowmate 2000 2017-03-09
Zone7_YSI 556YSI 556 Field Probe2017-03-09